Optimization Tools for Logistics

Optimization Tools for Logistics
Author: Jean-Michel Réveillac
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 466
Release: 2015-10-20
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780081004821

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Optimization Tools for Logistics covers the theory and practice of the main principles of operational research and the ways it can be applied to logistics and decision support with regards to common software. The book is supported by worked problems and examples from industrial case studies, providing a comprehensive tool for readers from a variety of industries. Covers simple explanations of the mathematical theories related to logistics Contains many problems and examples from industrial case studies Includes coverage of the use of readily available software; spreadsheets, project managers, flows simulators

Multi objective Management in Freight Logistics

Multi objective Management in Freight Logistics
Author: Massimiliano Caramia,Paolo Dell'Olmo
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 187
Release: 2008-08-29
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781848003828

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Thecontentofthisbookismotivatedbytherecentchangesinglobalmarketsandthe availability of new transportation services. Indeed, the complexity of current supply chains suggests todecision makers in logisticsto work witha set ofef?cient (Pare- optimal) solutions, mainly to capture different economical aspects that, in general, one optimal solution related to a single objective function is not able to capture - tirely. Motivated by these reasons, we study freight transportation systems with a speci?c focus on multi-objective modelling. The goal is to provide decision m- ers with new methods and tools to implement multi-objective optimization models in logistics. The book combines theoretical aspects with applications, showing the advantages and the drawbacks of adopting scalarization techniques, and when it is worthwhile to reduce the problem to a goal-programming one. Also, we show - plications where more than one decision maker evaluates the effectiveness of the logistic system and thus a multi-level programming is sought to attain meaningful solutions. After presenting the general working framework, we analyze logistic - sues in a maritime terminal. Next, we study multi-objective route planning, relying on the application of hazardous material transportation. Then, we examine freight distribution on a smaller scale, as for the case of goods distribution in metropolitan areas. Finally, we present a human-workforce problem arising in logistic platforms. The general approach followed in the text is that of presenting mathematics, al- rithms and the related experimentations for each problem.

Optimization of Logistics

Optimization of Logistics
Author: Alice Yalaoui,Hicham Chehade,Farouk Yalaoui,Lionel Amodeo
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2012-12-13
Genre: Mathematics
ISBN: 9781118569573

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This book aims to help engineers, Masters students and young researchers to understand and gain a general knowledge of logistic systems optimization problems and techniques, such as system design, layout, stock management, quality management, lot-sizing or scheduling. It summarizes the evaluation and optimization methods used to solve the most frequent problems. In particular, the authors also emphasize some recent and interesting scientific developments, as well as presenting some industrial applications and some solved instances from real-life cases. Performance evaluation tools (Petri nets, the Markov process, discrete event simulation, etc.) and optimization techniques (branch-and-bound, dynamic programming, genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, etc.) are presented first. Then, new optimization methods are presented to solve systems design problems, layout problems and buffer-sizing optimization. Forecasting methods, inventory optimization, packing problems, lot-sizing quality management and scheduling are presented with examples in the final chapters.

Comprehensive Logistics

Comprehensive Logistics
Author: Timm Gudehus,Herbert Kotzab
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 912
Release: 2012-01-10
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783642243677

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Modern logistics comprises operative logistics, analytical logistics and management of logistic networks. Central task of operative logistics is the efficient supply of required goods at the right place within the right time. Tasks of analytical logistics are designing optimal networks and systems, developing strategies for planning, scheduling and operation, and organizing efficient order and performance processes. Logistic management plans, implements and operates logistic networks and schedules orders, stocks and resources. This reference-book offers a unique survey of modern logistics. It contains proven strategies, rules and tools for the solution of a multitude of logistic problems. The analytically derived algorithms and formulas can be used for the computer-based planning of logistic systems and for the dynamic scheduling of orders and resources in supply networks. They enable significant improvements of performance, quality and costs. Their application is demonstrated by several examples from industry, trade and service providers. Apart from corrections and modifications the second edition contains a new chapter on maritime logistics. It demonstrates how the methods of this book can be used to solve complex logistic problems of practical relevance for economy, society and environment. The book is written for professionals, scientists, teachers and graduate students. An extensive index makes it a dictionary of modern logistics.

Theory Methodology Tools and Applications for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems

Theory  Methodology  Tools and Applications for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
Author: Lin Zhang,Xiao Song,Yunjie Wu
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 711
Release: 2016-09-22
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9789811026638

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This four-volume set (CCIS 643, 644, 645, 646) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th Asia Simulation Conference and the First Autumn Simulation Multi-Conference, AsiaSim / SCS AutumnSim 2016, held in Beijing, China, in October 2016. The 265 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 651 submissions. The papers in this first volume of the set are organized in topical sections on modeling and simulation theory and methodology; model engineering for system of systems; high performance computing and simulation; modeling and simulation for smart city.

Tools of Transport Telematics

Tools of Transport Telematics
Author: Jerzy Mikulski
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 379
Release: 2016-01-12
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783319245775

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Transport Systems Telematics, TST 2015, held in Wrocław, Poland, in April 2015. The 35 revised full papers and two short papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 115 submissions. The papers provide an overview of solutions being developed in the fields of transport telematics and intelligent transport systems.

The Impact of Academic Research on Industrial Performance

The Impact of Academic Research on Industrial Performance
Author: National Academy of Engineering,Committee on the Impact of Academic Research on Industrial Performance
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2003-10-06
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 0309166969

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Drawing on the findings of sector-specific workshops, e-mail surveys, research literature, expert testimony, and committee and panel members’ expertise, this National Academy of Engineering study assesses the qualitative impact of academic research on five industriesâ€"network systems and communications; medical devices and equipment; aerospace; transportation, distribution, and logistics services; and financial services. The book documents the range and significance of academic research contributions to the five industriesâ€"comparing the importance of different types of contributions, the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of these contributions, and the multiple vectors by which academic research is linked to each industry. The book calls for action to address six cross-cutting challenges to university-industry interactions: the growing disciplinary and time-horizon-related imbalances in federal R&D funding, barriers to university-industry interaction in service industries, the critical role of academic research in the advancement of information technology, the role of academic research in the regulation of industry, the impact of technology transfer activities on core university research and education missions, and the search for new pathways and mechanisms to enhance the contributions of academic research to industry. The book also includes findings and recommendations specific to each industry.

Data Analysis and Optimization for Engineering and Computing Problems

Data Analysis and Optimization for Engineering and Computing Problems
Author: Pandian Vasant,Igor Litvinchev,Jose Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo,Roman Rodriguez-Aguilar,Felix Martinez-Rios
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2020-09-08
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030481490

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This book presents the proceedings of The EAI International Conference on Computer Science: Applications in Engineering and Health Services (COMPSE 2019). The conference highlighted the latest research innovations and applications of algorithms designed for optimization applications within the fields of Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Finance and Economics and Health Systems. Focusing on a variety of methods and systems as well as practical examples, this conference is a significant resource for post graduate-level students, decision makers, and researchers in both public and private sectors who are seeking research-based methods for modelling uncertain and unpredictable real-world problems.