Biotechnology and Culture

Biotechnology and Culture
Author: Paul Brodwin,Paul P. Brodwin
Publsiher: Indiana University Press
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2000
Genre: Science
ISBN: 025333831X

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Untangles the broad cultural effects of biotechnologies

Maintaining Cultures for Biotechnology and Industry

Maintaining Cultures for Biotechnology and Industry
Author: Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera,Angela Belt
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 263
Release: 1996-02-21
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0080535755

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To retain their usefulness, cultures that manufacture economically valuable products must be uncontaminated, viable, and genetically stable. Maintaining Cultures for Biotechnology and Industry gives practical advice necessary to preserve and maintain cells and microorganisms important to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in ways that ensure they will continue to be able to synthesize those valuable metabolites. This book covers not just those strains currently being used but also those yet to be discovered and engineered. This text is essential for anyone working with cultures who wants to avoid the frustration of losing strains and needs to be able to devise and evaluate new strategies for preservation. Written by hands-on experts in their respective fields Contains helpful tables and protocols for preserving or maintaining cells, cultures and viruses Discusses means to preserve cells by freezing, lyophilization, drying, cyoprotection, spore storage, continuous propagation and subculturing when absolutely necessary, and others Gives information needed to test cultures for stable retention of important characteristics Gives principles needed to devise and evaluate preservation strategies for newly identified and newly engineered cells and organisms Lists culture sources for each class of organism Includes information for characterizing and monitoring recombinant organisms, especially important because of their propensity for genetic stability Discusses the history of the continually evolving field of culture preservation Examines the importance of genetically stable cultures as it relates to maintaining patent positions

Plant Tissue Culture Development and Biotechnology

Plant Tissue Culture  Development  and Biotechnology
Author: Robert N. Trigiano,Dennis J. Gray
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 608
Release: 2016-03-30
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781439896143

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Under the vast umbrella of Plant Sciences resides a plethora of highly specialized fields. Botanists, agronomists, horticulturists, geneticists, and physiologists each employ a different approach to the study of plants and each for a different end goal. Yet all will find themselves in the laboratory engaging in what can broadly be termed biotechnol

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture A Tool in Biotechnology

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture   A Tool in Biotechnology
Author: Karl-Hermann Neumann,Ashwani Kumar,Jafargholi Imani
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 333
Release: 2009-04-28
Genre: Science
ISBN: 3540938834

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This book provides a general introduction as well as a selected survey of key advances in the fascinating field of plant cell and tissue culture as a tool in biotechnology. After a detailed description of the various basic techniques employed in leading laboratories worldwide, follows an extended account of important applications in, for example, plant propagation, secondary metabolite production and gene technology. Additionally, some chapters are devoted to historical developments in this domain, metabolic aspects, nutrition, growth regulators, differentiation and the development of culture systems. The book will prove useful to both newcomers and specialists, and even “old hands” in tissue culture should find some challenging ideas to think about.

Biotechnology and Culture

Biotechnology and Culture
Author: Paul E. Brodwin
Publsiher: Indiana University Press
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2001-01-22
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9780253028259

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Biotechnology and Culture Bodies, Anxieties, Ethics Edited by Paul Brodwin Untangles the broad cultural effects of biotechnologies "A timely and perceptive look from many acute angles, at some of the most anxiety producing issues of the day." —Paul Rabinow, University of California, Berkeley "This impressive collection offers a number of rich examples of why the development of anthropological studies of science, technology, and their disruptive social effects is a leading edge of critical enquiry." —Arthur Kleinman, Harvard University As birth, illness, and death increasingly come under technological control, struggles arise over who should control the body and define its limits and capacities. Biotechnologies turn the traditional "facts of life" into matters of expert judgment and partisan debate. They blur the boundary separating people from machines, male from female, and nature from culture. In these diverse ways, they destroy the "gold standard" of the body, formerly taken for granted. Biotechnologies become a convenient, tangible focus for political contests over the nuclear family, legal and professional authority, and relations between the sexes. Medical interventions also transform intimate personal experience: giving birth, building new families, and surviving serious illness now immerse us in a web of machines, expert authority, and electronic images. We use and imagine the body in radically different ways, and from these emerge new collective discourses of morality and personal identity. Biotechnology and Culture: Bodies, Anxieties, Ethics brings together historians, anthropologists, cultural critics, and feminists to examine the broad cultural effects of technologies such as surrogacy, tissue-culture research, and medical imaging. The moral anxieties raised by biotechnologies and their circulation across class and national boundaries provide other interdisciplinary themes for discourse in these essays. The authors favor complex social dramas of the refusal, celebration, or ambivalent acceptance of new medical procedures. Eschewing polemics or pure theory, contributors show how biotechnology collides with everyday life and reshapes the political and personal meanings of the body. Contributors include Paul Brodwin, Lisa Cartwright, Thomas Csordas, Gillian Goslinga-Roy, Deborah Grayson, Donald Joralemon, Hannah Landecker, Thomas Laqueur, Robert Nelson, Susan Squier, Janelle Taylor, and Alice Wexler. Paul Brodwin, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Adjunct Professor of Bioethics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is the author of Medicine and Morality in Haiti: The Contest for Healing Power and a coeditor of Pain as Human Experience: Anthropological Perspectives. Theories of Contemporary Culture—Kathleen Woodward, general editor

Handbook of Microalgal Culture

Handbook of Microalgal Culture
Author: Amos Richmond
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 584
Release: 2008-04-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781405172493

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Handbook of Microalgal Culture is truly a landmarkpublication, drawing on some 50 years of worldwide experience inmicroalgal mass culture. This important book comprisescomprehensive reviews of the current available information onmicroalgal culture, written by 40 contributing authors from aroundthe globe. The book is divided into four parts, with Part I detailingbiological and environmental aspects of microalgae with referenceto microalgal biotechnology and Part II looking in depth at majortheories and techniques of mass cultivation. Part III compriseschapters on the economic applications of microalgae, includingcoverage of industrial production, the use of microalgae in humanand animal nutrition and in aquaculture, in nitrogen fixation,hydrogen and methane production, and in bioremediation of pollutedwater. Finally, Part IV looks at new frontiers and includeschapters on genetic engineering, microalgae as platforms forrecombinant proteins, bioactive chemicals, heterotrophicproduction, microalgae as gene-delivery systems for expressingmosquitocidal toxins and the enhancement of marine productivity forclimate stabilization and food security. Handbook of Microalgal Culture is an essential purchasefor all phycologists and also those researching aquatic systems,aquaculture and plant sciences. There is also much of great use toresearchers and those involved in product formulation withinpharmaceutical, nutrition and food companies. Libraries in alluniversities and research establishments teaching and researchingin chemistry, biological and pharmaceutical sciences, food sciencesand nutrition, and aquaculture will need copies of this book ontheir shelves. Amos Richmond is at the Blaustein Institute for DesertResearch, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Biotechnology and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Biotechnology and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Author: Franco Palla,Giovanna Barresi
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 100
Release: 2017-02-16
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9783319461687

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This book provides detailed insights into the role of microorganisms and microbial products in biodeterioration, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. Topics to be discussed are microbial colonization and their growth control on both artworks and aerosol of indoor environments such as libraries or museums, as well as human health hazard from exposure to microbial agents. In addition innovative biotechnological protocols and strategies for the removal of undesired layers on artwork surfaces are described in detail. Also the advances and perspectives in this emerging biotechnological field are discussed, supported by the latest original findings.

Practical Book of Biotechnology Plant Tissue Culture

Practical Book of Biotechnology   Plant Tissue Culture
Author: Madhavi Adhav
Publsiher: S. Chand Publishing
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2009-07
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9788121932004

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The book starts with an introduction to basic knowledge of instruments which deals with principle, working, uses, limitations and precautions of about ten instruments.Basic Knowledge of precaution of;Culture Media for Bacterial Growth, Plant Tissue Culture and Standard Solutions has been given in simple and easy-to-follow language.The biotechnology exercises such as Plasmid and DNA isolation, DNA size determination, Restriction digestion, PCR, Gus gene assay, RFLP, RAPD, Isolation of bacteria by streak and Pour plate method, Growth characteristics of E.Coli by Plating and Turbidimetric method and the plant tissues culture exercises such as Cell suspension culture, Androgenesis, Somatic embryogenesis, Preparation of plantlet to greenhouse field, have been given in a student friendly manner. Matter for Viva-voce has also been included.