How to Prepare a Dissertation Proposal

How to Prepare a Dissertation Proposal
Author: David R. Krathwohl,Nick L. Smith
Publsiher: David R. Krathwohl
Total Pages: 316
Release: 2005-06-06
Genre: Education
ISBN: UCSC:32106018141793

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This step-by-step guide begins by identifying and defining the basics of a dissertation proposal. With careful consideration, they explore proposal functions and parts, show how to build your study's chain of reasoning, and carefully review alternate study designs. Chapters are devoted to qualitative studies (sectioned into case studies, philosophical, and historical investigations); quantitative studies (sectioned into experimental, causal modeling, and meta-analysis studies), and mixed-method studies (sectioned into: sample survey, evaluation, development, and demonstration and action projects). Three extensively annotated proposals of former students provide examples of the guidance offered and illustrate common types of studies.

Handbook of Self Regulation of Learning and Performance

Handbook of Self Regulation of Learning and Performance
Author: Barry J Zimmerman, PhD,Dale H. Schunk
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 504
Release: 2011-05-15
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781136881664

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Self-regulated learning (or self-regulation) refers to the process whereby learners personally activate and sustain cognitions, affects, and behaviours that are systematically oriented toward the attainment of learning goals. This is the first volume to integrate into a single volume all aspects of the field of self-regulation of learning and performance: basic domains, applications to content areas, instructional issues, methodological issues, and individual differences. It draws on research from such diverse areas as cognitive, educational, clinical, social, and organizational psychology. Distinguishing features include: Chapter Structure – To ensure uniformity and coherence across chapters, each chapter author addresses the theoretical ideas underlying their topic, research evidence bearing on these ideas, future research directions, and implications for educational practice. International – Because research on self-regulation is increasingly global, a significant number of interntional contributors are included (see table of contents). Readable – In order to make the book accessible to students, chapters have been carefully edited for clarity, conciseness, and organizational consistency. Expertise – All chapters are written by leading researchers from around the world who are highly regarded experts on their particular topics and are active contributors to the field.

Research and Education

Research and Education
Author: Will Curtis,Mark Murphy,Sam Shields
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2013-12-04
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781317936381

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Educational researchers take a number of decisions that define the credibility and scope of their enquiry – the approaches they adopt, the strategies they employ, the methods they use and the ways they present their findings. This core text provides an easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction to educational research that will develop your understanding of research strategies, theories and methods. Specifically written for undergraduate education studies students, the book guides you through the process of planning a research project, the different research methods available and how to carry out your research and write it up successfully. Highlighting the theoretical and methodological debates and discussing important ethical and practical considerations, the book is structured to help you tackle all the different aspects of your project from writing your literature review, designing a questionnaire and analysing your data to the final writing up. The book will give you the confidence and enthusiasm to discuss and write about your research effectively. Features include: extension tasks -- to introduce new material and encourage you to think critically case studies -- with information on important studies and examples of research that have utilised specific approaches practical advice and tips -- to help you relate the topics discussed to your own on-going project work annotated further reading lists -- providing you with an opportunity to access more detailed and specific resources. Part of the Foundations of Education Studies series, this timely textbook is essential reading for students undertaking a research methods course or a piece of educational research.

Social Research Methodology and New Techniques in Analysis Interpretation and Writing

Social Research Methodology and New Techniques in Analysis  Interpretation  and Writing
Author: Islam, M. Rezaul
Publsiher: IGI Global
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2018-12-07
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 9781522578987

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The importance of scientific investigation and research is becoming more pronounced in today’s society, with many organizations relying on this research to make informed decisions. As such, research methodology courses have been integrated into undergraduate and master’s programs at most academic institutions where students are being challenged to conduct and write research. Social Research Methodology and New Techniques in Analysis, Interpretation, and Writing is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the main concepts of research writing, including the guidelines of research methodology and proposal designing. While highlighting topics such as mixed method research, research objectives, and project proposals, this publication provides examples of eight PhD proposals and the frameworks used in organizing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research. This book is ideally designed for graduate-level students, academicians, researchers, educators, scholars, education administrators, and policymakers seeking current research on the key steps and techniques used in organizing social research proposals.

Methods of Educational and Social Science Research

Methods of Educational and Social Science Research
Author: David R. Krathwohl
Publsiher: Waveland Press
Total Pages: 755
Release: 2009-02-03
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781478634256

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As the new subtitle indicates, the book emphasizes the logic of methods to provide the student a solid basis for future methodology changes, enhancing the integrated approach of the previous edition. Among the author’s many goals are for users to: understand research’s contribution to knowledge building as a social process through which findings become accepted as knowledge; acquire the background to read, analyze, and understand research using a variety of approaches as well as the hallmarks necessary to evaluate each method; and realize that the responsibility for ethical research is fundamentally theirs and that value choices are involved, beginning with the choice of research problem. Updates to the new edition include an extensive example of the use of the computer in the literature search and a new chapter on the reflective researcher. The expanded treatment of qualitative research includes the pros and cons of using software in qualitative analysis. Conceptual analysis, an important concept missing from the second edition, has returned by request because of its widely employed logic in both qualitative and quantitative methods. The author has acknowledged the troublesome nature of the concepts internal validity and external validity and has more clearly defined these important foundational concepts as Internal Integrity and External Generality. Useful tools to facilitate learning include additional reading lists, important terms and concepts, tips on effective research methods and hallmarks of methods, application problems and exercises, a glossary, and an appendix on writing a research proposal. A Web site is available with auxiliary learning enhancements and updates.

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers Theses and Dissertations Eighth Edition

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers  Theses  and Dissertations  Eighth Edition
Author: Kate L. Turabian
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 464
Release: 2013-04-09
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 9780226816395

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A little more than seventy-five years ago, Kate L. Turabian drafted a set of guidelines to help students understand how to write, cite, and formally submit research writing. Seven editions and more than nine million copies later, the name Turabian has become synonymous with best practices in research writing and style. Her Manual for Writers continues to be the gold standard for generations of college and graduate students in virtually all academic disciplines. Now in its eighth edition, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations has been fully revised to meet the needs of today’s writers and researchers. The Manual retains its familiar three-part structure, beginning with an overview of the steps in the research and writing process, including formulating questions, reading critically, building arguments, and revising drafts. Part II provides an overview of citation practices with detailed information on the two main scholarly citation styles (notes-bibliography and author-date), an array of source types with contemporary examples, and detailed guidance on citing online resources. The final section treats all matters of editorial style, with advice on punctuation, capitalization, spelling, abbreviations, table formatting, and the use of quotations. Style and citation recommendations have been revised throughout to reflect the sixteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. With an appendix on paper format and submission that has been vetted by dissertation officials from across the country and a bibliography with the most up-to-date listing of critical resources available, A Manual for Writers remains the essential resource for students and their teachers.

Knowledge into Action Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science

Knowledge into Action  Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science
Author: Danny P. Wallace,Connie J Van Fleet
Publsiher: ABC-CLIO
Total Pages: 388
Release: 2012-06-12
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781610692663

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The only book currently available that comprehensively integrates research and evaluation for evidence-based library and information science practice.

Ebook Research Proposals 2e

Ebook  Research Proposals 2e
Author: Martyn Denscombe
Publsiher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2019-10-16
Genre: Study Aids
ISBN: 9780335248308

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Learn how to write a successful research proposal with this user-friendly, step-by-step guide. Research Proposals provides practical advice on how to deal with the seven basic questions that any research proposal needs to answer: • What is it all about? • What do we already know? • What do we need to find out? • How will we get the necessary information? • What will it cost and how long will it take? • Is the research socially acceptable? • What will be produced? This is a valuable resource for students who need to conduct a research project as part of their studies and anyone who wants to submit an application for research funding. The new edition is perfect for master’s students planning a dissertation, undergraduate students approaching their final year project, and PhD students applying for acceptance onto a doctoral programme. "This is an insightful and easy to use guide for students and researchers. It will support creating a research proposal for both academic programme assignments and for preparation for conducting research. The logical format is useful and very clear to read. There is an excellent appendix providing a specimen research proposal with commentary boxes highlighting the important points." Dr Alaster Scott Douglas, Reader in Education & Professional Practice, University of Roehampton, UK “Everything that you need to know about how to put together a research proposal is in this book. It’s the perfect guide for students and early career researchers who are writing a research proposal and have not had much experience. Impressive in its clarity and common sense, Denscombe’s practical guide tells you not just what to do but why as he takes you step by step through the process. The book is crammed with useful tips, helpful examples, effective graphics, and a great checklist appendix. Highly recommended!” Rosalind Edwards, Professor of Sociology and co-director of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, University of Southampton, UK “This is a highly practical book about the art of communicating why your research ideas are worthwhile, feasible and should be supported. It takes away any mystery about the process and so instils confidence.” Melanie Nind, University of Southampton, UK