Introductory circuit analysis

Introductory circuit analysis
Author: Robert L. Boylestad
Publsiher: Pearson Education India
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2003
Genre: Electric circuit analysis
ISBN: 8131764761

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Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics
Author: N. Gregory Mankiw
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 896
Release: 2007
Genre: Economics
ISBN: 0324360193

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Biopsychology RENTAL EDITION

Biopsychology  RENTAL EDITION
Author: John P. J. Pinel,Steven Barnes
Publsiher: Pearson
Total Pages: 624
Release: 2019-06-30
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 0135863686

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1100 Short Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners

1100 Short   Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners
Author: Talk To Me In Korean
Publsiher: Talk To Me In Korean
Total Pages: 243
Release: 2020-04-16
Genre: Foreign Language Study
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Learn 1,100 useful Korean phrases based on 100 commonly used sentence patterns, with QR codes for audio tracks and cute, witty illustrations that will make your studying more fun.

Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications

Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications
Author: Perry R. Cook
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 263
Release: 2002-07-01
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781498765466

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Virtual environments such as games and animated and "real" movies require realistic sound effects that can be integrated by computer synthesis. The book emphasizes physical modeling of sound and focuses on real-world interactive sound effects. It is intended for game developers, graphics programmers, developers of virtual reality systems and traini

Manga High

Manga High
Author: Michael Bitz
Publsiher: Harvard Education Press
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2009-05-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781612500133

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Based on a four-year study, Manga High explores the convergence of literacy, creativity, social development, and personal identity in one of New York City’s largest high schools. Since 2004, students at Martin Luther King, Jr., High School in Manhattan have been creating manga—Japanese comic books. They write the stories, design the characters, and publish their works in print and on the Internet. These students—African-American and Latino teenagers—are more than interested in the art and medium of manga. They have become completely engrossed in Japanese language, culture, and society. Manga High is highlighted by reproductions and content analysis of students’ original art and writing. An appendix includes guidelines for educators on starting a comic book club.

Constitutional Change and Democracy in Indonesia

Constitutional Change and Democracy in Indonesia
Author: Donald L. Horowitz
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 326
Release: 2013-03-25
Genre: Law
ISBN: 9781107027275

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This is the story of how democracy became entrenched in the world's largest Muslim-majority country. Indonesia was threatened by a possibility of deadlock over a new constitution and by violence between Islamic and secular groups. It managed to overcome these divisions by adopting an unconventional, gradual course of constitutional amendment that made consensus possible. The Indonesians also adopted political institutions that preserved their political pluralism and provided incentives for politicians to behave moderately. As a result, Indonesia has managed to hold multiple elections and to transfer power peacefully.

Achtung Panzer

Achtung Panzer
Author: Heinz Guderian
Publsiher: Arms & Armour
Total Pages: 220
Release: 1995
Genre: History
ISBN: 1854092820

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This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. By an outstanding soldier of independent mind, it pushed forward the evolution of land warfare and was directly responsible for German armoured supremacy in the early years of the Second World War. Published in 1937, the result of 15 years of careful study since his days on the German General Staff in the First World War, Guderian's book argued, quite clearly, how vital the proper use of tanks and supporting armoured vehicles would be in the conduct of a future war. When that war came, just two years later, he proved it, leading his Panzers with distinction in the Polish, French and Russian campaigns. Panzer warfare had come of age, exactly as he had forecast. This first English translation of Heinz Guderian's classic book - used as a textbook by Panzer officers in the war - has an introduction and extensive background notes by the modern English historian Paul Harris.

Quantum Mechanics I

Quantum Mechanics I
Author: Alberto Galindo,Pedro Pascual
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 417
Release: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9783642838545

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The first edition of this book was published in 1978 and a new Spanish e(,tition in 1989. When the first edition appeared, Professor A. Martin suggested that an English translation would meet with interest. Together with Professor A. S. Wightman, he tried to convince an American publisher to translate the book. Financial problems made this impossible. Later on, Professors E. H. Lieband W. Thirring proposed to entrust Springer-Verlag with the translation of our book, and Professor W. BeiglbOck accepted the plan. We are deeply grateful to all of them, since without their interest and enthusiasm this book would not have been translated. In the twelve years that have passed since the first edition was published, beautiful experiments confirming some of the basic principles of quantum me chanics have been carried out, and the theory has been enriched with new, im portant developments. Due reference to all of this has been paid in this English edition, which implies that modifications have been made to several parts of the book. Instances of these modifications are, on the one hand, the neutron interfer ometry experiments on wave-particle duality and the 27r rotation for fermions, and the crucial experiments of Aspect et al. with laser technology on Bell's inequalities, and, on the other hand, some recent results on level ordering in central potentials, new techniques in the analysis of anharmonic oscillators, and perturbative expansions for the Stark and Zeeman effects.

Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors

Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors
Author: Fabio Orecchini,Vincenzo Naso
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 364
Release: 2011-10-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 0857292447

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What lies beyond the era of fossil fuels? While most answers focus on different primary energy resources, Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors provides a completely new approach. Instead of providing a traditional consumption analysis of classical primary energy resources such as oil, coal, nuclear power and gas, Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors describes and assesses energy technologies, markets and future strategies, focusing on their capacity to produce, exchange, and use energy vectors. Special attention is given to the renewable energy resources available in different areas of the world and made exploitable by the integration of energy vectors in the global energy system. Clear definitions of energy vectors and energy systems are used as the basis for a complete explanation and assessment of up-to-date, available technologies for energy resources, transport and storage systems, conversion and use. The energy vectors scheme allows the potential realization of a worldwide sustainable energy system to fulfill global development expectations by minimizing both the impact on the environment, and the international political frictions for access to limited and concentrated resources. Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors is an informative read for researchers and advanced students in industrial, energy and environmental engineering. It also contains valuable information for managers and technicians working in the energy sector.

Fundamental Molecular Biology 2nd Edition

Fundamental Molecular Biology  2nd Edition
Author: Lizabeth A. Allison
Publsiher: Wiley Global Education
Total Pages: 672
Release: 2011-10-03
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781118209882

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Perfect for a single term on Molecular Biology and more accessible to beginning students in the field than its encyclopedic counterparts, Fundamental Molecular Biology provides a distillation of the essential concepts of molecular biology, and is supported by current examples, experimental evidence, an outstanding art program, multimedia support and a solid pedagogical framework. The text has been praised both for its balanced and solid coverage of traditional topics, and for its broad coverage of RNA structure and function, epigenetics and medical molecular biology.


Author: SNAZZY Learning Solutions
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2019-06
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 0645220493

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to care for people with life-threatening or life-limiting illness and/or normal ageing process within a palliative approach.This unit applies to workers in a residential or community context. Work performed requires some discretion and judgement and is carried out under regular direct or indirect supervision.

Climate Change from the Streets

Climate Change from the Streets
Author: Michael Méndez
Publsiher: Yale University Press
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2020-01-07
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9780300232158

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An urgent and timely story of the contentious politics of incorporating environmental justice into global climate change policy Although the science of climate change is clear, policy decisions about how to respond to its effects remain contentious. Even when such decisions claim to be guided by objective knowledge, they are made and implemented through political institutions and relationships—and all the competing interests and power struggles that this implies. Michael Méndez tells a timely story of people, place, and power in the context of climate change and inequality. He explores the perspectives and influence low‑income people of color bring to their advocacy work on climate change. In California, activist groups have galvanized behind issues such as air pollution, poverty alleviation, and green jobs to advance equitable climate solutions at the local, state, and global levels. Arguing that environmental protection and improving public health are inextricably linked, Mendez contends that we must incorporate local knowledge, culture, and history into policymaking to fully address the global complexities of climate change and the real threats facing our local communities.

The Dare

The Dare
Author: Harley Laroux
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 150
Release: 2021-01-26
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798591532758

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Warning: This erotica contains scenes and elements that may be disturbing to some readers. Please review the full content warning below.Jessica Martin is not a nice girl. As Prom Queen and Captain of the cheer squad, she'd ruled her school mercilessly, looking down her nose at everyone she deemed unworthy. The most unworthy of them all? The "freak," Manson Reed: her favorite victim. But a lot changes after high school.A freak like him never should have ended up at the same Halloween party as her. He never should have been able to beat her at a game of Drink or Dare. He never should have been able to humiliate her in front of everyone. Losing the game means taking the dare: a dare to serve Manson for the entire night as his slave. It's a dare that Jessica's pride - and curiosity - won't allow her to refuse. What ensues is a dark game of pleasure and pain, fear and desire. Is it only a game?Only revenge?Only a dare?Or is it something more?This book contains intense fantasy scenes of hard kinks/edgeplay, graphic sex, and harsh language. It is intended only for an adult audience. Beware: this is a dark, weird, kinky read. The activities depicted therein are dangerous and are not meant to be an example of realistic BDSM. Reader discretion is advised.Kinks/Fetishes within: erotic humiliation, fearplay, painplay, knifeplay, consensual non-consent (CNC), orgasm denial, boot worship, spanking, crying, blowjobs, clowns, group sexual activities, spit, bondage, public play, bloodplay.


Author: National Science Foundation (U.S.)
Publsiher: Avery
Total Pages: 56
Release: 1983
Genre: DNA.
ISBN: STANFORD:36105003992513

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Essays discuss recombinant DNA research, and the structure, mobility, and self-repairing mechanisms of DNA