Escape Journey

Escape Journey
Author: Ogeretsu Tanaka
Publsiher: SuBLime
Total Pages: 266
Release: 2018-09-11
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 197470131X

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Naoto and Taichi’s turbulent high school love crashed and burned, but a reunion in college puts love back in the air. Naoto and Taichi’s first try at love during their high school days crashed and burned. Years later the two unexpectedly reunite on their first day of college. Tumultuous love often burns hot, and the glowing embers of their previous relationship reignite into a second try at love. It’s Naoto’s first day of college, and the last person he expected to see was his high school ex Taichi, who he’d dumped after a huge argument. Even though years have passed, Naoto finds he’s still steamed over some of the harsh words that were exchanged, but he also recognizes how much Taichi has matured since then and can’t help getting pulled back in. Will the discovery of his friend’s crush on Taichi fray the fragile threads of this mending relationship?

The Great Rock Discography

The Great Rock Discography
Author: Martin Charles Strong
Publsiher: Omnibus Press& Schirmer Trade Books
Total Pages: 939
Release: 1995
Genre: Music
ISBN: STANFORD:36105016579729

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Covers over 1000 important figures in the history of rock, including complete discographies of all featured artists, chart positions for every album and single, and biographies, style analysis, and recommended albums of all artists listed

Escape from Slavery

Escape from Slavery
Author: Francis Bok
Publsiher: St. Martin's Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2007-04-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781429971010

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In this groundbreaking modern slave narrative, Francis Bok shares his remarkable story with grace, honesty, and a wisdom gained from surviving ten years in captivity. May, 1986: Selling his mother's eggs and peanuts near his village in southern Sudan, seven year old Francis Bok's life was shattered when Arab raiders on horseback, armed with rifles and long knives, burst into the quiet marketplace, murdering men and women and gathering the young children into a group. Strapped to horses and donkeys, Francis and others were taken north, into lives of slavery under wealthy Muslim farmers. For ten years, Francis lived alone in a shed near the goats and cattle that were his responsibility. Fed with scraps from the table, slowly learning bits of an unfamiliar language and religion, the boy had almost no human contact other than his captor's family. After two failed attempts to escape-each bringing severe beatings and death threats-Francis finally escaped at age seventeen, a dramatic breakaway on foot that was his final chance. Yet his slavery did not end there, for even as he made his way toward the capital city of Khartoum, others sought to deprive him of his freedom. Determined to avoid that fate and discover what had happened to his family on that terrible day in 1986, the teenager persevered through prison and refugee camps for three more years, winning the attention of United Nations officials and being granted passage to America. Now a student and an anti-slavery activist, Francis Bok has made it his life mission to combat world slavery. His is the first voice to speak for an estimated twenty seven million people held against their will in nearly every nation, including our own. Escape from Slavery is at once a riveting adventure, a story of desperation and triumph, and a window revealing a world that few have survived to tell.

Escape from Empire

Escape from Empire
Author: Alice H. Amsden
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2009-09-18
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780262261494

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A provocative view of economic growth in the Third World argues that the countries that have achieved steady economic growth—including future economic superpowers India and China—have done so because they have resisted the American ideology of free markets. The American government has been both miracle worker and villain in the developing world. From the end of World War II until the 1980s poor countries, including many in Africa and the Middle East, enjoyed a modicum of economic growth. New industries mushroomed and skilled jobs multiplied, thanks in part to flexible American policies that showed an awareness of the diversity of Third World countries and an appreciation for their long-standing knowledge about how their own economies worked. Then during the Reagan era, American policy changed. The definition of laissez-faire shifted from "Do it your way," to an imperial "Do it our way." Growth in the developing world slowed, income inequalities skyrocketed, and financial crises raged. Only East Asian economies resisted the strict prescriptions of Washington and continued to boom. Why? In Escape from Empire, Alice Amsden argues provocatively that the more freedom a developing country has to determine its own policies, the faster its economy will grow. America's recent inflexibility—as it has single-mindedly imposed the same rules, laws, and institutions on all developing economies under its influence—has been the backdrop to the rise of two new giants, China and India, who have built economic power in their own way. Amsden describes the two eras in America's relationship with the developing world as "Heaven" and "Hell"—a beneficent and politically savvy empire followed by a dictatorial, ideology-driven one. What will the next American empire learn from the failure of the last? Amsden argues convincingly that the world—and the United States—will be infinitely better off if new centers of power are met with sensible policies rather than hard-knuckled ideologies. But, she asks, can it be done?


Author: Carol Anne Lawry
Publsiher: FriesenPress
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2012-03
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781770973305

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Becca, a fiercely independent teenager, runs away from Vancouver with her infant son, determined to live life on her own terms. Overwhelmed by responsibilities she is befriended by a mysterious shaman elder. Together with three men, one a victim of Residential School abuse, they become entangled in an ancient prophecy. With a hint of magical realism a small town in British Columbia is cast into an epic struggle. The fate of the mystical Stein Valley hangs in the balance. Faced with polarized opinions and small town politics, five extraordinary people reveal a story about love, connection, and our understanding of the meaning of home.

Escape from Saddam

Escape from Saddam
Author: Lewis Alsamari
Publsiher: Crown
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2008-03-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780307409690

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At the age of seventeen, Lewis Alsamari was conscripted into Saddam Hussein’s army. The training was brutal, with discipline enforced by regular beatings, and desertion punishable by mutilation or imprisonment. Somehow Lewis made it through and, thanks in part to his fluent English, was soon offered a post in Iraqi military intelligence. The job would have made him powerful, comfortably wealthy . . . and a cog in Saddam Hussein’s massive machine of terror. Unable to accept becoming a member of Saddam’s secret police, yet knowing that turning down this “honor” would be considered treasonous, Lewis made plans to flee Iraq. His escape was fraught with peril–he was shot, detained at borders, even pursued by hungry wolves across the desert–but the teenager made his way to Jordan, then Malaysia, and finally to England, where he was granted political asylum. Lewis began building a life for himself, even falling in love and getting married. But he was haunted by thoughts of the loved ones he left behind in Iraq, his uncle’s words echoing in his ears: we are sending you to freedom so that one day you may rescue us from this place. One day, shocking news arrived: because of his escape, Lewis’s family–including his mother and sister–had been interrogated, beaten, and thrown into prison. Frantic with guilt and worry, Lewis was forced to steal the thousands of dollars he needed to buy their release and smuggle them out of Iraq. Then, accompanied by his wife, he embarked on a desperate journey in hope of bringing his family to freedom. Escape from Saddam is a powerful nonfiction thriller that, even as it plunges the reader into a netherworld of crooked border police, military checkpoints, counterfeiters, and smugglers, provides a fascinating window into a totalitarian regime. It is also a remarkably inspirational story of a resourceful young man who refused to accept his fate . . . and then risked everything he’d achieved to save his family.

Don t Stop Believin The Untold Story Of Journey

Don t Stop Believin   The Untold Story Of Journey
Author: Neil Daniels
Publsiher: Omnibus Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2012-04-10
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780857128218

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Journey are undoubtedly one of America's most successful melodic rock bands, with record sales in excess of 75 million. And with the recent phenomenal success of Don't Stop Believin – now one of the most downloaded song of all time – they've been given an amazing new lease of life. Now, for the first time ever, their entire history is explored in this definitive biography. Featuring original interviews and a wealth of research, this is a story filled not only with heartache, bitterness and behind-the-scenes squabbles, but also creativity, dedication, passion and drive.

The Tibetan Journey to Democracy

The Tibetan Journey to Democracy
Author: Anna Alomes
Publsiher: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
Total Pages: 236
Release: 2022-03-29
Genre: History
ISBN: 9789390752904

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An insightful account of how the democratically elected parliamentary system is built with the Tibetan elders who accompanied His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama into exile, this book is a fruitful result of several years of hard work and research. The interviews of the elders vividly depict the struggles and challenges it took to become today’s Democratic Tibetan government. Sparking the feeling of duty towards a nation, there cannot be a better driver of encouragement than the messages left by these elders who are the building blocks of the Tibetan democracy for the future leaders of Tibet. ‘The Tibetan Journey to Democracy’ is a marvelous portrayal of the journey of Tibetan democracy right from its inception till date and holds the power to inspire thousands of Tibetans towards shaping the future of political history of Tibet. Tenzin Wangmo

Journey to the Horizon

Journey to the Horizon
Author: Hans Onderwater,Brian Lissette
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2021-07-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9789083086019

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This is the epic story of Escape and Evasion during World War Two. Main character is Donald Kenyon Willis, an American pilot who fought with the Fins against the Russians in 1940, then joined the Norwegian Naval Air Arm against the Germans, escaped to the Shetlands, joined the RAF as one of the first Eagle Squadron pilots, until he joined the USAAF. After the war and a spell as a base commander in Austria and Germany he became a test pilot in JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) experiments from Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio, USA. He was one of the last five airmen to evade capture via de Pyrenees, the night before D-Day with American Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas H. Hubbard and 2nd Lieutenant Jack Cornett and Britons Pilot Officer Len Barnes and Sergeant Ron Emeny. JOURNEY TO THE HORIZON tells the story of three fighter pilots and two Lancaster crews who were shot down by the Germans. It follows them on the run, hiding, in captivity and in some cases in death. They were Britons, Canadians, New Zealanders and Americans. Five of them met in Paris while being guided by members of the Comete Escape line, others evaded in different ways. Some endured the harsh life in a POW-camp, while in one case an airmen even ended up in Buchenwald concentration camp. Those who died now rest at various cemeteries in France. In the book Onderwater and Lissette also tell about the sometimes dreadful experiences of the fellow crew members of Barnes and Emeny after their two Lancasters crashed in France. In the course of the research Hans Onderwater followed the same evasion route, meeting the helpers who risked their lives, crossed the Pyrenees on foot with the Basque guide of 1944 until he too reached Gibraltar. He visited Stalag Luft 1 Barth on the Baltic coast and Stalag Luft 3 Sagan in Poland, Buchenwald near Weimar and Ravensbruck near Berlin. He spoke with the five airmen or their families and corresponded with the others. During the last forty years he interviewed over 100 people who were in some major or minor way connected to the airmen and their experiences.

The Journey That Saved Curious George

The Journey That Saved Curious George
Author: Louise Borden
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 80
Release: 2005-09-26
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9780547505701

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In 1940, Hans and Margret Rey fled their Paris home as the German army advanced. They began their harrowing journey on bicycles, pedaling to Southern France with children’s book manuscripts among their few possessions. Louise Borden combed primary resources, including Hans Rey’s pocket diaries, to tell this dramatic true story. Archival materials introduce readers to the world of Hans and Margret Rey while Allan Drummond dramatically and colorfully illustrates their wartime trek to a new home. Follow the Rey’s amazing story in this unique large format book that resembles a travel journal and includes full-color illustrations, original photos, actual ticket stubs and more. A perfect book for Curious George fans of all ages.

Refugee Mental Health

Refugee Mental Health
Author: Stephan Zipfel,Monique C. Pfaltz,Ulrich Schnyder
Publsiher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2019-06-18
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9782889458400

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The focus of this Research Topic is on research that aims to understand the relationships between pre-migration stressors and potentially traumatic experiences, post-migration living difficulties, and mental health in refugees of both sexes throughout the lifespan. We know very little about how concepts of assessing and treating mental health conditions actually work when applied to traumatized refugee populations from different cultures (e.g., the Yazidis people from northern Iraq). Moreover, there is also a great need to better understand the relationship between mental health and refugees’ integration in their host countries’ societies (acquiring language skills, fitness for work, economic independence, private life, etc.). This Research Topic will also focus on the issue of culture—the extent to which concepts of mental health care can translate and be implemented in different social, economic, and cultural settings around the world.

Escape to Last Man Peak

Escape to Last Man Peak
Author: Jean D'Costa
Publsiher: Hodder Education
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2021-03-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781398319394

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There have been many great and enduring works of literature by Caribbean authors over the last century. The Caribbean Contemporary Classics collection celebrates these deep and vibrant stories, overflowing with life and acute observations about society. Sunrise Orphanage is a happy place until the great sickness comes to the country, when the ten orphan children are left to fend for themselves. Normal life breaks down, and people do what they can to survive. Threatened with being taken to a labour camp, the children's only alternative is a perilous journey across the island. Sanctuary awaits them at Last Man Peak, but will they be able to reach it? Unforeseen danger waits at every turn. No one can be trusted. The arduous trek would be challenging enough even without the need to avoid capture - capture which would mean the labour camp, or possibly something much worse. The journey, with only their wits and courage to help them, will change their lives for ever. Suitable for readers aged 11 and above.

Escape From China

Escape From China
Author: Zhang Boli
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2008-06-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780743437790

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Who can forget the images, telecast worldwide, of brave Chinese students facing down tanks in Tiananmen Square as they took on their Communist government? After a two-week standoff in 1989, military forces suppressed the revolt, killing many students and issuing arrest warrants for top student leaders, including Zhang Boli. After two years as a fugitive, Zhang -- the only leader to elude capture -- knew that he must bid his beloved country, as well as his wife and baby daughter, farewell. Traveling across the frozen terrain of the former Soviet Union, where peasants rescued him, and through the deserted lands of China's precarious borders, Zhang had only his extraordinary will to propel him toward freedom. As told in Escape from China -- a work of great historical resonance -- his story will renew your faith in the human spirit.

Ice Journey

Ice Journey
Author: Dave Morgan
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2010-08-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781921941078

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Ice Journey is the biography of Vietnam veteran Dave Morgan, whose long career in meteorology culminated with a life-changing expedition to Antarctica. Like many of his fellow soldiers, Dave tried to present a “normal” face to the world while battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was a debilitating struggle that ultimately sparked a personal obsession to escape the bonds of average Australian society. In his early fifties, Dave turned to the seclusion and hardship of Antarctic research where postings to Macquarie Island, Davis Station and a prized position at Casey Station, finally forced him to face his fears, deal with his PTSD and come to terms with his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam. Dave carries his deeply buried demons from the jungles of Vietnam to the icy peaks of Antarctica; his journey to the ice fulfilling a lifelong dream while making him feel safe for the first time in 30 years. His experiences as an expeditioner on the starkly beautiful, harsh and inhospitable ‘ice’ was at once intoxicating and isolating, providing the catalyst for Dave to finally face his fears. It is an emotional journey that transports the reader from the terror of a young soldier fighting far away from home to exhilaration on the ice far from the rest of the world. It is a story filled with vivid landscapes and humour before a shocking final twist that ends his final posting in heart-wrenching fashion. While the ghosts of Vietnam still exist inside Dave, Ice Journey is an invitation to share in his experiences.

The Scottish Building Regulations

The Scottish Building Regulations
Author: George Bett,Frith Hoehnke,James Robison
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2008-04-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781405147781

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The book provides a practical guide, with worked examples, to the Scottish Building Regulations. The new edition takes account of substantial revisions to the Regulations on fire and means of escape, structural stability, conservation of fuel and power, and drainage.