Last Chance Books

Last Chance Books
Author: Kelsey Rodkey
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2021-05-18
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780062994486

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You’ve Got Mail meets Morgan Matson in this smart, banter-filled romcom with a bookish twist. Nothing will stop Madeline Moore from taking over her family’s independent bookstore after college. Nothing, that is—until a chain bookstore called Prologue opens across the street and threatens to shut them down. Madeline sets out to demolish the competition, but the guy who works over at Prologue seems intent on ruining her life. Not only is he taking her customers, he has the unbelievable audacity to be… extremely cute. But that doesn’t matter. Jasper is the enemy and he will be destroyed. After all—all’s fair in love and (book) war.

My Last Chance

My Last Chance
Author: Domenico Simone
Publsiher: MindStir Media
Total Pages: 448
Release: 2021-03-16
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 173652240X

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Pregnancy forces Kelly Nolan into marriage at the age of sixteen. However, should she give up her lifelong dreams of going to college and escaping poverty because of her husband Rocky's patriarchal, old-fashioned beliefs about the role of women in marriage? When Kelly begins to defy her husband's dictates, getting a job and enrolling in college, Rocky gets dirty, trying to prevent the loss of the only life he knows and keeping his wife subordinate to his demands. Kelly's blind allegiance to her husband, and her unwillingness to see his true character or the choices he is making, lead her into even greater danger. Domenico Simone was born in a small town near Naples, Italy. At the age of 19, he moved to Connecticut, U. S. A., not speaking a word of English. Throughout his life, he had longed of becoming a fiction writer, but because of the then lack of fluency in the English language, and financial constraints, his goals were diverted toward achieving financial independence first. At the age of 25, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Bridgeport CT., and from there, he went on to become a successful Entrepreneur. Then, some time ago, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream before it was too late and embarked on the journey to write "My Last Chance."

Last Chance Texaco

Last Chance Texaco
Author: Rickie Lee Jones
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2021-04-06
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781443464635

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Have you met Ms. Jones? One night in 1979, a woman in a red beret skyrocketed to fame after a performance on Saturday Night Live. The song was “Chuck E’s in Love,” and the singer, Rickie Lee Jones. A vital part of the burgeoning Los Angeles jazz pop scene, she would soon be pronounced “Duchess of Coolsville” by TIME magazine. Last Chance Texaco is the first no-holds-barred account of the life of one of rock’s hardest working women in her own words. With candour and lyricism, Rickie Lee Jones takes us on the journey of her exceptional life, including her nomadic childhood as the granddaughter of vaudevillian performers; her father’s abandonment of the family and her years as a teenage runaway; her beginnings at LA’s Troubadour club; her tumultuous relationship with Tom Waits and her battle with drugs; and her longevity as a woman in rock and roll. These are never-before-told stories of the girl in the raspberry beret, a songwriter who would inspire American culture for decades.

Divided Soul The Life Of Marvin Gaye

Divided Soul  The Life Of Marvin Gaye
Author: David Ritz
Publsiher: Omnibus Press
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2010-01-07
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780857121608

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David Ritz presents his uniquely candid and and intimate account of the tumultuous life of the Prince of Soul music, Marvin Gaye. Author Ritz has assembled years of conversations and interviews from his life as a close friend and lyricist to the gifted Soul sensation, and tells the Marvin Gaye story with fly-on-the-wall accuracy and detail. From his early years as an abused child in the slums of Washington DC, through his rise to the very peaks of the Motown phenomenon, his fall from grace and subsequent comeback, to his untimely death at the hands of his father, Marvin's story is the stuff of legends. The cast of characters includes the Jacksons, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and countless other icons of the world of soul music.The definitive biography of an enormously gifted and sensitive musician.

Omega s Last Chance

Omega s Last Chance
Author: Beau Brown
Publsiher: Beau Brown
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2019-05-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Omega Rudy Charles uses booze to numb the pain of his past. He knows if he keeps going the way he has been; he’ll end up dead in a ditch somewhere. He wants to quit drinking but doesn’t seem able to do it on his own. Feeling desperate, he reaches out to an old flame, who by all rights shouldn’t want to talk to him. Alpha Harry Pearlson fell for Rudy when they met a year ago. They spent two great weeks together, and he thought they had something special. But when Rudy ghosted him and went off with some other alpha, Harry was hurt, but mature enough to simply move on. When Rudy calls Harry late one night in desperate straits, Harry just happens to be in Poppy Field. He shows up on Rudy’s porch, unable to ignore the despair in his ex-lover’s voice. Harry takes Rudy under his wing and helps him get sober. Rudy opens up to Harry, sharing his painful secrets. Things go so well; it looks like this time around the two men will be able to make love work. But then fate takes a shocking turn, and Harry has to decide if being with Rudy is worth it after all.

Last Chance

Last Chance
Author: R.D. Nathaniel
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 210
Release: 2012-09-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781477219560

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Two black men living in London from different cultures fall in love. The attraction between Christopher, a nurse, and Ade, a young doctor, is instant as well as intense. Together they embark on a journey navigating the treacherous terrain of love. Ade neglects to tell Christopher that he is already in a relationship with his live-in lover of two years. Kunle and Christopher have been friends for many years following a brief romance. Their friendship is rooted in honesty and respect. Kunle continues to harbour romantic feelings for Christopher and secretly admires the objective of his affection from afar. Christopher is surprised to find out about Ades lover, but his disappointment pales in comparison to the dark secret that looms over their relationship and threatens to destroy their happiness. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Can their love survive pressure from family, a community steeped in cultural traditions and the challenges of a same sex relationship? Can they destroy the myth that gay black men dont do relationships?

The Last Chance Matinee

The Last Chance Matinee
Author: Mariah Stewart
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 432
Release: 2017-03-21
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781501144912

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From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the first novel in her all new series, The Hudson Sisters, following a trio of reluctant sisters as they set out to fulfill their father’s dying wish. In the process, they find not only themselves, but the father they only thought they knew. When celebrated and respected agent Fritz Hudson passes away, he leaves a trail of Hollywood glory in his wake—and two separate families who never knew the other existed. Allie and Des Hudson are products of Fritz’s first marriage to Honora, a beautiful but troubled starlet whose life ended in a tragic overdose. Meanwhile, Fritz was falling in love on the Delaware Bay with New Age hippie Susa Pratt—they had a daughter together, Cara, and while Fritz loved Susa with everything he had, he never quite managed to tell her or Cara about his West Coast family. Now Fritz is gone, and the three sisters are brought together under strange circumstances: there’s a large inheritance to be had that could save Allie from her ever-deepening debt following a disastrous divorce, allow Des to open a rescue shelter for abused and wounded animals, and give Cara a fresh start after her husband left her for her best friend—but only if the sisters upend their lives and work together to restore an old, decrepit theater that was Fritz’s obsession growing up in his small hometown in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Guided by Fritz’s closest friend and longtime attorney, Pete Wheeler, the sisters come together—whether they like it or not—to turn their father’s dream into a reality, and might just come away with far more than they bargained for.

The Last Chance Maverick

The Last Chance Maverick
Author: Christyne Butler
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2014-10-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781460340561

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THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS Fellow Ramblers, have you heard that Jonah Dalton is back in town? The sexy, citified architect hasn't been seen round these parts since…well, we won't get into all that. Let's just say love has not been kind to our Jonah. But our sources whisper he's recently been painting the town red with spirited artist Vanessa Brent. She's been methodically working her way through her bucket list—and taking Jonah along for the ride. You'd never guess that Vanessa's lust for life is masking her own heartbreaking secret. Can our hardworking maverick be the one to finally make her whole? Readers, we will let you draw your own conclusions—but we think this romance is a masterpiece in the making!