Personal Reflections of a Ghanaian Foreign Service Officer Whither Ghanaian Diplomacy

Personal Reflections of a Ghanaian Foreign Service Officer   Whither Ghanaian Diplomacy
Author: William G. M. Brandful
Publsiher: Dorrance Publishing
Total Pages: 558
Release: 2013
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781480900066

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Dr. William G. M. Brandful, born on December 04, 1952 in Cape Coast, Ghana, will turn sixty years old on December 04, 2012, when he will launch his book Personal Reflections of a Ghanaian Foreign Service Officer - Whither Ghanaian Diplomacy? The book chronicles Dr. Brandful¿s experiences as a Foreign Service Officer in a way that those experiences serve to mirror the diplomacy of Ghana which then gets examined to see how it may have excelled in the past; how it is being confronted currently with challenges to the point of sometimes blunting its efficacy; and how it could be ¿re-engineered¿ towards greater future achievement. The attempt may be ambitious, but it is motivated by a passionate sincerity, only equaled by the other commitment to also contribute through the book to the creation of institutional memory for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana. Currently the Ambassador of Ghana to Japan with concurrent accreditation to Singapore as non-Resident High Commissioner, the author served previously at the Ghanaian Missions in Zambia, Mali, Germany, and Benin. Between the date of joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in May 1977, and the specified diplomatic assignments, Ambassador Brandful worked at various positions at the Ministry in Ghana, including Chief of Protocol and later as Supervising Director, Policy Planning, Research and Monitoring. Dr. Brandful had his Secondary education in Ghana at Mfantsipim School from 1964 to 1971 and pursued his initial university studies at the University of Ghana (1971-75, including one year abroad 73/74 at the University of Dakar, Senegal), followed by post-graduate studies successively at the Polytechnic of Central London; University of Nairobi, Kenya; International Institute for Public Administration in Paris (I.I.A.P); The Hague Academy of International Law; and the University of Paris XI, Sceaux Faculty, France, from where he obtained a ¿Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle¿ in International Relations in January, 1986. Dr. Brandful is married to Dinah Brandful (née Coleman); has four daughters and three grandchildren. He speaks French. As hobbies, Ambassador Brandful plays squash, tennis, piano and golf.

Language and Diplomacy

Language and Diplomacy
Author: Jovan Kurbalija,Hannah Slavik
Publsiher: Diplo Foundation
Total Pages: 335
Release: 2001
Genre: Diplomacy
ISBN: 9789990955156

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A Diplomat s Handbook for Democracy Development Support

A Diplomat s Handbook for Democracy Development Support
Author: Jeremy Kinsman,Kurt Bassuener
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 464
Release: 2016-10-17
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9780986707797

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In recent decades, the conduct of international relations among and within states has been very considerably altered. Today, the content of these relations relies as much on international professional and civil society networks as it does on state-to-state transactions. The role of the Internet has been fundamental in widening communications opportunities for citizens and civil society, with a profound effect on democracy transition. In consequence, diplomacy has taken on a much more human and public face. Twenty-first century ambassadors and diplomats are learning to engage with civil societies, especially on the large themes of democratic change — an engagement that is often resisted by authoritarian regimes. A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support presents a wide variety of specific experiences of diplomats on the ground, identifying creative, human and material resources. More broadly, it is about the policy-making experience in capitals, as democratic states try to align national interests and democratic values. The Handbook also documents the increasingly prominent role of civil society as the essential building block for successful democratic transitions, with each case study examining specific national experiences in the aspiration for democratic and pluralistic governance, and lessons learned on all sides — for better or for worse. While each situation is different — presenting unique, unstructured problems and opportunities — a review of these experiences bears out the validity of the authors’ belief in the interdependence of democratic engagements, and provides practitioners with encouragement, counsel and a greater capacity to support democracy everywhere.

The Underground Economy

The Underground Economy
Author: Owen Lippert,Michael Walker,Fraser Institute (Vancouver, B.C.)
Publsiher: The Fraser Institute
Total Pages: 328
Release: 1997-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780889751699

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English as a Global Language

English as a Global Language
Author: David Crystal
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 212
Release: 2012-03-29
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781107611801

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David Crystal's classic English as a Global Language considers the history, present status and future of the English language, focusing on its role as the leading international language. English has been deemed the most 'successful' language ever, with 1500 million speakers internationally, presenting a difficult task to those who wish to investigate it in its entirety. However, Crystal explores the subject in a measured but engaging way, always backing up observations with facts and figures. Written in a detailed and fascinating manner, this is a book written by an expert both for specialists in the subject and for general readers interested in the English language.

Understanding International Diplomacy

Understanding International Diplomacy
Author: Corneliu Bjola,Markus Kornprobst
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2013-06-07
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781135039264

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This book provides a comprehensive new introduction to the study of international diplomacy, covering both theory and practice. The text summarises and discusses the major trends in the field of diplomacy, developing an innovative analytical toolbox for understanding diplomacy not as a collection of practices or a set of historical traditions, but as a form of institutionalised communication through which authorised representatives produce, manage and distribute public goods. The book: traces the evolution of diplomacy from its beginnings in ancient Egypt, Greece and China to our current age of global diplomacy; examines theoretical explanations about how diplomats take decisions, make relations and shape the world; discusses normative approaches to how diplomacy ought to adapt itself to the twenty-first century, help remake states and assist the peaceful evolution of international order. In sum, Understanding International Diplomacy provides an up-to-date, accessible and authoritative overview of how diplomacy works and ought to work in a globalising world. This new textbook is essential reading for students of international diplomacy, and highly recommended for students of crisis negotiation, international organisations, foreign policy and international relations in general.

The Black Jacobins

The Black Jacobins
Author: Cyril Lionel Robert James
Publsiher: Vintage
Total Pages: 426
Release: 1989
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780679724674

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Describes the background and the events of the successful twelve-year revolt of the San Domingian slaves which resulted in the establishment of Haiti in 1803

Unintended Consequences of Peacekeeping Operations

Unintended Consequences of Peacekeeping Operations
Author: Chiyuki Aoi,Cedric De Coning,Ramesh Chandra Thakur,Ramesh Thakur
Publsiher: United Nations Univ
Total Pages: 292
Release: 2007
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: UOM:39015070735561

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The deployment of a large number of soldiers, police officers and civilian personnel inevitably has various effects on the host society and economy, not all of which are in keeping with the peacekeeping mandate and intent or are easily discernible prior to the intervention. This book is one of the first attempts to improve our understanding of unintended consequences of peacekeeping operations, by bringing together field experiences and academic analysis. The aim of the book is not to discredit peace operations but rather to improve the way in which such operations are planned and managed.

Exporting Good Governance

Exporting Good Governance
Author: Jennifer Welsh,Ngaire Woods
Publsiher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2007-10-26
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781554581429

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Can good governance be exported? International development assistance is more frequently being applied to strengthening governance in developing countries, and in Exporting Good Governance: Temptations and Challenges in Canada’s Aid Program, the editors bring together diverse perspectives to investigate whether aid for good governance works. The first section of the book outlines the changing face of international development assistance and ideas of good governance. The second section analyzes six nations: three are countries to which Canada has devoted a significant portion of its aid efforts over the past five to ten years: Ghana, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Two are newer and more complex “fragile states,” where Canada has engaged: Haiti and Afghanistan. These five are then compared with Mauritius, which has enjoyed relatively good governance. The final section looks at challenges and new directions for Canadas development policy. Co-published with the Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Children and the Nations

The Children and the Nations
Author: Maggie Black
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 502
Release: 1986
Genre: Child Welfare
ISBN: UOM:39015018644610

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FROST (copy 1) From the John Holmes Library collection.

How Change Happens

How Change Happens
Author: Duncan Green
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 268
Release: 2016
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9780198785392

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"DLP, Developmental Leadership Program; Australian Aid; Oxfam."

Diplomatic Despatches

Diplomatic Despatches
Author: John Mason
Publsiher: National Library Australia
Total Pages: 203
Release: 1998
Genre: Literary Collections
ISBN: 9780642107978

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Diplomatic Despatches is a fast-paced, engaging and revealing account by an observant commentator. John Mason's letters follow a fascinating and eventful career, from his entry into the army as a teenager to his work as an experienced and accomplished diplomat, culminating in his appointment as British High Commissioner in Canberra.

Rebalancing Society

Rebalancing Society
Author: Henry Mintzberg
Publsiher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2015-01-05
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781626563193

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Enough of the imbalance that is causing the degradation of our environment, the demise of our democracies, and the denigration of ourselves. Enough of the pendulum politics of left and right and paralysis in the political center. We require an unprecedented form of radical renewal. In this book Henry Mintzberg offers a new understanding of the root of our current crisis and a strategy for restoring the balance so vital to the survival of our progeny and our planet. With the collapse of the communist regimes of Eastern Europe, Western pundits declared that capitalism had triumphed. They were wrong—balance triumphed. A healthy society balances a public sector of respected governments, a private sector of responsible businesses, and a plural sector of robust communities. Communism collapsed under the weight of its overbearing public sector. Now the “liberal democracies” are threatened—socially, politically, even economically—by the unchecked excesses of the private sector. Radical renewal will have to begin in the plural sector, which alone has the inclination and the independence to challenge unacceptable practices and develop better ones. Too many governments have been co-opted by the private sector. And corporate social responsibility can't compensate for the corporate social irresponsibility we see around us “They” won't do it. We shall have to do it, each of us and all of us, not as passive “human resources,” but as resourceful human beings. Tom Paine wrote in 1776, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” He was right then. Can we be right again now? Can we afford not to be?

International Law and the Cold War

International Law and the Cold War
Author: Matthew Craven,Sundhya Pahuja,Gerry Simpson
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 612
Release: 2019-11-30
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781108499187

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This is the first book to examine in detail the relationship between the Cold War and International Law.

Internal Security Management in Nigeria

Internal Security Management in Nigeria
Author: Oshita O. Oshita,Ikenna Mike Alumona,Freedom Chukwudi Onuoha
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 673
Release: 2019-07-23
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9789811382154

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This book explores the disturbing dimensions of the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, such as herdsmen violence, the Boko Haram insurgency, cybercrime, militancy in the Niger Delta, communal conflict and violence, as well as police corruption. It offers a comprehensive discussion of the theoretical foundations of internal security, the threats to internal security, the role of formal and informal agencies in internal security management and the challenges of internal security management.