Narrative Identity and Moral Identity

Narrative Identity and Moral Identity
Author: Kim Atkins
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2010-10-01
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780415887892

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This book is part of the growing field of practical approaches to philosophical questions relating to identity, agency and ethics--approaches which work across continental and analytical traditions and which Atkins justifies through an explication of how the structures of human embodiment necessitate a narrative model of selfhood, understanding, and ethics.

Narrative Identity and Ethics in Postcolonial Kenya

Narrative  Identity and Ethics in Postcolonial Kenya
Author: Eleanor Tiplady Higgs
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2021-06-03
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781350129818

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Can a Christian organization with colonial roots work towards reproductive justice for Kenyan women and resist sexist interpretations of Christianity? How does a women's organization in Africa navigate controversial ethical dilemmas, while dealing with the pressures of imperialism in international development? Based on a case study of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) in Kenya, this book explores the answers to these questions. It also introduces a theoretical framework drawn from postcolonial feminist critique, narrative identity theory and the work of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians: 'everyday Christian ethics'. The book evaluates the theory's implications as a cross-disciplinary theme in feminist studies of religion and theology. Eleanor Tiplady Higgs argues that Kenya YWCA's narratives of its Christian history and constitution sustain a link between its ethical perspective and its identity. The ethical insights that emerge from these practices proclaim the relevance of the value of 'fulfilled lives', as prescribed in the New Testament, for Christian women's experiences of reproductive injustice.

Practical Identity and Narrative Agency

Practical Identity and Narrative Agency
Author: Catriona Mackenzie,Kim Atkins
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 12
Release: 2010-05
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780415883917

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The essays collected in this volume address a range of issues that arise when the focus of philosophical reflection on identity is shifted from metaphysical to practical and evaluative concerns. They also explore the usefulness of the notion of narrative for articulating and responding to these issues. The chapters, written by an outstanding roster of international scholars, address a range of complex philosophical issues concerning the relationship between practical and metaphysical identity, the embodied dimensions of the first-personal perspective, the kind of reflexive agency involved in the self-constitution of one's practical identity, the relationship between practical identity and normativity, and the temporal dimensions of identity and selfhood. In addressing these issues, contributors engage with debates in the literatures on personal identity, phenomenology, moral psychology, action theory, normative ethical theory, and feminist philosophy.

Personal Identity and Ethics

Personal Identity and Ethics
Author: David Shoemaker
Publsiher: Broadview Press
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2008-10-07
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781551118826

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The relationship between personal identity and ethics remains on of the most intriguing yet vexing issues in philosophy. It is commonplace to hold that moral responsibility for past actions requires that the responsible agent is in some respect identical to the agent who performed the action. Is this true? On the other hand, can ethics constrain our account of personal identity? Do the practical requirements of moral theory commit us to the view that persons do remain identical over time? For example, does the moral status of abortion or stem cell research depend on whether personal identity is based on psychological or biological properties? Or is it the case that personal identity is not, in fact, relevant to ethics? Personal Identity and Ethics provides the first comprehensive examination of these issues. Topics include personal identity and prudential rationality; personal identity’s significance for moral responsibility and ethical theory; and the practical consequences of accounts of personal identity for issues such as abortion, stem cell research, cloning, advance directives, population ethics, multiple personality disorder, and the definition of death.

Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur
Author: Karl Simms
Publsiher: Psychology Press
Total Pages: 155
Release: 2003
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780415236379

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"In this guide, Karl Simms explores Ricoeur's most influential ideas, touching upon such concepts as good and evil, psychoanalysis, hermeneutics, metaphor, narrative, ethics, politics and justice. Crucially, he also places these ideas in context and looks at their continuing impact, in this way introducing important trends in contemporary thought. Throughout this volume, the author prepares us for our own reading of Ricoeur's work, and this culminates in an extensively annotated guide to his major publications."--BOOK JACKET.

Aging and Self Realization

Aging and Self Realization
Author: Hanne Laceulle
Publsiher: transcript Verlag
Total Pages: 300
Release: 2018-11-30
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9783839444221

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Dominant cultural narratives about later life dismiss the value senior citizens hold for society. In her cultural-philosophical critique, Hanne Laceulle outlines counter narratives that acknowledge both potentials and vulnerabilities of later life. She draws on the rich philosophical tradition of thought about self-realization and explores the significance of ethical concepts essential to the process of growing old such as autonomy, authenticity and virtue. These counter narratives aim to support older individuals in their search for a meaningful age identity, while they make society recognize its senior members as valued participants and moral agents of their own lives.

Morality Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford

 Morality  Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford
Author: Brian Duffy
Publsiher: BRILL
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2008-01-01
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9789401205948

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Morality, Identity and Narrative in the Fiction of Richard Ford is only the second monograph on the work of Richard Ford and the only one to deal with all three Frank Bascombe novels. The book offers comprehensive readings of the trilogy and the stories of Women with Men and A Multitude of Sins, thus bringing critical work on Ford up to date. Richard Ford insists that fiction contain a “moral vision”, and this study takes up that challenge by investigating Ford’s characters through the interconnections of morality, identity and narrative. It draws on the moral theories of Alasdair MacIntyre and Charles Taylor, and on the work on narrative and identity of French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. But it also explores in detail the portrait of contemporary American society and culture offered in the trilogy, analysing the individualism, exclusionary independence and laissez-faire principles of Independence Day, and the consumerism, sectionalism, self-absorption, enervation and violence of The Lay of the Land. This study traces the emerging vision in the trilogy of America as an atomized society in a state of disharmony and fear, and as a culture casting around for meaning, identity and spiritual peace. The book also contains an extensive recent interview with Richard Ford.

The Oxford Handbook of Moral Development

The Oxford Handbook of Moral Development
Author: Lene Arnett Jensen
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 800
Release: 2020-01-24
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780190676056

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The nature of people's moral lives, the similarities and differences in the moral concepts of individuals and groups, and how these concepts emerge in the course of human development are topics of perennial interest. In recent years, the field of moral development has turned from a focus on a limited set of theories to a refreshingly vast array of research questions and methods. This handbook offers a comprehensive, international, and up-to-date review of this research on moral development. Drawing together the work of over 90 authors, hailing from diverse disciplines such as anthropology, education, human development, psychology and sociology, the handbook reflects the dynamic nature of the field. Across more than 40 chapters, this handbook opens the door to a broad view of moral motives and behaviors, ontogeny and developmental pathways, and contexts that children, adolescents, and adults experience with respect to morality. It offers a comprehensive and timely tour of the field of moral development.

Narrative Identity and Personal Responsibility

Narrative Identity and Personal Responsibility
Author: Linda Ethell
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2010
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780739125939

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The exploration of personal identity and theories of narrative in Narrative Identity and Personal Responsibility is extraordinarily suggestive, resulting in implications for theories of action as well as ethics and psychology. Taking seriously the thought that we mediate our relations with the world by means of self-defining narratives grounded in the natural phenomenon of desire provides new answers to old puzzles of what it means to be human.

Personality Identity and Character

Personality  Identity  and Character
Author: Darcia Narvaez,Daniel K. Lapsley
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 456
Release: 2009-06-29
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780521895071

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This edited volume features cutting-edge work in moral psychology by pre-eminent scholars in moral self-identity, moral character, and moral personality.

Narration Identity and Historical Consciousness

Narration  Identity  and Historical Consciousness
Author: Jürgen Straub
Publsiher: Berghahn Books
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2005-06-01
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781782388609

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A generally acknowledged characteristic of modern life, namely the temporalization of experience, inextricable from our intensified experience of contingency and difference, has until now remained largely outside psychology’s purview. Wherever questions about the development, structure, and function of the concept of time have been posed – for example by Piaget and other founders of genetic structuralism – they have been concerned predominantly with concepts of "physical", chronometrical time, and related concepts (e.g., "velocity"). All the contributions to the present volume attempt to close this gap. A larger number are especially interested in the narration of stories. Overviews of the relevant literature, as well as empirical case studies, appear alongside theoretical and methodological reflections. Most contributions refer to specifically historical phenomena and meaning-constructions. Some touch on the subjects of biographical memory and biographical constructions of reality. Of all the various affinities between the contributions collected here, the most important is their consistent attention to issues of the constitution and representation of temporal experience.

Religious Identities and the Global South

Religious Identities and the Global South
Author: Felix Wilfred
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2021-01-04
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9783030607388

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This book offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary account of religious identities in the Global South. Drawing on literature in various fields, Felix Wilfred analyzes how religious identities intersect with the processes of globalization, modernity, and postmodernity. He illustrates how the study of religion in the Global North often revolves around questions of secularism and fundamentalism, whereas a neo-Orientalist quality often attends study of religion in the Global South. These approaches and theorizing fail to incorporate the experiences of lived religion in the South, especially in Asia. Historically, the religions in the South have played a highly significant role in resistance to the domination by the colonial forces, an important reason for the continued attachment of the peoples of the South to their religious universe. This book puts the two regions and their scholarly norms in conversation with one another, exploring the social, political, cultural, and economic implications.

Holding and Letting Go

Holding and Letting Go
Author: Hilde Lindemann
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 244
Release: 2016-11-01
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9780190649609

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The social practice of forming, shaping, expressing, contesting, and maintaining personal identities makes human interaction, and therefore society, possible. Our identities give us our sense of how we are supposed to act and how we may or must treat others, so how we hold each other in our identities is of crucial moral importance. To hold someone in her identity is to treat her according to the stories one uses to make sense of who she is. Done well, holding allows individuals to flourish personally and in their interactions with others; done poorly, it diminishes their self-respect and restricts their participation in social life. If the identity is to represent accurately the person who bears it, the tissue of stories that constitute it must continue to change as the person grows and changes. Here, good holding is a matter of retaining the stories that still depict the person but letting go of the ones that no longer do. The book begins with a puzzling instance of personhood, where the work of holding someone in her identity is tragically one-sided. It then traces this work of holding and letting go over the human life span, paying special attention to its implications for bioethics. A pregnant woman starts to call her fetus into personhood. Children develop their moral agency as they learn to hold themselves and others in their identities. Ordinary adults hold and let go, sometimes well and sometimes badly. People bearing damaged or liminal identities leave others uncertain how to hold and what to let go. Identities are called into question at the end of life, and persist after the person has died. In all, the book offers a glimpse into a fascinating moral terrain that is ripe for philosophical exploration.

International Legal Personality

International Legal Personality
Author: Fleur Johns
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 552
Release: 2017-07-05
Genre: Law
ISBN: 9781351562249

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Who or what is entitled to act on the international plane? Where should responsibility for violations of international law lie? What sort of entities are capable of possessing international legal rights? What is the status of individuals, minority groups, non-governmental bodies, international organisations and animals in the international legal order and how has their status shifted over time? International Legal Personality contains fourteen articles that address these and related questions. In historical and contemporary writings, international lawyers grapple with the nature of legal identity, and confront global distributions of authority and responsibility, as they explore who or what is a 'person' in the international legal order. These essays document the emergence of an international legal order increasingly conceived in terms of patterns and probabilities, rather than as the stagecraft of a small company of permanent players.

Narrative Identity and the Kierkegaardian Self

Narrative  Identity and the Kierkegaardian Self
Author: John Lippitt
Publsiher: Edinburgh University Press
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2015-05-18
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781474404778

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Is each of us the main character in a story we tell about ourselves, or is this narrative understanding of selfhood misguided and possibly harmful? Are selves and persons the same thing? And what does the possibility of sudden death mean for our ability to understand the narrative of ourselves? These questions have been much discussed both in recent philosophy and by scholars grappling with the work of the enigmatic 19th-century thinker S,Kierkegaard. For the first time, this collection brings together figures in both contemporary philosophy and Kierkegaard studies to explore pressing issues in the philosophy of personal identity and moral psychology. It serves both to advance important ongoing discussions of selfhood and to explore the light that, 200 years after his birth, Kierkegaard is still able to shed on contemporary problems.