When You Get the Chance

When You Get the Chance
Author: Emma Lord
Publsiher: Wednesday Books
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2022-01-04
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9781250783356

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A bighearted novel about falling in love, making a mess, and learning to let go, When You Get the Chance is the next effervescent novel from Emma Lord, New York Times bestselling author of the Reese Witherspoon YA Book Club pick You Have a Match. Nothing will get in the way of Millie Price’s dream of becoming a Broadway star. Not her lovable but super introverted dad, who raised Millie alone since she was a baby. Not her drama club rival, Oliver, who is the very definition of Simmering Romantic Tension. And not her “Millie Moods,” the feelings of intense emotion that threaten to overwhelm. Millie needs an ally. And when an accidentally left-open browser brings Millie to her dad’s embarrassingly moody LiveJournal from 2003, Millie knows just what to do—find her mom. But how can you find a new part of your life and expect it to fit into your old one without leaving any marks? And why is it that when you go looking for the past, it somehow keeps bringing you back to what you’ve had all along? "Chock-full of musical theater references and humor, the novel includes high-stakes emotional drama that is balanced by supportive friendships and strong, deep family connections...An entertaining personal journey with plot twists galore." - Kirkus Reviews

Marcus Makes a Movie

Marcus Makes a Movie
Author: Kevin Hart,Geoff Rodkey
Publsiher: Crown Books For Young Readers
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2021-06
ISBN: 9780593179147

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Stand-up comedian and Hollywood box-office hit Kevin Hart keeps the laughs coming in an illustrated middle-grade novel about a boy who has big dreams of making a blockbuster superhero film.

Let s Do Nothing

Let s Do Nothing
Author: Tony Fucile
Publsiher: Candlewick Press
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781536221770

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“A hilarious debut told mainly through the zany artwork. . . . The pictures capture the universality of the moment.” — School Library Journal (starred review) Frankie and Sal have already played every sport and board game invented, baked and eaten batches of cookies, and painted a zillion pictures. What’s left to do? Nothing! Ten seconds of nothing! Can they do it? With a wink to the reader and a command of visual humor, feature-film animator Tony Fucile demonstrates the Zen-like art of doing nothing . . . oops! Couldn’t do it!

I Never

I Never
Author: Laura Hopper
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 295
Release: 2017
Genre: Best friends
ISBN: 9781328663788

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After learning that her seemingly-happy parents are separating, and that a popular senior is interested in her, seventeen-year-old Janey King's priorities shift from track, school, friends, and family to something more.


Author: Akwaeke Emezi
Publsiher: Faber & Faber
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2022-02-15
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780571371204

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From the critically acclaimed author of Pet and The Death of Vivek Oji, Bitter, a companion novel to Pet, takes a timely and riveting look at the power of youth, protest and art. Bitter is thrilled to have been chosen to attend Eucalyptus, a special school where she can focus on her painting surrounded by other creative teens. But outside this haven, the streets are filled with protests against the deep injustices that grip the town of Lucille. Bitter's instinct is to stay safe within the walls of Eucalyptus . . . but her friends aren't willing to settle for a world that the adults say is "just the way things are." Pulled between old friendships, her creative passion, and a new a romance, Bitter isn't sure where she belongs - in the art studio or in the streets. And if she does find a way to help the revolution while being true to who she is, she must also ask: at what cost?

Common Sense

Common Sense
Author: Sophia Rosenfeld
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2014-05-12
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780674266810

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Common sense has always been a cornerstone of American politics. In 1776, Tom Paine’s vital pamphlet with that title sparked the American Revolution. And today, common sense—the wisdom of ordinary people, knowledge so self-evident that it is beyond debate—remains a powerful political ideal, utilized alike by George W. Bush’s aw-shucks articulations and Barack Obama’s down-to-earth reasonableness. But far from self-evident is where our faith in common sense comes from and how its populist logic has shaped modern democracy. Common Sense: A Political History is the first book to explore this essential political phenomenon. The story begins in the aftermath of England’s Glorious Revolution, when common sense first became a political ideal worth struggling over. Sophia Rosenfeld’s accessible and insightful account then wends its way across two continents and multiple centuries, revealing the remarkable individuals who appropriated the old, seemingly universal idea of common sense and the new strategic uses they made of it. Paine may have boasted that common sense is always on the side of the people and opposed to the rule of kings, but Rosenfeld demonstrates that common sense has been used to foster demagoguery and exclusivity as well as popular sovereignty. She provides a new account of the transatlantic Enlightenment and the Age of Revolutions, and offers a fresh reading on what the eighteenth century bequeathed to the political ferment of our own time. Far from commonsensical, the history of common sense turns out to be rife with paradox and surprise.

Common Sense and Legal Judgment

Common Sense and Legal Judgment
Author: Patricia Cochran
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017-11-27
Genre: Law
ISBN: 9780773552326

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What does it mean when a judge in a court of law uses the phrase “common sense”? Is it a type of evidence or a mode of reasoning? In a world characterized by material and political inequalities, whose common sense should inform the law? Common Sense and Legal Judgment explores this rhetorically powerful phrase, arguing that common sense, when invoked in political and legal discourses without adequate reflection, poses a threat to the quality and legitimacy of legal judgment. Often operating in the service of conservatism, populism, or majoritarianism, common sense can harbour stereotypes, reproduce unjust power relations, and silence marginalized people. Nevertheless, drawing the works of theorists such as Thomas Reid, Antonio Gramsci, and Hannah Arendt into conversation with rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada, Patricia Cochran demonstrates that with careful attention, the democratic, egalitarian, and community-sustaining aspects of common sense can be brought to light. A call for critical self-reflection and the close scrutiny of power relationships and social contexts, this book is a direct response to social justice predicaments and their confounding relationships to law. Creative and interdisciplinary, Common Sense and Legal Judgment reinvigorates feminist and anti-poverty understandings of judgment, knowledge, justice, and accountability.

This Is Your Time

This Is Your Time
Author: Ruby Bridges
Publsiher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Total Pages: 55
Release: 2020
ISBN: 9780593378526

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Civil rights activist Ruby Bridges--who, at the age of six, was the first African American to integrate an all-white elementary school in New Orleans--shares her story through text and historical photographs, offering a powerful call to action.

Common Sense Reasoning and Rationality

Common Sense  Reasoning  and Rationality
Author: Renee Elio
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2002-02-07
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780198033684

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As the eleventh volume in the New Directions in Cognitive Science series (formerly the Vancouver Studies in Cognitive Science series), this work promises superb scholarship and interdisciplinary appeal. It addresses three areas of current and varied interest: common sense, reasoning, and rationality. While common sense and rationality often have been viewed as two distinct features in a unified cognitive map, this volume offers novel, even paradoxical, views of the relationship. Comprised of outstanding essays from distinguished philosophers, it considers what constitutes human rationality, behavior, and intelligence covering diverse areas of philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, and computer science. Indeed, it is at the forefront of cognitive research and promises to be of unprecedented influence across numerous disciplines.

Common Sense

Common Sense
Author: Michael Gose
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 266
Release: 2014-06-11
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781475807608

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In the spirit of Thomas Paine, this second edition uses “Common Sense” to tell what is really going on with students, teachers, and schools. (Hint: the reality is actually a lot more optimistic than commonly portrayed in the media.)

Common Sense in Early 18th Century British Literature and Culture

Common Sense in Early 18th Century British Literature and Culture
Author: Christoph Henke
Publsiher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Total Pages: 326
Release: 2014-10-14
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9783110394979

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While the popular talk of English common sense in the eighteenth century might seem a by-product of familiar Enlightenment discourses of rationalism and empiricism, this book argues that terms such as ‘common sense’ or ‘good sense’ are not simply synonyms of applied reason. On the contrary, the discourse of common sense is shaped by a defensive impulse against the totalizing intellectual regimes of the Enlightenment and the cultural climate of change they promote, in order to contain the unbounded discursive proliferation of modern learning. Hence, common sense discourse has a vital regulatory function in cultural negotiations of political and intellectual change in eighteenth-century Britain against the backdrop of patriotic national self-concepts. This study discusses early eighteenth-century common sense in four broad complexes, as to its discursive functions that are ethical (which at that time implies aesthetic as well), transgressive (as a corrective), political (in patriotic constructs of the nation), and repressive (of otherness). The selection of texts in this study strikes a balance between dominant literary culture – Swift, Pope, Defoe, Fielding, Johnson – and the periphery, such as pamphlets and magazine essays, satiric poems and patriotic songs.

William James on Common Sense

William James on Common Sense
Author: Frederick Bauer
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2009-01
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780595529377

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**"William James (1842-1910) was "a towering figure in the history of American thought--without doubt the foremost psychologist this country has produced." That was the opinion of Gordon Allport, a Harvard professor and one-time president of the American Psychological Association. However, few Americans living in this third millennium have ever heard of James, despite the fact that his profound insights into the human psyche are now more urgently needed than ever before. But before James' insights can once more become available, a barrier to their reception must be removed. What barrier? James' "productive paradoxes." That's what Allport charitably called them. 'They' were more than paradoxes, however. They were the pervasive contradictions in James' thought. To rescue his insights from entangling contradictions, the first step must be to draw attention to common sense, the foundation of all 'scientific' learning. James confessed that it was only in 1903, a few years before his death, that he realized for the first time "the perfect magnificence as a philosophical achievement" of our everyday, common-sense thinking. This book draws together the threads of James' ideas about such elements of common-sense as consciousness, language, meaning, learning, space, time, and thought itself.

Statistics with Common Sense

Statistics with Common Sense
Author: David Kault
Publsiher: ABC-CLIO
Total Pages: 257
Release: 2003
Genre: Mathematics
ISBN: 9780313322099

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Applying statistical results to real life situations can be difficult or futile if you can't be certain what the results actually mean. This reference guide provides readers with the frequently elusive link between statistical results and practical applications. Students will learn the basic concepts and principles of statistics and probability, without getting bogged down in complicated theories and abstractions.

Common Sense and Science from Aristotle to Reid

Common Sense and Science from Aristotle to Reid
Author: Benjamin W. Redekop
Publsiher: Anthem Press
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2020-11-05
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781785275517

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Common Sense and Science from Aristotle to Reid reveals that thinkers have pondered the nature of common sense and its relationship to science and scientific thinking for a very long time. It demonstrates how a diverse array of neglected early modern thinkers turn out to have been on the right track for understanding how the mind makes sense of the world and how basic features of the human mind and cognition are related to scientific theory and practice. Drawing on a wealth of primary sources and scholarship from the history of ideas, cognitive science, and the history and philosophy of science, this book helps readers understand the fundamental historical and philosophical relationship between common sense and science.

Nerves and Common Sense

Nerves and Common Sense
Author: Annie Payson Call
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 124
Release: 2018-09-20
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9783734015571

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Reproduction of the original: Nerves and Common Sense by Annie Payson Call