Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing
Author: Gail Wiscarz Stuart,Michele T. Laraia
Publsiher: Elsevier España
Total Pages: 900
Release: 2005
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 8481749028

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Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing, 8th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of psychiatric nursing. Beginning with fundamental coverage of all key psychiatric nursing principles, it goes on to address the complete continuum of care - including mental health promotion and illness prevention, crisis intervention, and psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. The book then applies psychiatric nursing principles to specific clinical disorders based on adaptive-maladaptive coping responses, the six-step nursing process, and DSM-IV-TR and NANDA diagnoses. Subsequent chapters describe various modalities of treatment (psychopharmacology, somatic therapies, cognitive and behavioral therapies, managing aggressive behavior, and more), hospital-based and community-based care, and treatment of special populations. The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model provides a consistent nursing-oriented framework for understanding health and wellness. Evidence-based algorithms are presented in lieu of the less relevant critical pathways found in other texts. The latest American Nurses Association's Standards of Care prepare students for the realities of evidenced-based care in nursing practice. A vibrant, full-color design enhances and enriches students' understanding of essential concepts. Short vignettes in a patient's and family's own words give readers a different perspective of the caregiving process. Case studies present in-depth clinical scenarios that show each step of the nursing process, demonstrating realistic applications of the nursing process. Critical thinking questions interspersed throughout the text encourage independent clinical reasoning. Numerous boxes and tables throughout the book highlight important issues and current topics related to chapter content in visual, easy-to-digest segments. Citing the Evidence boxes provide summaries of recent clinical research, with new boxes added to the Evolve website each month. Nursing Treatment Plan Summaries present care plans, including patient goals with nursing interventions and rationales, to guide nursing care related to the treatment of major disorders. Patient Education Plans and Family Education Plans include key information nurses need to communicate to the patient and family members. Sample Therapeutic Dialogues for nurse-patient interactions demonstrate the difference between therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication. Clinical chapters have been carefully revised and updated to include the latest research and appropriate nursing and medical diagnoses relevant to each disorder. A strengthened family focus and more in-depth discussion of outpatient care reflect current trends in psychiatric nursing. NIC and NOC are introduced in the nursing process chapter (chapter 12) and incorporated as appropriate into disorders chapters. Chapter Focus Points at the end of each chapter provide a comprehensive review of important information. Key terms are defined in the glossary and listed with page references at the end of the chapter in which they appear. A comprehensive list of behavioral rating scales is offered as an appendix for easy reference. A companion CD-ROM offers animations, interactive exercises, review questions for the NCLEX examination, and an audio glossary for additional study and review. A companion CD-ROM offers animations, interactive exercises, review questions for the NCLEX examination, and an audio glossary for additional study and review. New chapters explore the latest trends and relevant topics, including: Families as Resources, Caregivers, and Collaborators (Chapter 11); Family Interventions (Chapter 33) Community-Based Psychiatric Nursing Care (Chapter 35); and Psychological Care of Patients with Life Threatening Illness (Chapter 40).

Hospital Management

Hospital Management
Author: Howard S. Rowland,Beatrice L. Rowland
Publsiher: Ediciones Díaz de Santos
Total Pages: 471
Release: 1984
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0894438530

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Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators

Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators
Author: Linda A. Roussel,James L. Harris,Tricia Thomas
Publsiher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Total Pages: 470
Release: 2015-07-30
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781284067620

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Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators, Seventh Edition provides professional administrators and nursing students with a comprehensive overview of management concepts and theories. This text provides a foundation for nurse managers and executives as well as nursing students with a focus on management and administration. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Author: Lynda A. Heiden,Michel Hersen
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 410
Release: 2013-06-29
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781489915733

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Bringing together contributions by leaders in the field of clinical psychology, this highly readable textbook provides a current perspective on theory, training, assessment, consultation, research, and outpatient and inpatient practice. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, contributors offer a professional perspective on the various specialized activities and settings of a clinical psychologist. With this unique insight, advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students gain a realistic understanding of the life of a clinical psychologist as well as the diverse professional opportunities in the field.

The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds

The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds
Author: John Bowlby
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2012-12-06
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781135070892

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Helping both parents and psychologists to arrive at a better understanding of the inner emotional world of the infant, this selection of key lectures by Bowlby includes the seminal one that gives the volume its title. Informed by wide clinical experience, and written with the author's well-known humanity and lucidity, the lectures provide an invaluable introduction to John Bowlby’s thought and work, as well as much practical guidance of use both to parents and to members of the mental health professions.

Basic Inorganic Chemistry

Basic Inorganic Chemistry
Author: Cotton F Albert,Wilkinson Geoffrey
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 579
Release: 1976
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 085226142X

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Advanced Practice Nursing

Advanced Practice Nursing
Author: Michaelene P. Mirr Jansen
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 302
Release: 1999
Genre: Medical
ISBN: UOM:39015047566032

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This popular textbook, now in a second edition, presents a clear introduction to the field and a skills-oriented approach to the core information needed by all advanced practice nurses. Students and clinicians -- whether nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, midwife, or nurse anesthetist -- will learn to apply clinical decision making, care management, client education and advocacy, research, consulting, and writing and oral presentation skills to their APN role. They also will find information on professional issues, such as licensure and reimbursement. New to this edition are chapters on complementary therapies, collaboration, and ethical issues.

Global Applications of Culturally Competent Health Care Guidelines for Practice

Global Applications of Culturally Competent Health Care  Guidelines for Practice
Author: Marilyn "Marty" Douglas,Dula Pacquiao,Larry Purnell
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 386
Release: 2018-07-02
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783319693323

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This book is unique in its global approach to applying the Guidelines for Culturally Competent Nursing Practice that were recently endorsed by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and distributed to all of its 130 national nursing associations. The purpose of this book is to illustrate how these guidelines can be put into clinical practice and to show how practitioners from different countries with diverse populations can implement them. The first chapter provides the conceptual basis for Culturally Competent Health Care and describes how the guidelines were developed. Each of the next 10 sections presents a chapter describing a specific guideline followed by three or four chapters with detailed case studies to illustrate how the guideline was implemented in a particular cultural setting. All case studies follow a similar format and are written by international authors with clinical expertise and work experience in the culture being presented. This book will be useful for advanced practice nurses, healthcare students, clinicians, administrators, educators, researchers, and those who provide community health or population-based care.

Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice

Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice
Author: Marlaine C Smith
Publsiher: F.A. Davis
Total Pages: 576
Release: 2019-10-02
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780803699854

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Noted nursing scholars explore the historical and contemporary theories that are the foundation of nursing practice today. The 5th Edition, continues to meet the needs of today’s students with an expanded focus on the middle range theories and practice models that link theory to clinical practice. You’ll explore the role of these theories in the real-world to see how they guide nursing practice.

Engineering the System of Healthcare Delivery

Engineering the System of Healthcare Delivery
Author: William B. Rouse
Publsiher: IOS Press
Total Pages: 481
Release: 2010
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781607505327

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As the United States continues to debate reform of its healthcare system, this book argues that providing health insurance for all without improving the delivery system will not improve the current problems of access, affordability, and quality. The US healthcare system has many excellent components; strong scientific input, extraordinary technology for diagnosis and treatment, dedicated staff and top-class facilities among them. But the system has evolved haphazardly over time and although it has not failed entirely, the authors argue that like any system where attention, is paid to individual components at the expense of the system as a whole, it can never hope to succeed. Above all, they point out that the US system does not provide high value healthcare; it has the highest costs in the world and yet many other countries have lower infant mortality rates and better life expectancy. Together with a team of highly regarded thought leaders, the authors of this publication advocate a complete re-thinking of healthcare from a systems perspective - an engineering approach to healthcare-and they then describe how to set about it. Covering a wide range of subjects including: health care costs and economics, barriers to change, integrated health systems, electronic records and computer-based patient support as well as patient safety and palliative and chronic care, this book will be of interest to all those involved in healthcare provision whose goal is affordable care to promote healthy, high quality lives.

Advanced Practice Nursing Pageburst on Kno Retail Access Code

Advanced Practice Nursing Pageburst on Kno Retail Access Code
Author: Ann B. Hamric,Charlene M. Hanson,Mary Fran Tracy,Eileen T. O'grady
Publsiher: W B Saunders Company
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2008-07-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1455758914

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This is a Pageburst digital textbook; Covering all advanced practice competencies and roles, this book offers strategies for enhancing patient care and legitimizing your role within today's health care system. It covers the history of advanced practice nursing, the theory behind the practice, and emerging issues. Offering a comprehensive exploration of advanced practice nursing, this edition also adds a focus on topics including the APN scope of practice, certification, and the ethical and legal issues that occur in clinical practice.

Critical Thinking to Achieve Positive Health Outcomes

Critical Thinking to Achieve Positive Health Outcomes
Author: Margaret Lunney
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 392
Release: 2013-05-30
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781118701218

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This book uses the latest research findings to apply critical thinking processes for the development of diagnostic reasoning and the selection of patient outcomes and nursing interventions.Four chapters describe the meaning of intelligence, critical thinking, and application of critical thinking processes within nursing. The case studies and their ultimate resolution to intervention and outcome illustrate these processes by enabling repeated practice. Case studies are organized into four sections; problem diagnoses, risk diagnoses, health promotion diagnoses, and strength diagnoses. A companion website provides on-line resources.

The Essentials of Clinical Reasoning for Nurses Using the Outcome Present State Test Model for Reflective Practice

The Essentials of Clinical Reasoning for Nurses  Using the Outcome Present State Test Model for Reflective Practice
Author: RuthAnne Kuiper,Sandra M. O’Donnell,Daniel J. Pesut,Stephanie L. Turrise
Publsiher: Sigma Theta Tau
Total Pages: 464
Release: 2017-05-24
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781945157097

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In today’s healthcare environment of scarce resources and challenges related to safety and quality, nurses must make decision after decision to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient provision of care. Solid decision-making, or lack thereof, can significantly affect patient care and outcomes. Clinical reasoning – how a nurse processes information and chooses what action to take – is a skill vital to nursing practice and split-second decisions. And yet, developing the clinical reasoning to make good decisions takes time, education, experience, patience, and reflection. Along the way, nurses can benefit from a successful, practical model that demystifies and advances clinical reasoning skills. In The Essentials of Clinical Reasoning for Nurses, authors RuthAnne Kuiper, Sandra O’Donnell, Daniel Pesut, and Stephanie Turrise provide a model that supports learning and teaching clinical reasoning, development of reflective and complex thinking, clinical supervision, and care planning through scenarios, diagnostic cues, case webs, and more.

Improving Chronic Disease Management

Improving Chronic Disease Management
Author: Rebecca Rosen,Perviz Asaria,Anna Dixon,King Edward's Hospital Fund for London,Commonwealth Fund
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 20
Release: 2007-11
Genre: Chronic diseases
ISBN: 185717559X

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A report from a seminar which looked at the policy context in England and the USA for chronic disease management, identified facilitators and barriers to success. The seminar also explored methods for evaluating chronic disease management programmes. It includes six case studies of chronic disease improvement programmes.

Nurses and Families

Nurses and Families
Author: Lorraine M. Wright,Maureen Leahey
Publsiher: F A Davis Company
Total Pages: 347
Release: 2000
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0803603711

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-- Completely new to this edition and to family practice: how to do 15-minute family interviews in a variety of clinical settings -- The only practical and detailed "how-to" guide for the nursing of families -- Excellent in-depth clinical guide to nursing assessment and intervention with families, with clinical examples -- Updated and expanded Calgary Family Assessment Model -- Updated and revised Calgary Family Intervention Model -- Emphasizes diversity issues such as ethnicity, race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and socioeconomic class in numerous clinical examples -- Supplies detailed clinical guidelines of how to prepare, conduct, and document a family interview