The Arts in Mind

The Arts in Mind Author: Ruth Katz
Publisher: Transaction Publishers

Amajor shift in critical attitudes toward the arts took place in the eighteenth century. The fine arts were now looked upon as a group, divorced from the sciences and governed by their own rules. The century abounded with treatises that sought to establish the overriding principles that differentiate art from ...

Architecture for a Free Subjectivity

Architecture for a Free Subjectivity Author: Simone Brott
Publisher: Routledge

Architecture for a Free Subjectivity reformulates the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's model of subjectivity for architecture, by surveying the prolific effects of architectural encounter, and the spaces that figure in them. For Deleuze and his Lacanian collaborator Félix Guattari, subjectivity does not refer to a person, but to the ...


Breakthroughs Author: Neal R. Peirce
Publisher: Transaction Publishers

Originally published: Bruner Foundation, 1993....

Future Office

Future Office Author: Christopher Grech
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Developments in IT and the resulting knowledge-based economy have challenged traditional concepts of office design, as well as many of the larger architectural and urban design models. This book examines the implications of this revolution on current urban design and identifies potential new trends in office design from an international ...

Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall Author: John David Honsberger
Publisher: Dundurn

Osgoode Hall is a national monument and one of Canada's architectural treasures. Of the many public buildings erected in pre-Confederation Canada, it best encapsulates the diverse stylistic forces that shaped public buildings of its era. The gated lawns, the grandly Venetian rotunda, the ornate courtroom, the portrait-lined walls, and the ...

Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders Author: Kristi Gaines
Publisher: Routledge

Winner of the 2017 IDEC Book Award, 2017 EDRA Great Places Award (Book Category), 2017 American Society of Interior Designers Joel Polsky Prize and the 2016 International Interior Design Association TXOK Research Award Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders explains the influence of the natural and man-made environment on individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) ...

Foundations of Landscape Architecture

Foundations of Landscape Architecture Author: Norman Booth
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

A visually engaging introduction to landscape architecturaldesign Landscape architectural design seeks to create environments thataccommodate users' varying lifestyles and needs, incorporatecultural heritage, promote sustainability, and integrate functionalrequirements for optimal enjoyment. Foundations of LandscapeArchitecture introduces the foundational concepts needed toeffectively integrate space and form in landscape design. With over five hundred ...

Cladding of Buildings

Cladding of Buildings Author: Alan J. Brookes
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

This key text addresses the topic of lightweight claddings in buildings and is a useful guide and reference resource. Written by well-known specialists in the field, this fourth edition of an established text has been revised throughout to incorporate the latest environmental issues, the use of wood and terracotta in ...

Ordinary Cities

Ordinary Cities Author: Jennifer Robinson
Publisher: Routledge

With the urbanization of the world's population proceeding apace and the equally rapid urbanization of poverty, urban theory has an urgent challenge to meet if it is to remain relevant to the majority of cities and their populations, many of which are outside the West. This groundbreaking book establishes a ...

A Place for All People

A Place for All People Author: Richard Rogers
Publisher: Canongate Books

Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933. He was educated in the UK and then at the Yale School of Architecture, where he met Norman Foster. Alongside his partners, he has been responsible for some of the most radical designs of the twentieth century, including the Pompidou Centre, the Millennium ...

The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture Author: Imdat As
Publisher: Routledge

Providing the most comprehensive source available, this book surveys the state of the art in artificial intelligence (AI) as it relates to architecture. This book is organized in four parts: theoretical foundations, tools and techniques, AI in research, and AI in architectural practice. It provides a framework for the issues ...

Prefab Architecture

Prefab Architecture Author: Ryan E. Smith
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

"Prefab Architecture . . . is beyond theory, and beyond most of what we think we know about pods, containers, mods, and joints. This book is more than 'Prefabrication 101.' It is the Joy of Cooking writ large for the architecture and construction industries." —From the Foreword by James Timberlake, FAIA THE DEFINITIVE ...


Proportion Author: Richard Padovan
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

This handbook provides readers with a well-illustrated and readable comparative guide to proportion systems in architecture, setting out the mathematical principles that underlie the main systems and illustrating these with examples of their use in historical and modern buildings. The main body of the text traces the interplay of abstraction ...

Renewable Energy System Design

Renewable Energy System Design Author: Ziyad Salameh
Publisher: Academic Press

The limitation of fossil fuels has challenged scientists and engineers to search for alternative energy resources that can meet future energy demand. Renewable Energy System Design is a valuable reference focusing on engineering, design, and operating principles that engineers can follow in order to successfully design more robust and efficient ...

New classicists: Appleton & Associates Architects

New classicists  Appleton   Associates Architects Author: Marc Appleton
Publisher: Images Publishing

This latest volume in the The New Classicists series features the work of renowned architect Marc Appleton and his Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, firm, Appleton & Associates, which has established a reputation for designing some of the country's most beautiful residences. Unlike many architects who strive to attract media attention by ...

Large Floating Structures

Large Floating Structures Author: C.M. Wang
Publisher: Springer

This book surveys key projects that have seen the construction of large floating structures or have attained detailed conceptual designs. This compilation of key floating structures in a single volume captures the innovative features that mark the technological advances made in this field of engineering and will provide a useful ...

Town Planning Practice

Town Planning Practice Author: Lawrence Wai-Chung Lai
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

This book is the first systematic attempt to introduce the current practice and statistics of town planning in Hong Kong. Part I gives an analytical account of the practical and ideological context, discusses design principles and describes procedures of town planning with particular reference to change in use. The emphasis ...

The Courthouse and the Depot

The Courthouse and the Depot Author: Wilber W. Caldwell
Publisher: Mercer University Press

Their songs insist that the arrival of the railroad and the appearance of the tiny depot often created such hope that it inspired the construction of the architectural extravaganzas that were the courthouses of the era. In these buildings the distorted myth of the Old South collided head-on with the ...

Houses of the Welsh Countryside

Houses of the Welsh Countryside Author: Peter Smith
Publisher: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

When this book was first published in 1975 it was at once enthusiastically received by scholars and the general public alike and recognized as a classic of its genre. It represented a notable publication of the early fruits of the Commission's work on the side of its responsibility for the National ...

Advances in Human Factors in Architecture, Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure

Advances in Human Factors in Architecture  Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure Author: Jerzy Charytonowicz
Publisher: Springer Nature

This book presents human factors research focused on achieving and assessing sustainability in the built environment and architecture. It reports on advanced engineering methods for architecture and design, and on assessments of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of various designs and projects. The book covers a broad range of ...

Impact: Design With All Senses

Impact  Design With All Senses Author: Christoph Gengnagel
Publisher: Springer Nature

This book reflects and expands on the current trend in the building industry to understand, simulate and ultimately design buildings by taking into consideration the interlinked elements and forces that act on them. Shifting away from the traditional focus, which was exclusively on building tasks, this approach presents new challenges ...