Power Politics and Change

Power  Politics  and Change
Author: Osho
Publsiher: St. Martin's Griffin
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2011-04-12
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781429960267

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One of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual teachers examines how to maintain your benevolent motivations without falling prey to the controlling tendencies inherent in those seeking to lead others. Power, Politics, and Change: What Can I Do to Help Make the World a Better Place? takes on the conventional wisdom that “power corrupts” and proposes instead that those who seek power are already corrupt: Once they attain their goal, their corruption simply has the opportunity to express itself. That’s why even those who seek power in order to bring about radical change so often fail, despite their best intentions. Osho looks at where this “will to power” comes from, how it expresses itself not only in political institutions, but in our everyday relationships. In the process, he offers a vision of relationships and society based not on power over others, but on a recognition of the uniqueness of every individual. Featuring an original talk by Osho on DVD, you’ll experience his philosophies and values straight from the source. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Power Politics and Organizational Change

Power  Politics  and Organizational Change
Author: David Buchanan,Richard Badham
Publsiher: SAGE
Total Pages: 376
Release: 2008-02-19
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781473903494

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`Many books on management are sanitized, cleanly technical accounts of the unreality of managerial life and work. Politics hardly feature. This book tells it like it is: it dishes the dirt, gets low-down, into the funky and fascinating politics of organizational life' - Stewart Clegg, Aston Business School and University of Technology, Sydney Combining a practical and theoretical guide to the politics of organizational change, this book provides an exceptional resource to students of change management, and organizational behaviour. Buchanan and Badham show how the change agent who is not politically skilled will fail, and that it is necessary to be able and willing to intervene in the political processes of the organization. This revised edition includes a range of excellent new material and features, including: - a new chapter on gender in approaches to organization politics - a full range of teaching materials including case studies, incident reports, self-assessments, and more - Each chapter recommends a feature film (or DVD) to illustrate aspects of organization politics - fresh research evidence - recent literature on the nature of entrepreneurial politics; - a model of political expertise, and how that can be developed This lively and engaging book is key to MBA and other Masters degree candidates taking courses in change management, and organizational behaviour. It will also be valuable for practising managers on tailored executive programmes in organization politics.

People Power and Political Change

People Power and Political Change
Author: April Carter
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2013-03-01
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781136589669

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This book examines the upsurge in mass popular protest against undemocratic regimes. Relating early revolutions to recent global trends and protests, it examines the significance of ‘people power’ to democracy. Taking a comparative approach, this text analyses unarmed uprisings in Iran 1977-79, Latin America and Asia in the 1980s, Africa from 1989-1992, 1989 in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet states after 2000, right up to the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’. The author assesses the influence on people power of global politics and trends, such as the growth of international governmental organizations and international law, citizen networks operating across borders, and emerging media (like Twitter and Wikileaks). Although stressing the positive potential of people power, this text also examines crucial problems of repression, examples of failure and potential political problems, disintegration of empires and the role of power rivalries. Drawing from contemporary debates about democratization and literatures on power, violence and nonviolence, from both academic sources and media perspectives, this text builds an incisive analytical argument about the changing nature of power itself. People Power and Political Change is a must read for students and scholars of democratic theory, international politics and current affairs.

Politics Is for Power

Politics Is for Power
Author: Eitan Hersh
Publsiher: Scribner
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2020-01-14
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781982116781

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A brilliant condemnation of political hobbyism—treating politics like entertainment—and a call to arms for well-meaning, well-informed citizens who consume political news, but do not take political action. Who is to blame for our broken politics? The uncomfortable answer to this question starts with ordinary citizens with good intentions. We vote (sometimes) and occasionally sign a petition or attend a rally. But we mainly “engage” by consuming politics as if it’s a sport or a hobby. We soak in daily political gossip and eat up statistics about who’s up and who’s down. We tweet and post and share. We crave outrage. The hours we spend on politics are used mainly as pastime. Instead, we should be spending the same number of hours building political organizations, implementing a long-term vision for our city or town, and getting to know our neighbors, whose votes will be needed for solving hard problems. We could be accumulating power so that when there are opportunities to make a difference—to lobby, to advocate, to mobilize—we will be ready. But most of us who are spending time on politics today are focused inward, choosing roles and activities designed for our short-term pleasure. We are repelled by the slow-and-steady activities that characterize service to the common good. In Politics Is for Power, pioneering and brilliant data analyst Eitan Hersh shows us a way toward more effective political participation. Aided by political theory, history, cutting-edge social science, as well as remarkable stories of ordinary citizens who got off their couches and took political power seriously, this book shows us how to channel our energy away from political hobbyism and toward empowering our values.

Managing With Power

Managing With Power
Author: Jeffrey Pfeffer
Publsiher: Harvard Business Press
Total Pages: 400
Release: 1993-11-12
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781422143452

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Although much as been written about how to make better decisions, a decision by itself changes nothing. The big problem facing managers and their organizations today is one of implementation--how to get things done in a timely and effective way. Problems of implementation are really issues of how to influence behavior, change the course of events, overcome resistance, and get people to do things they would not otherwise do. In a word, power. Managing With Power provides an in-depth look at the role of power and influence in organizations. Pfeffer shows convincingly that its effective use is an essential component of strong leadership. With vivid examples, he makes a compelling case for the necessity of power in mobilizing the political support and resources to get things done in any organization. He provides an intriguing look at the personal attributes—such as flexibility, stamina, and a high tolerance for conflict—and the structural factors—such as control of resources, access to information, and formal authority—that can help managers advance organizational goals and achieve individual success.

Power Order and Change in World Politics

Power  Order  and Change in World Politics
Author: G. John Ikenberry
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2014-08-21
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781107072749

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Brings together leading scholars to analyse the central issues of power, order, and change in world politics.

North Korea under Kim Chong il Power Politics and Prospects for Change

North Korea under Kim Chong il  Power  Politics  and Prospects for Change
Author: Ken E. Gause
Publsiher: ABC-CLIO
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2011-08-17
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780313381768

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This much-needed study draws on fresh material and firsthand observation to provide an understanding of North Korea as it exists today. • Includes original interviews conducted in Asia by the author • Offers material drawn from a wide variety of sources, including the rich literature and analysis by Korean, Japanese, and Chinese scholars/analysts, much of which has not been translated into English • Provides insights into the tradecraft and best practices of the Pyongyang watching community

The Politics of Organizational Change

The Politics of Organizational Change
Author: Robert Price
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 68
Release: 2019-05-15
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780429886171

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Politics is an aspect of everyday life within organizations, and is a force that inhibits individual and collective behaviour. If not fully understood, it can impede organizational change and development. In order to minimise the political aspects of organizational dynamics there is a need to understand the extent to which organizational culture brings about politicised conformance and how individuals shape their behaviour through self-interest to conform—sense-giving and sense-making nexus—thus moderating the degree of change initiatives. The Politics of Organizational Change explores the relationship between self-interest, power, politics and managing organizational change from a theoretical perspective. It encourages the fundamental questioning of the relationship between self-interest, power and control inherent within organizational change, and discusses the attendant implications for managing change. It will be of value to those who require a text that goes beyond set patterns of coverage found in textbooks dealing with managing change.

Use the Power You Have

Use the Power You Have
Author: Pramila Jayapal
Publsiher: The New Press
Total Pages: 369
Release: 2020-06-30
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781620971451

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Washington's progressive champion explains how we can achieve a truly inclusive America that works for all of us In November 2016, Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, the first Indian American woman to serve in that role. Two years later, the "fast-rising Democratic star and determined critic of President Donald Trump," according to Politico's Playbook 2017 "Power List," won reelection with more votes than any other member of the House. Jayapal, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, proved her progressive bonafides when she introduced the most comprehensive Medicare-for-all bill to Congress in February. Behind the story of Jayapal's rise to political prominence lie over two decades of devoted advocacy on behalf of immigrants and progressive causes—and years of learning how to turn activism into public policy that serves all Americans. Use the Power You Have is Jayapal's account of the path from sixteen-year-old Indian immigrant to grassroots activist, state senator, and now progressive powerhouse in Washington, DC. Written with passion and insight, Use the Power You Have offers a wealth of ideas and inspiration for a new generation of engaged citizens interested in fighting back and making change, whether in Washington or in their own communities.

E Politics and Organizational Implications of the Internet Power Influence and Social Change

E Politics and Organizational Implications of the Internet  Power  Influence  and Social Change
Author: Romm Livermore, Celia
Publsiher: IGI Global
Total Pages: 444
Release: 2012-04-30
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781466609679

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"This book charts this influence and describes the unique effect electronic communication has on organizations, communities, nations, and cultures"--Provided by publisher.

Legitimacy and Power Politics

Legitimacy and Power Politics
Author: Mlada Bukovansky
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2010-01-10
Genre: History
ISBN: 0691146705

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This book examines the causes and consequences of a major transformation in both domestic and international politics: the shift from dynastically legitimated monarchical sovereignty to popularly legitimated national sovereignty. It analyzes the impact of Enlightenment discourse on politics in eighteenth-century Europe and the United States, showing how that discourse facilitated new authority struggles in Old Regime Europe, shaped the American and French Revolutions, and influenced the relationships between the revolutionary regimes and the international system. The interaction between traditional and democratic ideas of legitimacy transformed the international system by the early nineteenth century, when people began to take for granted the desirability of equality, individual rights, and restraint of power. Using an interpretive, historically sensitive approach to international relations, the author considers the complex interplay between elite discourses about political legitimacy and strategic power struggles within and among states. She shows how culture, power, and interests interacted to produce a crucial yet poorly understood case of international change. The book not only shows the limits of liberal and realist theories of international relations, but also demonstrates how aspects of these theories can be integrated with insights derived from a constructivist perspective that takes culture and legitimacy seriously. The author finds that cultural contests over the terms of political legitimacy constitute one of the central mechanisms by which the character of sovereignty is transformed in the international system--a conclusion as true today as it was in the eighteenth century.

The Power Triangle

The Power Triangle
Author: Hazem Kandil
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2016-08-18
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9780190239220

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Revolution, reform, and resilience comprise the respective fortunes of modern Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Although the countries all experienced coups with remarkably similar ambitions, each followed a very different trajectory. Iran became an absolutist monarchy that was overthrown from below, Turkey evolved into a limited democracy, and Egypt turned into a police state. In The Power Triangle, Hazem Kandil attributes the different outcomes to the power struggle between the political, military, and security institutions. Coups establish a division of labor, with one group of officers running government, another overseeing the military, and a third handling security. But their interests begin to vary as each group identifies with its own institution. Politicians wish to rule indefinitely; military officers prefer to return to barracks after implementing the needed reforms; and security men scramble to maintain the privileges they acquired in the post-coup emergency. Driven by conflicting agendas, these partners in domination struggle over regime control. Using comparative historical sociology, Kandil demonstrates how regimes are constantly shaped and reshaped through the recurrent clashes and shifting alliances between the team of rivals in this "power triangle." The Power Triangle's realist approach to regime change shows that a clear explanation of pivotal events in Iran, Turkey, and Egypt is impossible without a firm grasp of the power relations within each country's ruling bloc.

Power Politics and Paranoia

Power  Politics  and Paranoia
Author: Jan-Willem van Prooijen,Paul A. M. van Lange
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2014-05-29
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781107035805

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Why are people frequently suspicious of their political and corporate leaders? This book examines the psychological roots of political paranoia.

Beyond Power and Resistance

Beyond Power and Resistance
Author: Peter Bloom
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 252
Release: 2016-11-02
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781783487554

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This book challenges the conceptual and practical effectiveness of resistance to achieve social and political change, and considers an alternative framework that goes beyond a desire to resist sovereign power, but offers political movements that expand individual and collective capabilities.

Power Politics and Ethics in School Districts

Power  Politics  and Ethics in School Districts
Author: Francis Martin Duffy
Publsiher: Leading Systemic School Improvement
Total Pages: 275
Release: 2006
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: UOM:39015063686813

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This book contributes to the literature on the ethical use of power and political skills to lead whole system change within school districts.