Creative Packaging Structures

Creative Packaging Structures
Author: Sendpoints Publishing Co.
Publsiher: Gingko Press Editions
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2015
Genre: Boxes
ISBN: 9881383587

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This book focuses on packaging structure design, showcasing various design projects in three chapters. Chapter 1, Basic Packaging Structures: Basic information, collects knowledge on the structural design of carton packaging. Chapter 2, Diagrams, collects 60 copyright free diagrams with die-cut outlines that can be applied in any package production. Chapter 3, Projects, collects 100 outstanding packaging design projects from around the world.

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up
Author: Wang Shaoqiang
Publsiher: Hoaki
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2021-11
Genre: Design
ISBN: 8417656316

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A new approach on packaging design, which includes materials, structure and an appendix with die cut patterns to inspire one's own projects.

Minimalist Packaging

Minimalist Packaging
Author: Chris Huang
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2019-07
Genre: Branding (Marketing)
ISBN: 1864708182

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Brand packaging is a noisy realm, but Minimalist Packaging: Enhancing Creative Concepts cuts through the noise by delving into minimalist yet visually effective and information-rich strategies that enhance products in subtle and sophisticated ways.

Packaging Your Crafts

Packaging Your Crafts
Author: Viola E. Sutanto
Publsiher: Lark Books (NC)
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2014
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 1454708476

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Shows crafters how to use packaging to help sell their product and features interviews with designers offering practical information, along with packaging templates and other resources.

Creative Gift Packaging

Creative Gift Packaging
Author: Yoko Kondo
Publsiher: Japan Publications Trading
Total Pages: 89
Release: 2001-01-10
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 4889960589

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Creative Gift Packaging is a Japan Publications publication.


Author: Mark Hellyer ,Valeriy Piatnytskyi,Sergey Nerpii
Publsiher: CTA Economic & Export Analysts Ltd
Total Pages: 1685
Release: 2022
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9182736450XXX


This manual is intended to provide guidance to institutions advising enterprises wanting to export to the European Union market, explaining how the market works, what types of requirements are needed and how to find out what the specific requirements are and how to obtain approvals. It is not possible for any guidebook to provide a complete analysis for the more than 10,000 classified products that could be traded, so this provides information for Ukraine’s most important exports.

The Big Book of Packaging

The Big Book of Packaging
Author: Will Burke,Lisa Baer,James Pietruszynski
Publsiher: Harper Collins
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2012-06-26
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780062108807

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Intended as a comprehensive resource for designers, creative professionals, marketers, and retailers, The Big Book of Packaging contains 384 pages of the most innovative packaging designs from around the world. With over 500 featured designs and profiles of twelve of the world's leading designers, the book is a must-have resource for anyone interested in the future of packaging and design. In light of the recent lift in environmental consciousness, this volume of the Big Book Series will devote one third of its content to the increasingly important subject of green packaging-showing designers and retailers how to package their products creatively, responsibly, and at low cost, factors that will be reflected in the books own packaging/binding as well. The Big Book of Packaging will appeal to designers, students, marketers, retailers, and aesthetes alike, providing a thorough look at what goes into building an effective package and how to think "outside the box."

Unpack Me Again

Unpack Me Again
Author: Wang Shaoqiang
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2017-05
Genre: Design
ISBN: 8416504539

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Exploring new trends and possibilities, this book features the most innovative packaging designs.

Proposal Guide for Business Development Professionals

Proposal Guide for Business Development Professionals
Author: Larry Newman
Publsiher: Shipley Associates
Total Pages: 274
Release: 2001
Genre: Proposal writing in business
ISBN: 0971424403

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Structural Packaging

Structural Packaging
Author: Paul Jackson
Publsiher: Laurence King Publishing
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2012-02-13
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9781780673837

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Unlike other packaging titles, which simply provide templates to copy, this book enables designers of all packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs rather than based on an existing design. It teaches a simple ‘net’ construction system – a one-piece 2-D configuration of card seen when a 3-D package is opened out and flattened – which enables the designer to create a huge number of very strong 3-D packaging forms that are both practical and imaginative. Each chapter concludes with photographs and net drawings of 6–10 creative examples of packaging designs made using the principles outlined in the preceding chapter. Structural Packaging gives the reader an understanding of the underlying principles of packaging construction and the technical knowledge and confidence to develop a greater number of their own unusual and innovative designs than any comparable book. Download the crease diagrams from the book for free at

Experimental Formats Packaging

Experimental Formats   Packaging
Author: Roger Fawcett-Tang,Daniel Mason
Publsiher: Rotovision
Total Pages: 301
Release: 2004
Genre: Design
ISBN: 2880467993

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Experimental Formats/Experimental Packaging combines two highly successful titles from the same series. Experimental Formats examines the shape and size of the designed page and reveals how decisions made at this initial stage of the design process have a huge impact on the finished design. Today with so much information being projected through screen in a conventional horizontal format, it is appealing to see shapes that are more unusual and more stimulating. Provides examples of how contemporary designers are pushing the boundaries in this area and explores exciting questions such as how to make a book that does not look like a book. Experimental Packaging features examples by designers who break all the conventional rules by creating unique pieces of structural art. New concepts are illustrated with templates and diagrams. There are ten templates included, adaptable for use with some of the unusual materials featured in the book.

Good Packaging

Good Packaging
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1994
Genre: Containers
ISBN: UCLA:L0070525712

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Little Book of Big Packaging Ideas

Little Book of Big Packaging Ideas
Author: Catharine Fishel,Stacey King Gordon
Publsiher: Rockport Publishers
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2007-03-01
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9781616736453

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A volume "packed" with insight and ideas The packaging industry is more competitive every day so creating a new package that is innovative, adds value, and makes a connection with the consumer is a challenge often met with limited success. Dynamic and unusual package designs can really make a statement in overcrowded markets. What makes a package successful? How do designers find the inspiration and execute the designs that really work? This compendium of package design answers all that and more. The content covers inspiration, process, design research, working with clients, planning, and execution of some of the most effective packages on the market today. Insight from top packaging designers worldwide is provided on pages that are packed with images of great designs. Unlike most packaging books, this volume is stuffed with content in a compact, portable, and easy-to-use format

Innovative Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables Strategies for Safety and Quality Maintenance

Innovative Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables  Strategies for Safety and Quality Maintenance
Author: Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui,Mohammed Shafiur Rahman,Ali Abas Wani
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 356
Release: 2018-05-23
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781351389792

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This volume addresses the challenges of the short shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Innovative packaging technologies are the most promising strategies for overcoming these limitations. This book provides a host of sustainable packaging solutions that deliver protection, branding, consumer attractiveness, and speed to market in a competitive retail environment. Key features of the book: • Provides an informative overview of fruit and vegetable requirements and available packaging materials and systems • Provides an understanding of the fundamentals of the impact of packaging on the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables • Covers the fundamental aspects of packaging requirements, including mathematical modeling and mechanical and engineering properties of packaging materials • Presents an in-depth discussion of innovative packaging technologies, such as MA/CA packaging, active packaging, intelligent packaging, and eco-friendly materials applied to fruit and vegetables • Looks at packaging design for better environmental and economic performance

HCI International 2021 Late Breaking Posters

HCI International 2021   Late Breaking Posters
Author: Constantine Stephanidis
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2022
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9783030901769

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