Final Cuts

Final Cuts
Author: Ellen Datlow
Publsiher: Anchor
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2020-06-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780525565765

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Legendary genre editor Ellen Datlow brings together eighteen dark and terrifying original stories inspired by cinema and television. A BLUMHOUSE BOOKS HORROR ORIGINAL. From the secret reels of a notoriously cursed cinematic masterpiece to the debauched livestreams of modern movie junkies who will do anything for clicks, Final Cuts brings together new and terrifying stories inspired by the many screens we can't peel our eyes away from. Inspired by the rich golden age of the film and television industries as well as the new media present, this new anthology reveals what evils hide behind the scenes and between the frames of our favorite medium. With original stories from a diverse list of some of the best-known names in horror, Final Cuts will haunt you long after the credits roll. NEW STORIES FROM: Josh Malerman, Chris Golden, Stephen Graham Jones, Garth Nix, Laird Barron, Kelley Armstrong, John Langan, Richard Kadrey, Paul Cornell, Lisa Morton, AC Wise, Dale Bailey, Jeffrey Ford, Cassandra Khaw, Nathan Ballingrud, Gemma Files, Usman T. Malik, and Brian Hodge.

Final Cuts The Last Films of 50 Great Directors

Final Cuts  The Last Films of 50 Great Directors
Author: Nat Segaloff
Publsiher: BearManor Media
Total Pages: 360
Release: 2013
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Critic-producer Nat Segaloff was granted access to private papers, production records, never-before-published interviews, and specialized archives in reconstructing the colorful, touching, and sometimes scandalous stories behind the making of the last films of some of Hollywood’s top directors. Winningly readable and yet meticulously researched, its substantial entries range from Robert Aldrich and Robert Altman to Peter Yates and Fred Zinnemann, and John Ford and Howard Hawks to Otto Preminger and Richard Brooks. Certain to attract controversy because of whom it ignores as well as whom it includes, Final Cuts presents fifty widely varied chronicles of success and failure, inspiration and ennui, elation and heartache, and every other emotion enjoyed or endured by the greatest filmmakers that Hollywood ever knew. About the Author Nat Segaloff always wanted to write and produce, but it took him several careers before he learned how to get paid for it. He was a journalist for The Boston Herald covering the motion picture business, but has also variously been a studio publicist (Fox, UA, Columbia), college teacher (Boston University, Boston College), on-air TV talent (Group W), entertainment critic (CBS radio) and author (nine books including Hurricane Billy: The Stormy Life and Films of William Friedkin and, as co-author, Love Stories: Hollywood's Most Romantic Movies). He has contributed career monographs on screenwriters Stirling Silliphant, Walon Green, Paul Mazursky and John Milius to the University of California Press's acclaimed Backstory series, and his writing has appeared in such varied periodicals as Film Comment, Written By, International Documentary, Animation Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Time Out (US), MacWorld, and American Movie Classics Magazine. He was also senior reviewer for His The Everything® Etiquette Book and The Everything Trivia Book and The Everything® Tall Tales, Legends and Outrageous Lies Book are in multiple printings for Adams Media Corp. As a TV writer-producer, Segaloff helped perfect the format and create episodes for A&E's flagship "Biography" series. His distinctive productions include John Belushi: Funny You Should Ask; Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop; Larry King: Talk of Fame; Darryl F. Zanuck: Twentieth Century-Filmmaker and Stan Lee: The ComiX-MAN! He has written and co-produced the Rock 'n' Roll Moments music documentaries for The Learning Channel/Malcolm Leo Productions, and has written and/or produced programming for New World, Disney, Turner and USA Networks. He is co-creator/co-producer of Judgment Day with Grosso-Jacobson Communications Corp. for HBO. His extraterrestrial endeavors include the cheeky sequel to the Orson Welles "Invasion From Mars" radio hoax, When Welles Collide, which featured a "Star Trek"® cast. It was produced by L.A. Theatre Works and has become a Halloween tradition on National Public Radio. In 1996 he formed the multi-media production company Alien Voices® with actors Leonard Nimoy and actor John de Lancie and produced five best-selling, fully dramatized audio plays for Simon & Schuster: The Time Machine, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Lost World, The Invisible Man and The First Men in the Moon, all of which feature "Star Trek"® casts. Additionally, his teleplay for The First Men in the Moon was the first-ever TV/Internet simulcast and was presented live by The Sci-Fi Channel. He has also written narrative concerts for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, celebrity events, is a script consultant, and was a contributing writer to Moving Pictures magazine.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a Thousand Cuts
Author: Michael J. Graetz,Ian Shapiro
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 392
Release: 2011-01-11
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1400839181

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This fast-paced book by Yale professors Michael Graetz and Ian Shapiro unravels the following mystery: How is it that the estate tax, which has been on the books continuously since 1916 and is paid by only the wealthiest two percent of Americans, was repealed in 2001 with broad bipartisan support? The mystery is all the more striking because the repeal was not done in the dead of night, like a congressional pay raise. It came at the end of a multiyear populist campaign launched by a few individuals, and was heralded by its supporters as a signal achievement for Americans who are committed to the work ethic and the American Dream. Graetz and Shapiro conducted wide-ranging interviews with the relevant players: members of congress, senators, staffers from the key committees and the Bush White House, civil servants, think tank and interest group representatives, and many others. The result is a unique portrait of American politics as viewed through the lens of the death tax repeal saga. Graetz and Shapiro brilliantly illuminate the repeal campaign's many fascinating and unexpected turns--particularly the odd end result whereby the repeal is slated to self-destruct a decade after its passage. They show that the stakes in this fight are exceedingly high; the very survival of the long standing American consensus on progressive taxation is being threatened. Graetz and Shapiro's rich narrative reads more like a political drama than a conventional work of scholarship. Yet every page is suffused by their intimate knowledge of the history of the tax code, the transformation of American conservatism over the past three decades, and the wider political implications of battles over tax policy.

Tax Cuts

Tax Cuts
Author: James S. Larson
Publsiher: Nova Publishers
Total Pages: 140
Release: 2003
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1590339010

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It would be difficult to find a more heated topic in American political circles than tax cuts. Do they help the economy, the rich, or the middle class? Or do they harm the economy? Do the rich benefit the most and should they? Tax cuts are closely tied to the Tax Code which very few people truly understand. The new book tries to make sense out of this impenetrable jungle of issues, projections and actual tax cuts. Contents: Preface; Tax Cut Bills in 2003: A Comparison; Across-the-Board Tax Cuts: Economic Issues; Tax Cuts, the Business Cycle, and Economic Growth: A Macroeconomic Analysis; Using Business Tax Cuts to Stimulate the Economy; Tax Cuts and Economic Stimulus: How Effective Are the Alternatives?; Economic and Revenue Effects of Permanent and Temporary Capital Gains Tax Cuts; The Individual Alternative Minimum Tax: Interaction With Marriage Penalty Relief and Other Tax Cuts; Major Tax Issues; Index.

Fine Cuts The Art of European Film Editing

Fine Cuts  The Art of European Film Editing
Author: Roger Crittenden
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2012-08-06
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781136054105

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Roger Crittenden reveals the experiences of many of the greatest living European film editors through his warm and perceptive interviews which offer a unique insight into the art of editing - direct from masters of the craft. In their interviews the editors relate their experience to the directors they have worked with, including: Agnes Guillemot- (Godard, Truffaut, Catherine Breillat) Roberto Perpignani- (Welles, Bertolucci, Tavianni Brothers) Sylvia Ingemarsson- (Ingmar Bergman) Michal Leszczylowski- (Andrei Tarkovsky, Lukas Moodysson) Tony Lawson (Nic Roeg, Stanley Kubrick, Neil Jordan) and many more. Foreword by Walter Murch - three-time Oscar-winning Editor of 'Apocalypse Now', 'The English Patient', 'American Graffiti', 'The Conversation' and 'The Godfather Part II and III'.

Farmers Bulletin

Farmers  Bulletin
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1942
Genre: Agriculture
ISBN: MINN:31951D02472566H

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Woodcarving Illustrated Issue 89 Winter 2019

Woodcarving Illustrated Issue 89 Winter 2019
Author: Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated
Publsiher: Fox Chapel Publishing
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2019-11-05
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 9781607659631

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'Tis the season for DIY gifts and decorations! Carve Norbert the Elf, nativity scene ornaments, a Santa in disguise as a firefighter, a walnut scoop, and more! This 89th issue of Woodcarving Illustrated magazine includes 15 projects, all with ready-to-use patterns and step-by-step instructions that are perfect for any and all skill levels! From whittling a simple chimney Santa for beginners to a detailed rosette appliqué, there’s something for every carver to learn, practice, and enjoy. Also featured is the mission of WOO, a workshop founded by and created for female woodworkers and carvers in Baltimore, Maryland. Read about whether you should add a lathe to your workspace, gain access to special offers and online extras – like bonus patterns and action videos – and so much more!

Union Electric Quarterly

Union Electric Quarterly
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1916
Genre: Trade-unions
ISBN: UIUC:30112087800139

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