Procrastination Health and Well Being

Procrastination  Health  and Well Being
Author: Fuschia M Sirois,Timothy A Pychyl
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2016-06-29
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780128028988

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Research on procrastination has grown exponentially in recent years. Studies have revealed that procrastination is an issue of self-regulation failure, and specifically misregulation of emotional states—not simply a time management problem as often presumed. This maladaptive coping strategy is a risk factor not only for poor mental health, but also poor physical health and other aspects of well-being. Procrastination, Health, and Well-Being brings together new and established researchers and theorists who make important connections between procrastination and health. The first section of the book provides an overview of current conceptualizations and philosophical issues in understanding how procrastination relates to health and well-being including a critical discussion of the assumptions and rationalizations that are inherent to procrastination. The next section of the book focuses on current theory and research highlighting the issues and implications of procrastination for physical health and health behaviors, while the third section presents current perspectives on the interrelationships between procrastination and psychological well-being. The volume concludes with an overview of potential areas for future research in the growing field of procrastination, health, and well-being. Reviews interdisciplinary research on procrastination Conceptualizes procrastination as an issue of self-regulation and maladaptive coping, not time management Identifies the public and private health implications of procrastination Explores the guilt and shame that often accompany procrastination Discusses temporal views of the stress and chronic health conditions associated with procrastination

Perfectionism Health and Well Being

Perfectionism  Health  and Well Being
Author: Fuschia M. Sirois,Danielle S. Molnar
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2015-09-14
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9783319185828

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This book brings together the world’s leading perfectionism researchers and theorists to present their latest findings and ideas on how and why perfectionism may confer risks or benefits for health and well-being, as well as the contexts which may shape these relationships. In addition to providing an overview of the latest research in this field, this volume explores new conceptual models that may help further our understanding of when, how, and why perfectionism may be implicated in health and well-being. After presenting an overview of the conceptual and measurement issues surrounding the concepts of perfectionism, health, and well-being, three sections address the implications of perfectionism for health and well-being. The first of these sections provides an overview of research and theory on the role of perfectionism in health and illness, health behaviors, and chronic illness. The next section of the book focuses on the cognitive and affective underpinnings of perfectionism as they relate to psychopathology, distress, and well-being, including how it applies to eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. The final section of the book explores specific contexts and how they may contour the associations of perfectionism with health and well-being, such as in the domains of interpersonal relationships, academic pursuits, and work-related settings. Perfectionism and wellbeing is a topic not just for researchers and scholars, but clinicians and practitioners as well. For this reason, chapters also include a discussion of prevention and treatment issues surrounding perfectionism where relevant. By doing so, this volume is an important resource for not only researchers, but also for those who may wish to use it in applied and clinical settings. By presenting the latest theory and research on perfectionism, health, and well-being with a translational focus, Perfectionism, Health, and Well-Being makes a unique and significant contribution to perfectionism as well as general wellness literature, and highlights the need to address the burden of perfectionism for health and well-being. .

Emotion Regulation and Well Being

Emotion Regulation and Well Being
Author: Ivan Nyklíček,Ad Vingerhoets,Marcel Zeelenberg
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 331
Release: 2010-10-22
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781441969538

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Emotion is a basic phenomenon of human functioning, most of the time having an adaptive value enhancing our effectiveness in pursuing our goals in the broadest sense. Regulation of these emotions, however, is essential for adaptive functioning, and suboptimal or dysfunctional emotion regulation may even be counterproductive and result in adverse consequences, including a poor well-being and ill health. This volume provides a state-of-the art overview of issues related to the association between emotion regulation and both mental and physical well-being. It covers various areas of research highly relevant to both researchers in the field and clinicians working with emotion regulation issues in their practice. Included topics are arranged along four major areas: • (Neuro-)biological processes involved in the generation and regulation of emotions • Psychological processes and mechanisms related to the link between emotion regulation and psychological well-being as well as physical health • Social perspective on emotion regulation pertaining to well-being and social functioning across the life span • Clinical aspects of emotion regulation and specific mental and physical health problems This broad scope offers the possibility to include research findings and thought-provoking views of leading experts from different fields of research, such as cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, psychophysiology, social psychology, and psychiatry on specific topics such as nonconscious emotion regulation, emotional body language, self-control, rumination, mindfulness, social sharing, positive emotions, intergroup emotions, and attachment in their relation to well-being and health. Chapters are based on the “Fourth International Conference on the (Non) Expression of Emotions in Health and Disease” held at Tilburg University in October 2007. In 2007 Springer published “Emotion Regulation: Conceptual and Clinical Issues” based on the Third International Conference on the (Non) Expression of Emotion in Health and Disease,” held at Tilburg University in October 2003. It is anticipated that, depending on sales, we may continue to publish the advances deriving from this conference.


Author: Fuschia M. Sirois
Publsiher: American Psychological Association (APA)
Total Pages: 273
Release: 2022
Genre: Procrastination
ISBN: 1433838060

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This book provides insights from psychological science and evidence-based strategies to help readers reduce procrastination, and show compassion toward themselves and others who procrastinate.

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle
Author: Timothy A. Pychyl
Publsiher: TarcherPerigee
Total Pages: 107
Release: 2013
ISBN: 9780399168123

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This guide to eliminating procrastination offers everyone, from entrepreneurs to parents and students, tips and practical strategies to help break the cycle of self-destructive ideas and habits that prevent freedom and accomplishment. Original.

Procrastination and Task Avoidance

Procrastination and Task Avoidance
Author: Joseph R. Ferrari,Judith L. Johnson,William G. McCown
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 268
Release: 2013-06-29
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781489902276

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Procrastination is a fascinating, highly complex human phenomenon for which the time has come for systematic theoretical and therapeutic effort. The present volume reflects this effort. It was a labor of love to read this scholarly, timely book-the first of its kind on the topic. It was especially encouraging to find that its authors are remarkably free of the phenomenon they have been investigating. One might have expected the opposite. It has often been argued that people select topics that trouble them and come to understand their problems better by studying or treating them in others. This does not appear to be true of the procrastination researchers represented in this book. I base this conclusion on two simple observations. First, the work is replete with recent refer ences and the book itself has reached the reader scarcely a year following its completion. Second, when one considers the remarkable pace of pro grammatic research by these contributors during the past decade, it is clear that they are at the healthy end of the procrastination continuum. The fascinating history of the term procrastination is well documented in this book. The term continues to conjure up contrasting, eloquent images-especially for poets. When Edward Young wrote in 1742, "Pro crastination is the Thief of Time," he was condemning the waste of the most precious of human commodities.

AARP Still Procrastinating

AARP Still Procrastinating
Author: Joseph R. Ferrari
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2011-12-19
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781118246979

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AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. In Still Procrastinating?, Joseph Ferrari will help you find out why you put things off and learn how to conquer procrastination for good. Do you ever say to yourself "What if I make a bad decision?," "What if I fail?," or "I'm better under pressure"? There are all sorts of reasons people procrastinate. What are yours? This book draws on scientific research on procrastination conducted over more than twenty years by the author and his colleagues, to help you learn what stops you from getting things done so that you can find the solutions that will really work. Contrary to conventional wisdom, chronic procrastination is not about poor time management, but about self-sabotaging tendencies that can prevent you from reaching your full potential. This book gives you the knowledge and tools you need to understand and overcome these tendencies so you can start achieving your goals--not next week, next month, or next year, but today! Exposes the hidden causes of procrastination, including fear of failure, fear of success, and thrill-seeking Identifies types of procrastinators and helps determine which type describes you Shares surprising information on how factors such as technology and the time of day affect procrastination Examines specific issues related to putting things off in school and at work Shares more than twenty years of research on the causes and consequences of chronic procrastination Written by a psychologist who is an international expert on the subject of procrastination Are you still procrastinating? This take-charge guide will help you stop making excuses and start transforming your life--right now.

The Procrastination Equation

The Procrastination Equation
Author: Piers Steel
Publsiher: Random House Canada
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2010-12-28
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780307366382

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DON'T WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK: The world's leading expert on procrastination uses his groundbreaking research to offer understanding on a matter that bedevils us all. Writing with humour, humanity and solid scientific information reminiscent of Stumbling on Happiness and Freakonomics, Piers Steel explains why we knowingly and willingly put off a course of action despite recognizing we'll be worse off for it. For those who surf the Web instead of finishing overdue assignments, who always say diets start tomorrow, who stay up late watching TV to put off going to sleep, The Procrastination Equation explains why we do what we do — or in this case don't — and why in Western societies we're in the midst of an escalating procrastination epidemic. Dr. Piers Steel takes on the myths and misunderstandings behind procrastination and motivation — showing us how procrastination affects our lives, health, careers and happiness and what we can do about it. With accessible prose and the benefits of new scientific research, he provides insight into why we procrastinate even though the result is that we are less happy, healthy, even wealthy. Who procrastinates and why? How many ways, big and small, do we procrastinate? How can we stop doing it? The reasons are part cultural, part psychological, part biological. And, with a million new ways to distract ourselves in the digitized world — all of which feed on our built-in impulsiveness — more of us are potentially damaging ourselves by putting things off. But Steel not only analyzes the factors that weigh us down but the things that motivate us — including understanding the value of procrastination.