Parenting Well in a Media Age

Parenting Well in a Media Age
Author: Gloria DeGaetano
Publsiher: Personhood Press
Total Pages: 245
Release: 2004
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 1932181121

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This illuminating investigation takes a fresh look at the role of media in children's lives. An overview of the formidable challenges parents face and creative ways to overcome them are included, as are strategies for turning a home environment from "high-tech" to "high-touch." Moving beyond demonizing the media, this work, like none before it, articulates the difficulties of parenting in our depersonalized society. It offers hopeful alternatives for all parents wanting to protect children from, and teach children about, media's impact.

Media Smarts for Students Grades K 2

Media Smarts for Students Grades K 2
Author: Gloria Degaetano
Publsiher: Jalmar Press
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2003-09-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1931061394

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Media Literacy in the K 12 Classroom

Media Literacy in the K 12 Classroom
Author: Frank W. Baker
Publsiher: International Society for Technology in educ
Total Pages: 197
Release: 2012
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1564843076

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"The average 8-18 year-old spends over 10 hours a day consuming media. Unfortunately their minds are often "shut off" as they watch TV, surf the web, or listen to music. Help your students "tune in" so they can begin to analyze messages and understand techniques used to influence them. By incorporating media literacy into the curriculum you can teach your students to question marketing, recognize propaganda, and understand stereotypes, and you'll also be teaching them valuable critical thinking skills they need for a successful future.

Countering online hate speech

Countering online hate speech
Author: Gagliardone, Iginio,Gal, Danit,Alves, Thiago,Martinez, Gabriela
Publsiher: UNESCO Publishing
Total Pages: 72
Release: 2015-06-17
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9789231001055

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The Daily 5

The Daily 5
Author: Gail Boushey,Joan Moser
Publsiher: Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages: 126
Release: 2006-01-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781571104298

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Describes the philosophy of the Daily 5 teaching structure and includes a collection of literacy tasks for students to complete daily.

How Learning Works

How Learning Works
Author: Susan A. Ambrose,Michael W. Bridges,Michele DiPietro,Marsha C. Lovett,Marie K. Norman
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2010-04-16
Genre: Education
ISBN: 0470617608

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Praise for How Learning Works "How Learning Works is the perfect title for this excellent book. Drawing upon new research in psychology, education, and cognitive science, the authors have demystified a complex topic into clear explanations of seven powerful learning principles. Full of great ideas and practical suggestions, all based on solid research evidence, this book is essential reading for instructors at all levels who wish to improve their students' learning." —Barbara Gross Davis, assistant vice chancellor for educational development, University of California, Berkeley, and author, Tools for Teaching "This book is a must-read for every instructor, new or experienced. Although I have been teaching for almost thirty years, as I read this book I found myself resonating with many of its ideas, and I discovered new ways of thinking about teaching." —Eugenia T. Paulus, professor of chemistry, North Hennepin Community College, and 2008 U.S. Community Colleges Professor of the Year from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education "Thank you Carnegie Mellon for making accessible what has previously been inaccessible to those of us who are not learning scientists. Your focus on the essence of learning combined with concrete examples of the daily challenges of teaching and clear tactical strategies for faculty to consider is a welcome work. I will recommend this book to all my colleagues." —Catherine M. Casserly, senior partner, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching "As you read about each of the seven basic learning principles in this book, you will find advice that is grounded in learning theory, based on research evidence, relevant to college teaching, and easy to understand. The authors have extensive knowledge and experience in applying the science of learning to college teaching, and they graciously share it with you in this organized and readable book." —From the Foreword by Richard E. Mayer, professor of psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara; coauthor, e-Learning and the Science of Instruction; and author, Multimedia Learning

Social Media

Social Media
Author: Marlynn M. Griffin,Cordelia Zinskie
Publsiher: IAP
Total Pages: 353
Release: 2021-09-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781648026577

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Social media is a multi-faceted tool that has been used by educators and/or their students in ways both beneficial and detrimental. Despite the ubiquitous nature of this tool, there is much research still needed on the multitude of ways that social media impacts education. This book presents research on the influences of social media on education, broadly construed. Specifically, the research included in this book is categorized into four broad areas, examining the educational influence of social media on youth and college students, professional development in content areas, higher education learning, and social justice and activism. Chapter authors emphasize the opportunities of social media use in education and provide recommendations for how to address challenges that may arise with social media integration into the teaching and learning setting. These authors also advocate for use of social media to grow and enhance professional interaction among educators, moving beyond the social aspect of these platforms to advocate for educational and societal change. Individuals working in K-12 schools, teacher education, teacher professional development, and higher education, including pharmacy, nursing, dental and medical education, as well as those in other educational settings can use these findings to support and guide integration of social media into teaching and learning as well as their professional practice. Endorsements for Social Media: Influences on Education "Anyone attempting to understand these issues and the emerging, critical role of social media in education today should read the excellent edited book Social Media: Influences on Education. I’ve been monitoring educational media and technology research and practice for the past 40 years. In my view this book is an important contribution to a current perspective on social media and its impact from preschool to higher education and professional studies in general and social justice issues specifically." Richard E. Clark, Emeritus Professor University of Southern California "Social Media: Influences on Education is an essential book for those seeking to understand the relationship between education and social media or to conduct social media research in education. Griffin and Zinskie have collected a variety of essays showcasing approaches to researching social media from qualitative interviews with teachers, to meta-analyses of nascent literature, and research within the platforms themselves. Providing a well-rounded introduction to the field, this book provides a foundation for those interested in understanding and exploring the impact social media has had on elementary, secondary, and tertiary education." Naomi Barnes, Senior Lecturer Queensland University of Technology, Australia "Social Media: Influences on Education is a must-read for anyone interested in social media's impact on education and social justice. Grounded in the latest research, Griffin and Zinskie offer an informed, critical perspective on key issues – children’s social media use, cyber-harassment, misinformation, social justice through social media, professional networking, and more – as social media pervades every aspect of our lives. Educators, parents, students, activists and social media users everywhere, if you’re invested in education and social justice, this book is for you!" Christine Greenhow, Associate Professor Michigan State University

Gotcha Again for Guys More Nonfiction Books to Get Boys Excited about Reading

Gotcha Again for Guys  More Nonfiction Books to Get Boys Excited about Reading
Author: Kathleen A. Baxter,Marcia Agness Kochel
Publsiher: ABC-CLIO
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2010-10-19
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781598843774

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Here's help in selecting current, nonfiction books that will get boys excited about reading. • Citations for over 1,700 current nonfiction titles published between 2007–2009 that will appeal to boys • Interviews with seven authors, including Kadir Nelson, author of We Are the Ship, recent winner of numerous children's literature awards, and a great role model for young male readers • Nonfiction booktalks that can be used word-for-word when presenting books to students • Reproducible booklists • Photos of featured male authors • Book cover illustrations

Interactive Writing

Interactive Writing
Author: Andrea McCarrier,Irene Fountas,Gay Su Pinnell
Publsiher: F&p Professional Books and Mul
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2018-08-22
Genre: Education
ISBN: 032509926X

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Interactive Writing is specifically focused on the early phases of writing, and has special relevance to prekindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 teachers.

Five Standards for Effective Teaching

Five Standards for Effective Teaching
Author: Stephanie Stoll Dalton
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2007-11-02
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780787980931

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An acclaimed, research-based framework for promoting excellence Based on a proven instructional model distilled over years of research, this book focuses on five essential pedagogy standards for guiding teaching practice in classrooms with diverse students, including English learners. Providing key indicators for each standard along with the theoretical rationale and "best practice" strategies, the book offers teachers invaluable guidance for enhancing language, literacy, thinking, and content learning across the curricula. It also provides advice on creating classroom groupings for differentiating lessons and activities and includes extensive examples of practices from real-life classrooms. Stephanie Stoll Dalton, Ed.D., has taught diverse students from first to twelfth grade, community college, and as a teacher educator. She has consulted widely on teacher quality. She is currently with the U.S. Department of Education

New Media and Digital Pedagogy

New Media and Digital Pedagogy
Author: Michael G. Strawser
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2017-07-05
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781498548526

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New Media and Digital Pedagogy: Enhancing the Twenty-First-Century Classroom addresses the influence of new media on instruction, higher education, and pedagogy. The contributors specifically examine the practical and theoretical implications of new media and the influence of new media on education. This book emphasizes the changing landscape of education and technology and creates a foundational lens and framework for thinking through and navigating higher education in a digital and new media driven context.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications
Author: Lynne Eagle,Barbara Czarnecka,Stephan Dahl,Jenny Lloyd
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2020-09-22
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781000176650

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Marketing communication is a dynamic industry, which continues to change and adapt to new technologies, media consumption patterns and communication interfaces between marketers and their target markets. At the same time, the fundamental communication processes and well-established theories and models are very much applicable in this dynamic environment. This revised second edition blends the well-established with the new and emerging aspects of marketing communications. Marketing Communications applies a uniquely practical approach to the topic, providing a structured overview of planning, development, implementation and evaluation of marketing communications, alongside detailed case studies that demonstrate how the theory translates to practice. Fully updated, the new edition considers important developments in the global marketplace. It includes new content on emerging digital media platforms, changing media consumption patterns and consumers’ strategies to cope with information overload. It also reflects upon consumer scepticism, a growing phenomenon that communication specialists need to overcome when designing and implementing effective campaigns. This new edition also considers the importance of marketing communications tools in not-for-profit sectors, such as social marketing and political marketing, as well as the cross-cultural aspect of marketing communications. This textbook is essential reading for both students and professionals in marketing, communications and public relations. Online resources include an extensive instructors’ guide, which provides answer checklists to all Think boxes, Ethical issues and end-of-chapter cases within the book. The text is also supported by PowerPoint slides and test banks for all chapters and major cases.

Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook
Author: Matt Miller
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2015-04-13
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1946444251

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Textbooks are symbols of centuries-old education. They're often outdated as soon as they hit students' desks. Acting "by the textbook" implies compliance and a lack of creativity. It's time to ditch those textbooks--and those textbook assumptions about learning In Ditch That Textbook, teacher and blogger Matt Miller encourages educators to throw out meaningless, pedestrian teaching and learning practices. He empowers them to evolve and improve on old, standard, teaching methods. Ditch That Textbook is a support system, toolbox, and manifesto to help educators free their teaching and revolutionize their classrooms.

Advertising to Children on TV

Advertising to Children on TV
Author: Barrie Gunter,Caroline Oates,Mark Blades
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2004-09-22
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781135626310

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Concern is growing about the effectiveness of television advertising regulation in the light of technological developments in the media. The current rapid growth of TV platforms in terrestrial, sattelite, and cable formats will soon move into digital transmission. These all offer opportunities for greater commercialization through advertising on media that have not previously been exploited. In democratic societies, there is a tension between freedom of speech rights and the harm that might be done to children through commercial messages. This book explores all of these issues and looks to the future in considering how effective codes of practice and regulation will develop.

Kids and Credibility

Kids and Credibility
Author: Andrew J. Flanagin,Miriam J. Metzger,Ethan Hartsell
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2010
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780262514750

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Findings from a survey of youthful Internet users that was designed to assess kids' beliefs about the credibility of online information. How well do children navigate the ocean of information that is available online? The enormous variety of Web-based resources represents both opportunities and challenges for Internet-savvy kids, offering extraordinary potential for learning and social connection but little guidance on assessing the reliability of online information. This book reports on the first large-scale survey to examine children's online information-seeking strategies and their beliefs about the credibility of that information. This Web-based survey of 2,747 children, ages 11 to 18 (and their parents), confirms children's heavy reliance on the Internet. They are concerned about the credibility of online information, but 89 percent believe that "some" to "a lot" of it is believable; and, choosing among several options, they rate the Internet as the most believable information source for entertainment, commercial products, and schoolwork (more credible than books for papers or projects). Most have more faith information found on Wikipedia more than they say others should; and they consider an article on the Web site of Encyclopedia Britannica more believable than the identical article found on Wikipedia. Other findings show that children are appropriately skeptical of trusting strangers they meet online, but not skeptical enough about entertainment and health information found online. Older kids are more rigorous in their assessment of online information than younger ones; younger children are less analytical and more likely to be fooled.