Multiscreen UX Design

Multiscreen UX Design
Author: Wolfram Nagel
Publsiher: Morgan Kaufmann
Total Pages: 332
Release: 2015-12-11
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780128027509

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People today use technology on different devices in different locations. Users expect to access information on all relevant screens and across multiple channels through smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktops, smart (internet-connected) TVs, and other devices, such as smartwatches for example. Multiscreen is no longer a nice add-on, it’s a requirement. In this environment, user experience needs to cater to multiple devices. This book provides a holistic approach that will help UX professionals to offer a hands-on guide for UX design across multiple screens. It presents an opportunity to learn how to cater designs for customers. Readers will find patterns, strategies, examples and case studies, methodologies, and insights to help inspire them to develop a viable strategy for their own digital products and services. UX professionals will walk through important elements of multiscreen UX: Investigating the devices and their capabilities Understanding the users and their capabilities Considering the context in which users use these devices Navigating next generation information experiences and the future of content management Designing content and UI architecture for multiscreen projects A hands-on, practical guide to UX design for how users approach content – across more than one screen at a time Discusses devices, users, and their practices Includes best practices, real-world examples, and tips and tricks A preface written by Scott Jenson

UX Design for Mobile

UX Design for Mobile
Author: Pablo Perea,Pau Giner
Publsiher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 354
Release: 2017-07-28
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781787283596

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Get proficient in building beautiful and appealing mobile interfaces (UI) with this complete mobile user experience (UX) design guide. About This Book Quickly explore innovative design solutions based on the real needs of your users. Create low and high fidelity prototypes using some of the best tools. Master a pragmatic design process to create successful products. Plan an app design from scratch to final test, with real users. Who This Book Is For This book is for designers, developers and product managers interested in creating successful apps. Readers will be provided with a process to produce, test and improve designs based on best practices. What You Will Learn Plan an app design from scratch to final test, with real users. Learn from leading companies and find working patterns. Apply best UX design practices to your design process. Create low and high fidelity prototypes using some of the best tools. Follow a step by step examples for Tumult Hype and Framer Studio. Test your designs with real users, early in the process. Integrate the UX Designer profile into a working team. In Detail User experience (UX) design provides techniques to analyze the real needs of your users and respond to them with products that are delightful to use. This requires you to think differently compared to traditional development processes, but also to act differently. In this book, you will be introduced to a pragmatic approach to exploring and creating mobile app solutions, reducing risks and saving time during their construction. This book will show you a working process to quickly iterate product ideas with low and high fidelity prototypes, based on professional tools from different software brands. You will be able to quickly test your ideas early in the process with the most adequate prototyping approach. You will understand the pros and cons of each approach, when you should use each of them, and what you can learn in each step of the testing process. You will also explore basic testing approaches and some more advanced techniques to connect and learn from your users. Each chapter will focus on one of the general steps needed to design a successful product according to the organization goals and the user needs. To achieve this, the book will provide detailed hands-on pragmatic techniques to design innovative and easy to use products. You will learn how to test your ideas in the early steps of the design process, picking up the best ideas that truly work with your users, rethinking those that need further refinement, and discarding those that don't work properly in tests made with real users. By the end of the book, you will learn how to start exploring and testing your design ideas, regardless the size of the design budget. Style and approach A quick and simple guide to design and test a mobile application from the UX design point of view

Designing Multi Device Experiences

Designing Multi Device Experiences
Author: Michal Levin
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2014-02-13
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781449340438

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Welcome to our multi-device world, a world where a user’s experience with one application can span many devices—a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, the TV, and beyond. This practical book demonstrates the variety of ways devices relate to each other, combining to create powerful ensembles that deliver superior, integrated experiences to your users. Learn a practical framework for designing multi-device experiences, based on the 3Cs—Consistent, Complementary, and Continuous approaches Graduate from offering everything on all devices, to delivering the right thing, at the right time, on the best (available) device Apply the 3Cs framework to the broader realm of the Internet of Things, and design multi-device experiences that anticipate a fully connected world Learn how to measure your multi-device ecosystem performance Get ahead of the curve by designing for a more connected future

Atomic Design

Atomic Design
Author: Brad Frost
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2016-12-05
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 0998296600

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Designing UX Forms

Designing UX  Forms
Author: Jessica Enders
Publsiher: SitePoint
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2016-09-12
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781492017530

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A recent study found that on average, designing a form to have a great user experience almost doubled the rate of successful first-time completions. For example, Ebay made an additional $USD 500 million annually from redesigning just the button on one of their mobile form screens. More conversions, fewer dissatisfied users, better return on investment. Can you afford not to improve your forms' user experiences? This book will walk you through every part of designing a great forms user experience. From the words, to how the form looks, and on to interactivity, you'll learn how to design a web form that works beautifully on mobiles, laptops and desktops. Filled with practical and engaging insights, and plenty of real-world examples, both good and bad. You'll learn answers to common queries like: Where should field labels go? What makes a question easy to understand? How do you design forms to work on small screens? How does touch impact on form design? How long can a form be? What look and feel should the form have: skeumorphic, flat, or something else? What's best practice for error messaging?

Design User Experience and Usability Novel User Experiences

Design  User Experience  and Usability  Novel User Experiences
Author: Aaron Marcus
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 703
Release: 2016-07-04
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783319403557

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The three-volume set LNCS 9746, 9747, and 9748 constitutes the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, DUXU 2016, held as part of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2016, in Toronto, Canada, in July 2016, jointly with 13 other thematically similar conferences. The total of 1287 papers presented at the HCII 2016 conferences were carefully reviewed and selected from 4354 submissions. These papers address the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. The papers accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of Human-Computer Interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas. The total of 157 contributions included in the DUXU proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this three-volume set. The 67 papers included in this volume are organized in topical sections on emotion, motivation, and persuasion design; DUXU in learning and education; games and gamification; culture, language and DUXU; DUXU for social innovation and sustainability; usability and user experience studies.

Mapping Experiences

Mapping Experiences
Author: James Kalbach
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 440
Release: 2020-11-23
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781492076582

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Customers who have inconsistent experiences with products and services are understandably frustrated. But it's worse for organizations that can't pinpoint the causes of these problems because they're too focused on processes. This updated book shows your team how to use alignment diagrams to turn valuable customer observations into actionable insight. With this powerful technique, you can visually map existing customer experience and envision future solutions. Designers, product and brand managers, marketing specialists, and business owners will discover how experience diagramming helps you determine where business goals and customer perspectives intersect. Armed with this insight, you can provide the people you serve with real value. Mapping experiences isn't just about product and service design; it's about understanding the human condition. Emphasize recent changes in business using the latest mapping techniques Create diagrams that account for multichannel experiences as well as ecosystem design Understand how facilitation is increasingly becoming part of mapping efforts, shifting the focus from a deliverable to actionability Explore ways to apply mapping of all kinds to noncommercial settings, such as helping victims of domestic violence

The Streaming Media Guide

The Streaming Media Guide
Author: Michael D'Oliveiro
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 152
Release: 2019-06-03
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780429770890

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Streaming media has irreversibly revolutionised the ways in which media is transmitted and consumed. Most of us engage with streaming media on a daily basis via platforms that deliver our entertainment: Spotify, YouTube and Netflix are new brands which many of us engage with daily for our information and entertainment. It has created upheaval in the entire value chain and wiped out industries slow to adapt to it (like the video store rental chain). And it continues to evolve. Streaming media is transforming business communications in myriad ways, and it is becoming almost as crucial for project managers and marketers to understand streaming technology as it is for media professionals. The Streaming Media Guide demystifies the technology and features behind a successful streaming media service, especially in the context of how it is used by broadcasters and other media organisations. Common terms and systems being used in this space are presented and defined simply and clearly for non-technical readers. Best practice examples from Michael D'Oliveiro's experiences demonstrate how this technology can be successfully implemented. This book equips any media professional with the most basic of traditional media knowledge to enable confident conversations in the typical media organisation they work in. For technology-based graduates or dedicated broadcast professional seeking to refresh their understanding, this book provides enough information to form a solid foundation for day-to-day work. Finally, for leaders in cross-functional senior management matrices, information is provided to enable you to understand and exploit streaming media capabilities as a business. This will be the ultimate reference source, guaranteed to be bedside reading for anyone serious about using streaming media.

Hello Startup

Hello  Startup
Author: Yevgeniy Brikman
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 604
Release: 2015-10-21
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781491910047

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This book is the "Hello, World" tutorial for building products, technologies, and teams in a startup environment. It's based on the experiences of the author, Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman, as well as interviews with programmers from some of the most successful startups of the last decade, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Stripe, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, and many others. Hello, Startup is a practical, how-to guide that consists of three parts: Products, Technologies, and Teams. Although at its core, this is a book for programmers, by programmers, only Part II (Technologies) is significantly technical, while the rest should be accessible to technical and non-technical audiences alike. If you’re at all interested in startups—whether you’re a programmer at the beginning of your career, a seasoned developer bored with large company politics, or a manager looking to motivate your engineers—this book is for you.

Basics Interior Design 02 Exhibition Design

Basics Interior Design 02  Exhibition Design
Author: Pam Locker
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2017-09-07
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9781350034426

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Basics Interior Design 02: Exhibition Design explores the role of the exhibition designer as a creative practitioner, and seeks to communicate a better understanding of exhibition design as a discipline. This umbrella term incorporates the development of commercial trade fairs, brand experiences, themed attractions, world expositions, museum galleries, visitor centres, historic houses, landscape interpretation and art installations. Millions of people visit exhibitions of one sort or another every year, constituting a multi-billion dollar global industry. This book offers a comprehensive guide to the practice of exhibition design, and considers the blurring of its borders with other disciplines, such as graphic design.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Author: United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 781
Release: 1976
Genre: Occupations
ISBN: MINN:319510028165522

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Author: Nir Eyal
Publsiher: Penguin Canada
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2014-11-04
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780143193524

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How do successful companies create products people can't put down? Why do some products capture widespread attention while others flop? What makes us engage with certain products out of sheer habit? Is there a pattern underlying how technologies hook us? Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) by explaining the "Hook Model" -- a four steps process embedded into the products of many successful companies to subtly encourage customer behavior. Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back over and over again, without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging. Hooked is based on Eyal’s years of research, consulting, and practical experience. He wrote the book he wished had been available to him as a startup founder – not abstract theory, but a how-to guide for building better products. Hooked is written for product managers, designers, marketers, startup founders, and anyone who seeks to understand how products influence our behavior.

Designing Multi Device Experiences

Designing Multi Device Experiences
Author: Michal Levin
Publsiher: O'Reilly Media
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2013-09-30
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 1449340385

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Design a product user experience that works well on an entire ecosystem of mobile and desktop devices. With this guide, you will learn how to tackle the unique challenges involved in building multi-screen experiences, using three main design patterns - Consistent, Complementary and Continuous - known as The 3 Cs. This book explains each pattern and demonstrates their application in the wild. The book also covers cross-device flow, data synchronization, flexible design, and visual design. You will learn about data analytics paradigms to measure the performance of your multi-screen UX designs.

Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin Forms Preview Edition 2

Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin Forms Preview Edition 2
Author: Charles Petzold
Publsiher: Microsoft Press
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2015-04-11
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780735697379

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This second Preview Edition ebook, now with 16 chapters, is about writing applications for Xamarin.Forms, the new mobile development platform for iOS, Android, and Windows phones unveiled by Xamarin in May 2014. Xamarin.Forms lets you write shared user-interface code in C# and XAML that maps to native controls on these three platforms.

Apprenticeship Patterns

Apprenticeship Patterns
Author: Dave Hoover,Adewale Oshineye
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2009-10-02
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 1449379400

Download Apprenticeship Patterns Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Are you doing all you can to further your career as a software developer? With today's rapidly changing and ever-expanding technologies, being successful requires more than technical expertise. To grow professionally, you also need soft skills and effective learning techniques. Honing those skills is what this book is all about. Authors Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye have cataloged dozens of behavior patterns to help you perfect essential aspects of your craft. Compiled from years of research, many interviews, and feedback from O'Reilly's online forum, these patterns address difficult situations that programmers, administrators, and DBAs face every day. And it's not just about financial success. Apprenticeship Patterns also approaches software development as a means to personal fulfillment. Discover how this book can help you make the best of both your life and your career. Solutions to some common obstacles that this book explores in-depth include: Burned out at work? "Nurture Your Passion" by finding a pet project to rediscover the joy of problem solving. Feeling overwhelmed by new information? Re-explore familiar territory by building something you've built before, then use "Retreat into Competence" to move forward again. Stuck in your learning? Seek a team of experienced and talented developers with whom you can "Be the Worst" for a while. "Brilliant stuff! Reading this book was like being in a time machine that pulled me back to those key learning moments in my career as a professional software developer and, instead of having to learn best practices the hard way, I had a guru sitting on my shoulder guiding me every step towards master craftsmanship. I'll certainly be recommending this book to clients. I wish I had this book 14 years ago!"-Russ Miles, CEO, OpenCredo