Author: Carol S. Dweck
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2006-02-28
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781588365231

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The updated edition of the bestselling book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset “Through clever research studies and engaging writing, Dweck illuminates how our beliefs about our capabilities exert tremendous influence on how we learn and which paths we take in life.”—Bill Gates, GatesNotes After decades of research, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., discovered a simple but groundbreaking idea: the power of mindset. In this brilliant book, she shows how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities. People with a fixed mindset—those who believe that abilities are fixed—are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset—those who believe that abilities can be developed. Mindset reveals how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can put this idea to use to foster outstanding accomplishment. In this edition, Dweck offers new insights into her now famous and broadly embraced concept. She introduces a phenomenon she calls false growth mindset and guides people toward adopting a deeper, truer growth mindset. She also expands the mindset concept beyond the individual, applying it to the cultures of groups and organizations. With the right mindset, you can motivate those you lead, teach, and love—to transform their lives and your own.

Mindset Updated Edition

Mindset   Updated Edition
Author: Carol Dweck
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2017-01-12
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781472139962

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World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea-the power of our mindset. Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. She makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment, but may actually jeopardize success. With the right mindset, we can motivate our kids and help them to raise their grades, as well as reach our own goals-personal and professional. Dweck reveals what all great parents, teachers, CEOs, and athletes already know: how a simple idea about the brain can create a love of learning and a resilience that is the basis of great accomplishment in every area.

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset
Author: Keith Schreiter,Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
Publsiher: Fortune Network Publishing Inc.
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2021-03-11
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781948197885

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This is the one thing we can control. - We can change our mindsets in one second. - There is no cost. It’s free to do. - The world responds, giving us better results. Instead of letting our mindsets control us, here is our chance to determine our future. Our first surprise is that nature gives us a negative mindset. We have programs that fear everything. Nature wants us to survive. Surviving is good, but achieving is great. And what about others? Can they affect our mindsets? Certainly, if we let them. This book gives us the tools to take control of our minds. Why be victims when we can be victors? Not only can we use these mindset skills for our personal success, but we can also change the mindsets of others. We can put our groups on the path to more positive outcomes and growth. What is magical about changing our mindsets? Other people can detect our mindsets and will react to them. This is how we can affect the outcomes in our lives. So even before we help others change their mindsets, our personal mindsets give us a big head start toward our goals. Why wouldn’t we change our mindsets? Because we don’t know how. Let’s learn the precise skills to make this happen.


Author: Carol S. Dweck
Publsiher: Constable
Total Pages: 277
Release: 2012
ISBN: 1780332009

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After more than 20 years of study on how an individual's mindset motivates success, Dweck shows how these mindsets profoundly shape achievements and relationships, and how a mindset can be applied to achieve success.

Gamification Mindset

Gamification Mindset
Author: Ole Goethe
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 138
Release: 2019-06-17
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783030110789

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This book explores how gamification techniques are used to leverage users’ natural desires for achievement, competition, collaboration, learning and more. Compared to other books on this topic, it gives more than just an introduction and develops the readers understanding through frameworks and models, based on research to make it easier to develop gamified systems. The concept of gamification achieved increased popularity in 2010 when a number of softwares and services started explaining their products as a ‘gamification’ design. Gamification Mindset explains how game elements and mechanics are important, how video games are learning systems and examines how video game aesthetics are vital in the development of gamification. The book will challenge some common beliefs when it comes to gamifications’ abilities to immerse and change the user’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Gamification Mindset aims to develop new models in gamification to enable easier gamification scenarios. It is a comprehensive analysis and discussion about gamification and serves as a useful tool, since it acquaints readers with gamification and how to use it, through illustrated practical theoretical models. Academic researchers, students, educators and professional game and gamification designers will find this book invaluable.

The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens

The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens
Author: Jessica L. Schleider,Michael C. Mullarkey,Mallory L. Dobias
Publsiher: New Harbinger Publications
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2021-04-01
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781684035595

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Learn how changing your mindset can change your life! Do you ever give up when things are difficult? Sometimes we all say things like, “I’m bad at math, so there’s no point in studying” or “I can’t change—so why bother trying.” This is called having a fixed mindset. When you have a fixed mindset, you take failure as evidence that you’re not good at something. On the other hand, a growth mindset is a way of viewing yourself and the world that says, “I may not know how to do this now, but with effort, I can learn.” People with a growth mindset believe they can learn from challenges and setbacks—that they have constant potential for growth, change, and improvement. So, how can you develop a growth mindset? Written by experts in growth mindset and neuroscience, this easy-to-use workbook will show you how to change the way you think, so you can change your life. You’ll learn powerful, proven-effective skills for coping with difficult feelings—including sadness, worry, and anger. And, most importantly, you’ll find the tools you need to transform a fixed mindset into a growth mindset, make change happen, and reach your highest aspirations. If you want to go from “No, I can’t do it,” to “Yes, bring it on!” this workbook will show you how to build a growth mindset and boost your confidence, so you can be your very best. Look out, world!

Mathematical Mindsets

Mathematical Mindsets
Author: Jo Boaler
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2015-10-12
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781118418277

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Banish math anxiety and give students of all ages a clear roadmap to success Mathematical Mindsets provides practical strategies and activities to help teachers and parents show all children, even those who are convinced that they are bad at math, that they can enjoy and succeed in math. Jo Boaler—Stanford researcher, professor of math education, and expert on math learning—has studied why students don't like math and often fail in math classes. She's followed thousands of students through middle and high schools to study how they learn and to find the most effective ways to unleash the math potential in all students. There is a clear gap between what research has shown to work in teaching math and what happens in schools and at home. This book bridges that gap by turning research findings into practical activities and advice. Boaler translates Carol Dweck's concept of 'mindset' into math teaching and parenting strategies, showing how students can go from self-doubt to strong self-confidence, which is so important to math learning. Boaler reveals the steps that must be taken by schools and parents to improve math education for all. Mathematical Mindsets: Explains how the brain processes mathematics learning Reveals how to turn mistakes and struggles into valuable learning experiences Provides examples of rich mathematical activities to replace rote learning Explains ways to give students a positive math mindset Gives examples of how assessment and grading policies need to change to support real understanding Scores of students hate and fear math, so they end up leaving school without an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. Their evasion and departure hinders math-related pathways and STEM career opportunities. Research has shown very clear methods to change this phenomena, but the information has been confined to research journals—until now. Mathematical Mindsets provides a proven, practical roadmap to mathematics success for any student at any age.

Purpose Ignited

Purpose Ignited
Author: Dr Alise Cortez PhD
Publsiher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2020-11-17
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781788601993

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This book was written to turn you ON – to ignite you from the core of your being! The contents are designed to vitally inspire you to cultivate meaning, passion, and purpose in the everyday moments, unleashing the very best version of you, every day. And then, you will be compelled to bring it – and bring it strong - to everything you do to make the contribution worthy of your one, precious life. People are motivated at their highest levels when they can connect their work contributions to a greater purpose and mission, and you as their inspirational leader can help them do so. The world desperately needs a sea change in an otherwise soul-sucking workplace that is draining the life out of its members. This book will transform you to be that force, standing strong in inspiration and purpose, igniting the vitalizing ripple through your team and organization. Starting with meaning and finishing with purpose, Part One is designed to get you fit for living and leading with “gusto.” Each chapter contains activities designed to transform you into a more impassioned and inspirational leader. Part Two teaches you how to unleash that newly found vibrant being to ignite your team members to realize their own greatness and elevate your organization’s cause to a higher contribution that betters the world. Work and the way business is done can be such profoundly powerful forces for good that elevate humanity – your impassioned, inspirational, and purposeful leadership is essential to creating a world we all want to live in. Your journey awaits – let’s get to work. Key features:· Provides a 6-point framework to live with passion and work on purpose· Inspiring stories from Alise’s radio show guests to illustrate key points· Application activities in each chapter to catalyze your transformation

The Serendipity Mindset

The Serendipity Mindset
Author: Christian Busch
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2020-06-09
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780593086049

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Good luck isn’t just chance—it can be learned and leveraged—and The Serendipity Mindset explains how you can use serendipity to make life better at work, at home—everywhere. Many of us believe that the great turning points and opportunities in our lives happen by chance, that they’re out of our control. Often we think that successful people—and successful companies and organizations—are simply luckier than the rest of us. Good fortune—serendipity—just seems to happen to them. Is that true? Or are some people better at creating the conditions for coincidences to arise and taking advantage of them when they do? How can we connect the dots of seemingly random events to improve our lives? In The Serendipity Mindset, Christian Busch explains that serendipity isn’t about luck in the sense of simple randomness. It’s about seeing links that others don’t, combining these observations in unexpected and strategic ways, and learning how to detect the moments when apparently random or unconnected ideas merge to form new opportunities. Busch explores serendipity from a rational and scientific perspective and argues that there are identifiable approaches we can use to foster the conditions to let serendipity grow. Drawing from biology, chemistry, management, and information systems, and using examples of people from all walks of life, Busch illustrates how serendipity works and explains how we can train our own serendipity muscle and use it to turn the unexpected into opportunity. Once we understand serendipity, Busch says, we become curators of it, and luck becomes something that no longer just happens to us—it becomes a force that we can grasp, shape, and hone. Full of exciting ideas and strategies, The Serendipity Mindset offers a clear blueprint for how we can cultivate serendipity to increase innovation, influence, and opportunity in every aspect of our lives.

The Muslim Mindset

The Muslim Mindset
Author: Zakia Khalil
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2017-07-20
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1548994456

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We all desire richer, more meaningful and extraordinary lives. But what would it take to live in this way? What would it take to live the life you were created for? The right mindset. The Muslim Mindset offers practical lessons, and simple solutions to achieve a positive mindset and to soar beyond self-limiting beliefs and negativity. The Muslim Mindset guides you on a journey to spiritual growth and self-transformation. You are the author of your own life. Write your own legacy today through the guidance of The Muslim Mindset.

A Practical Guide to Happiness in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum

A Practical Guide to Happiness in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum
Author: Victoria Honeybourne
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2017-11-21
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781784506810

Download A Practical Guide to Happiness in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Full of simple strategies for happiness in children and teens with autism, this book is a must read for anyone dedicated to the wellbeing of a child on the spectrum. Bringing a refreshingly positive approach to mental health and autism, the guide is full of practical ideas for helping children strengthen their self-worth, optimism and receptivity to happiness. It also reveals how children can build resilience and better understand their feelings, giving them the skills to flourish and thrive and to ward off negative thoughts. The activities are ideal for all learning levels and can be done individually or in groups, at home or in the classroom. Talking about mental health in autism is all too often reduced to ways of 'curing illness' - this book helps to prevent poor mental health by making happiness a priority and an attainable goal.

Live life an implementation guide for suicide prevention in countries

Live life  an implementation guide for suicide prevention in countries
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: World Health Organization
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2021-06-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9789240026629

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This product addresses the global public health problem of close to 800 000 suicides every year, of which 79% occur in low- and middle-income countries. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group 15-29 years. WHO guidelines already exist in the area of suicide prevention (https://www.who.int/mental_health/mhgap/evidence/suicide/en/); therefore, this product is not a guideline, but will ensure the implementation of the existing guidelines.

Peer to Peer Video

Peer to Peer Video
Author: Eli M. Noam,Lorenzo Maria Pupillo
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 307
Release: 2008-09-05
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780387764504

Download Peer to Peer Video Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks allow individuals to share digital content files in real time. They facilitate communication and promote community without hierarchy or strict control. This book applies economic principles to analyze and understand the P2P phenomenon. It also provides numerous contemporary examples from the US and around the world to shed light on the implications of P2P as a mass medium, considering such issues as pricing, licensing, security, and regulation.

The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule
Author: Mel Robbins
Publsiher: Savio Republic
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2017-02-28
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781682612392

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Throughout your life, you've had parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and mentors who have pushed you to be better than your excuses and bigger than your fears. What if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich your life and work is simply knowing how to push yourself? Using the science habits, riveting stories and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art and business, Mel Robbins will explain the power of a "push moment." Then, she'll give you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self. It take just five seconds to use this tool, and every time you do, you'll be in great company. More than 8 million people have watched Mel's TEDx Talk, and executives inside of the world's largest brands are using the tool to increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement. In The 5 Second Rule, you'll discover it takes just five seconds to: Become confident Break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt Beat fear and uncertainty Stop worrying and feel happier Share your ideas with courage The 5 Second Rule is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face—we hold ourselves back. The secret isn't knowing what to do—it's knowing how to make yourself do it. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial}

The Ballerina Mindset

The Ballerina Mindset
Author: Megan Fairchild
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2021-12-07
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9780525507659

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Learn how to thrive in intense, competitive environments with these secrets from one of America's premiere ballerinas--and get a sneak peek at what her life is really like. Ballet may look glamorous and effortless to audience members, but it requires grueling discipline. It's a competitive and physically and mentally demanding career that combines elite athleticism, artistry, and performance. Not only do dancers rehearse for six to eight hours a day before performing at night, but they also must make it all look easy! As a principal ballerina with New York City Ballet and a one-time Broadway star--not to mention a mother of three and an MBA student--Megan Fairchild is all too familiar with these challenges. In The Ballerina Mindset, she shares all the wisdom she's learned from her nearly two-decade career, drawing upon her own experiences to show us how she learned to overcome challenges ranging from stage fright to negative feedback to a packed calendar to weight management--and how we can do the same. Inspiring, warm, and revelatory, The Ballerina Mindset is the perfect how-to guide for dancers, athletes, artists, and anyone struggling to stay sane in a high-pressure environment.