The Energy of Nature

The Energy of Nature
Author: E. C. Pielou
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2008-09-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780226668055

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Energy is crucial for events of every kind, in this world or any other. Without energy, nothing would ever happen. Nothing would move and there would be no life. The sun wouldn't shine, winds wouldn't blow, rivers wouldn't flow, trees wouldn't grow, birds wouldn't fly, and fish wouldn't swim; indeed no material object, living or dead, could even exist. In spite of all this, energy is seldom considered a part of what we call "nature." In The Energy of Nature, E. C. Pielou explores energy's role in nature—how and where it originates, what it does, and what becomes of it. Drawing on a wide range of scientific disciplines, from physics, chemistry, and biology to all the earth sciences, as well as on her own lifelong experience as a naturalist, Pielou opens our eyes to the myriad ways energy and its transfer affect the earth and its inhabitants. Along the way we learn how energy is delivered to the earth from the sun; how it causes weather, winds, and tides; how it shapes the earth through mountain building and erosion; how it is captured and used by living things; how it is stored in chemical bonds; how nuclear energy is released; how it heats the unseen depths of the planet and is explosively revealed in the turmoil of earthquakes and volcanoes; how energy manifests itself in magnetism and electromagnetic waves; how we harness it to fuel human societies; and much more. Filled with fascinating information and and helpful illustrations (hand drawn by the author), The Energy of Nature is fun, readable, and instructive. Science buffs of all ages will be delighted. “A luminous, inquiring, and thoughtful exploration of Earth’s energetics.”—Jocylyn McDowell, Discovery

Energy Entropy and the Flow of Nature

Energy  Entropy  and the Flow of Nature
Author: Thomas F. Sherman
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780190695354

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Energy, Entropy, and the Flow of Nature is an attempt to present the essential principles of energetics (thermodynamics) in a manner that is straight-forward, easy to understand, and logically consistent. It arises from the difficulties author Thomas F. Sherman has seen or experienced as a student of physical chemistry, as a teacher of biochemistry and biology, and as a colleague. The central message of the book is that all natural change can be understood as a flow across a gradient, and that part of the effect of every flow is to diminish its own gradient. The book's mission is to build understanding of the central concepts, and with understanding, a degree of confidence in going forth into the many directions that the study of energy opens up. The laws of energy and entropy can indeed, in their applications, become a very complicated subject involving multivariable calculus, differential equations, and challenging problems and calculations. The fundamentals of energetics should be very straightforward, requiring relatively little mathematics--and it is the fundamentals that this book focuses on.

Energy Basis for Man and Nature

Energy Basis for Man and Nature
Author: Howard Thomas Odum,Elisabeth C. Odum
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 297
Release: 1976
Genre: Economics
ISBN: 007047527X

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The Order of Time

The Order of Time
Author: Carlo Rovelli
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-05-08
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780735216129

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One of TIME’s Ten Best Nonfiction Books of the Decade "Meet the new Stephen Hawking . . . The Order of Time is a dazzling book." --The Sunday Times From the bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, Reality Is Not What It Seems, and Helgoland, comes a concise, elegant exploration of time. Why do we remember the past and not the future? What does it mean for time to "flow"? Do we exist in time or does time exist in us? In lyric, accessible prose, Carlo Rovelli invites us to consider questions about the nature of time that continue to puzzle physicists and philosophers alike. For most readers this is unfamiliar terrain. We all experience time, but the more scientists learn about it, the more mysterious it remains. We think of it as uniform and universal, moving steadily from past to future, measured by clocks. Rovelli tears down these assumptions one by one, revealing a strange universe where at the most fundamental level time disappears. He explains how the theory of quantum gravity attempts to understand and give meaning to the resulting extreme landscape of this timeless world. Weaving together ideas from philosophy, science and literature, he suggests that our perception of the flow of time depends on our perspective, better understood starting from the structure of our brain and emotions than from the physical universe. Already a bestseller in Italy, and written with the poetic vitality that made Seven Brief Lessons on Physics so appealing, The Order of Time offers a profoundly intelligent, culturally rich, novel appreciation of the mysteries of time.

Maxwell s Demon 2 Entropy Classical and Quantum Information Computing

Maxwell s Demon 2 Entropy  Classical and Quantum Information  Computing
Author: Harvey Leff,Andrew F. Rex
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 502
Release: 2002-12-13
Genre: Mathematics
ISBN: 9781420033991

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Over 130 years ago, James Clerk Maxwell introduced his hypothetical "demon" as a challenge to the scope of the second law of thermodynamics. Fascination with the demon persisted throughout the development of statistical and quantum physics, information theory, and computer science, and links have been established between Maxwell's demon and each of

Information and the Nature of Reality

Information and the Nature of Reality
Author: Paul Davies,Niels Henrik Gregersen
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 506
Release: 2014-05-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781107684539

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From quantum to biological and digital, here eminent scientists, philosophers and theologians chart various aspects of information.

Possible Minds

Possible Minds
Author: John Brockman
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2019-02-19
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780525558002

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Science world luminary John Brockman assembles twenty-five of the most important scientific minds, people who have been thinking about the field artificial intelligence for most of their careers, for an unparalleled round-table examination about mind, thinking, intelligence and what it means to be human. "Artificial intelligence is today's story--the story behind all other stories. It is the Second Coming and the Apocalypse at the same time: Good AI versus evil AI." --John Brockman More than sixty years ago, mathematician-philosopher Norbert Wiener published a book on the place of machines in society that ended with a warning: "we shall never receive the right answers to our questions unless we ask the right questions.... The hour is very late, and the choice of good and evil knocks at our door." In the wake of advances in unsupervised, self-improving machine learning, a small but influential community of thinkers is considering Wiener's words again. In Possible Minds, John Brockman gathers their disparate visions of where AI might be taking us. The fruit of the long history of Brockman's profound engagement with the most important scientific minds who have been thinking about AI--from Alison Gopnik and David Deutsch to Frank Wilczek and Stephen Wolfram--Possible Minds is an ideal introduction to the landscape of crucial issues AI presents. The collision between opposing perspectives is salutary and exhilarating; some of these figures, such as computer scientist Stuart Russell, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, and physicist Max Tegmark, are deeply concerned with the threat of AI, including the existential one, while others, notably robotics entrepreneur Rodney Brooks, philosopher Daniel Dennett, and bestselling author Steven Pinker, have a very different view. Serious, searching and authoritative, Possible Minds lays out the intellectual landscape of one of the most important topics of our time.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing
Author: Dr. Qing Li
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2018-04-17
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9780525559863

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The definitive guide to the therapeutic Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or the art and science of how trees can promote health and happiness Notice how a tree sways in the wind. Run your hands over its bark. Take in its citrusy scent. As a society we suffer from nature deficit disorder, but studies have shown that spending mindful, intentional time around trees--what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing--can promote health and happiness. In this beautiful book--featuring more than 100 color photographs from forests around the world, including the forest therapy trails that criss-cross Japan--Dr. Qing Li, the world's foremost expert in forest medicine, shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration, and even help you lose weight and live longer. Once you've discovered the healing power of trees, you can lose yourself in the beauty of your surroundings, leave everyday stress behind, and reach a place of greater calm and wellness.

Frontiers in Water Energy Nexus Nature Based Solutions Advanced Technologies and Best Practices for Environmental Sustainability

Frontiers in Water Energy Nexus   Nature Based Solutions  Advanced Technologies and Best Practices for Environmental Sustainability
Author: Vincenzo Naddeo,Malini Balakrishnan,Kwang-Ho Choo
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 528
Release: 2019-09-18
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030130688

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This volume includes selected contributions presented during the 2nd edition of the international conference on WaterEnergyNEXUS which was held in Salerno, Italy in November 2018. This conference was organized by the Sanitary Environmental Engineering Division (SEED) of the University of Salerno (Italy) in cooperation with Advanced Institute of Water Industry at Kyungpook National University (Korea) and with The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI (India). The initiative received the patronage of UNESCO – World Water Association Programme (WWAP) and of the International Water Association (IWA) and was organized with the support of Springer (MENA Publishing Program), Arab Water Council (AWC), Korean Society of Environmental Engineering (KSEE) and Italian Society of Sanitary Environmental Engineering Professors (GITISA). With the support of international experts invited as plenary and keynote speakers, the conference aimed to give a platform for Euro-Mediterranean countries to share and discuss key topics on such water-energy issues through the presentation of nature-based solutions, advanced technologies and best practices for a more sustainable environment. This volume gives a general and brief overview on current research focusing on emerging Water-Energy-Nexus issues and challenges and its potential applications to a variety of environmental problems that are impacting the Euro-Mediterranean zone and surrounding regions. A selection of novel and alternative solutions applied worldwide are included. The volume contains over about one hundred carefully refereed contributions from 44 countries worldwide selected for the conference. Topics covered include (1) Nexus framework and governance, (2) Environmental solutions for the sustainable development of the water sector, (3) future clean energy technologies and systems under water constraints, (4) environmental engineering and management, (5) Implementation and best practices Intended for researchers in environmental engineering, environmental science, chemistry, and civil engineering. This volume is also an invaluable guide for industry professionals working in both water and energy sectors.

Why Trust Science

Why Trust Science
Author: Naomi Oreskes
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2021-04-06
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780691212265

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Why the social character of scientific knowledge makes it trustworthy Are doctors right when they tell us vaccines are safe? Should we take climate experts at their word when they warn us about the perils of global warming? Why should we trust science when so many of our political leaders don't? Naomi Oreskes offers a bold and compelling defense of science, revealing why the social character of scientific knowledge is its greatest strength—and the greatest reason we can trust it. Tracing the history and philosophy of science from the late nineteenth century to today, this timely and provocative book features a new preface by Oreskes and critical responses by climate experts Ottmar Edenhofer and Martin Kowarsch, political scientist Jon Krosnick, philosopher of science Marc Lange, and science historian Susan Lindee, as well as a foreword by political theorist Stephen Macedo.

Mother Nature s Two Laws Ringmasters for Circus Earth

Mother Nature s Two Laws  Ringmasters for Circus Earth
Author: A D Kirwan Jr.
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2000-09-04
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9789814493017

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Every day brings a fresh barrage of bewildering claims about science and technology. How non-scientists tell the difference between the hyperbole and those developments that are important? With a modest amount of critical thinking, an understanding of how science is practiced, and a qualitative understanding of the two most sacred principles in science — the first and second laws of thermodynamics — anyone can make the distinction. Critical thinking and the practice of science are not emphasized in undergraduate science courses for non-scientists, while exposure to the first and second laws is usually reserved for physical science and engineering majors. This book introduces non-scientists to these topics and provides detailed applications to a variety of topics. Contents:Mother Nature's Two Laws: What Are They and Why Must We Heed Them?The Faces of EnergyThe Faces of EntropyThe Scientific Protocol and Critical ThinkingE4: Energy, Entropy, Economics, EnvironmentGlobal Warming?Circus Earth Follies, Critical Thinking, and the Scientific Protocol Readership: General. Keywords:Entropy;Energy;First and Second Laws;Thermodynamics;Laws of Thermodynamics;Distinguishability;Critical Thinking;Scientific Method;Scientific Protocol;Negentropy;Global Change;Ben & Jerry's Ice CreamReviews:“This book provides excellent examples of scientific critical thinking and a significant bibliography as a starting point for further study. Highly recommended for general reading, and required reading for undergraduate science majors.”Choice

Directing Mental Energy

Directing Mental Energy
Author: Francis M. Aveling
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2013-08
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1258799839

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The True Nature of Energy Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility

The True Nature of Energy  Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility
Author: Diane Wing
Publsiher: Loving Healing Press
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2014-05-14
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781615991983

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Gain a fresh perspective using the energies around you Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you wanted to leave right away? Ever met a person for whom you had an instant dislike for no apparent reason? Been around certain people and suddenly feel exhausted? People, animals, situations, objects, and environments contain and give off energy. The energies within and around you can be a major source of anxiety. To discover how to observe, interpret, and direct this abundant energy is to harness the power at your fingertips and create tranquility in your life. This book can guide you in that discovery. In "The True Nature of Energy," you will: Improve your relationship with yourself and others Remove unnecessary emotions and see more objectively Attract the right people and circumstances Clear old, outmoded energies from your life Increase self-trust, self-esteem, and self-confidence Learn to sense and direct the energies around you Enhance your natural intuitive ability Find out your vibrational level by taking the Wing Vibrational Scale Quiz Learn simple techniques to fully take charge of your life and your destiny. Acclaim for "The True Nature of Energy" "Clearly written and easy to understand. A tall order for a complex topic like this. Diane Wing's skills as a writer and energy worker are phenomenal. Highly recommended." --Lana McAra, best-selling, award-winning author writing as Rosey Dow. "I can thoroughly recommend this book as a guide to living. If Diane's way of seeing the world resonates with you, she will be able to help you to transform your life. In fact, reading the book in the process of editing it has changed me in positive ways. Her writing will do the same for you." --Bob Rich, PhD, author of "Ascending Spiral" Learn more at From Marvelous Spirit Press

The Nature of Information

The Nature of Information
Author: Paul Young
Publsiher: Praeger Pub Text
Total Pages: 192
Release: 1987
Genre: Science
ISBN: UOM:39015012753565

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Young traces the evolution of the term information from its general linguistic use into the mainstream of modern science, proposing an entirely new definition of information as a mass-energy phenomenon. He demonstrates that: information is in all cases a form phenomenon; both form and information are mass-energy rather than abstract phenomena; mind can be viewed as a mass-energy rather form-manipulating process; form constitutes a mechanism immanent in the physical universe via which mass-energy systems can communicate informationally and control their own energetic activities.

Power Density

Power Density
Author: Vaclav Smil
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2015-06-05
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780262326933

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The first systematic, quantitative appraisal of power density, offering detailed reviews of power densities of renewable energy flows, fossil fuels, and all common energy uses. “There's no author whose books I look forward to more than Vaclav Smil.” —Bill Gates In this book, Vaclav Smil argues that power density is a key determinant of the nature and dynamics of energy systems. Any understanding of complex energy systems must rely on quantitative measures of many fundamental variables. Power density—the rate of energy flux per unit of area—is an important but largely overlooked measure. Smil provides the first systematic, quantitative appraisal of power density, offering detailed reviews of the power densities of renewable energy flows, fossil fuels, thermal electricity generation, and all common energy uses. Smil shows that careful quantification, critical appraisals, and revealing comparisons of power densities make possible a deeper understanding of the ways we harness, convert, and use energies. Conscientious assessment of power densities, he argues, proves particularly revealing when contrasting the fossil fuel–based energy system with renewable energy conversions. Smil explains that modern civilization has evolved as a direct expression of the high power densities of fossil fuel extraction. He argues that our inevitable (and desirable) move to new energy arrangements involving conversions of lower-density renewable energy sources will require our society—currently dominated by megacities and concentrated industrial production—to undergo a profound spatial restructuring of its energy system.