Religion of Fear

Religion of Fear
Author: David Cady
Publsiher: Univ Tennessee Press
Total Pages: 282
Release: 2019
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 162190508X

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"Based on extensive interviews with mostly former cult members, this book chronicles the history of the Church of God of Union Assembly from its beginning around World War I up to recent times. Founded by a charismatic, unlettered leader, C. T. Pratt, who forcefully broke away from the Holiness COG organization, the church eventually found its home base in Dalton, Georgia. It grew steadily at first and then more rapidly as the great Depression ravaged workers in the mostly rural area of north Georgia. The group set up communal living practices and spread branches of the church across the country, recruiting among the most displaced with a message of social uplift and anti-capitalism, even as its religious practices became increasingly authoritarian and exploitative. If C. T. Pratt exhibited some characteristics of a violent cult leader, his son, who took over the church as his father suffered from ill-health, took these tendencies to a new level that eventually caught the attention of secular authorities. His son, in turn, was even worse--and placed the church on the path to financial ruin. Amazingly, the church survived its three authoritarian leaders and still exists"--

Religion of Fear

Religion of Fear
Author: Jason C Bivins
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2008-08-29
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780199887699

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Conservative evangelicalism has transformed American politics, disseminating a sometimes fearful message not just through conventional channels, but through subcultures and alternate modes of communication. Within this world is a "Religion of Fear," a critical impulse that dramatizes cultural and political conflicts and issues in frightening ways that serve to contrast "orthodox" behaviors and beliefs with those linked to darkness, fear, and demonology. Jason Bivins offers close examinations of several popular evangelical cultural creations including the Left Behind novels, church-sponsored Halloween "Hell Houses," sensational comic books, especially those disseminated by Jack Chick, and anti-rock and -rap rhetoric and censorship. Bivins depicts these fascinating and often troubling phenomena in vivid (sometimes lurid) detail and shows how they seek to shape evangelical cultural identity. As the "Religion of Fear" has developed since the 1960s, Bivins sees its message moving from a place of relative marginality to one of prominence. What does it say about American public life that such ideas of fearful religion and violent politics have become normalized? Addressing this question, Bivins establishes links and resonances between the cultural politics of evangelical pop, the activism of the New Christian Right, and the political exhaustion facing American democracy. Religion of Fear is a significant contribution to our understanding of the new shapes of political religion in the United States, of American evangelicalism, of the relation of religion and the media, and the link between religious pop culture and politics.

Christianity and Fear

Christianity and Fear
Author: Oscar Pfister
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 592
Release: 2020-12-17
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781000228168

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Originally published in 1948, Christianity and Fear explores the nature and history of Christian love in relation to the problem of fear. Based on methods of depth psychology and mental hygiene, the book argues for the necessity of a general concentration of the Christian religion and way of life upon the unity of love through faith and faith through love. It presents the struggle between the teaching of Christian love and the many instances of disputes on dogma that have prompted hatred and fear throughout ecclesiastical history. By using the theory of fear and compulsions, it attempts to explain the directions assumed by these aberrations in Christian history and to highlight love as the essence of the teaching of Jesus. Christianity and Fear will appeal to those with an interest in the history of Christianity, theology, and the psychology of religion.

God Freud and Religion

God  Freud and Religion
Author: Dianna T. Kenny
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 234
Release: 2015-03-05
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781317649656

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Choice Essential Read Did God create man or did man create God? In this book, Dianna Kenny examines religious belief through a variety of perspectives – psychoanalytic, cognitive, neuropsychological, sociological, historical and psychiatric – to provide a coherent account of why people might believe in God. She argues that psychoanalytic theory provides a fertile and creative approach to the study of religion that attempts to integrate religious belief with our innate human nature and developmental histories that have unfolded in the context of our socialization and cultural experiences. Freud argued that religion is so compelling because it solves the problems of our existence. It explains the origin of the universe, offers solace and protection from evil, and provides a blueprint about how we should live our lives, with just rewards for the righteous and due punishments for sinners and transgressors. Science, on the other hand, offers no such explanations about the universe or the meaning of our lives and no comfort for the unanswered longings of the human race. Is religion a form of wish-fulfilment, a collective delusion to which we cling as we try to fathom our place and purpose in the drama of cosmology? Can there be morality without faith? Are science and religion radically incompatible? What are the roots of fundamentalism and terror theology? These are some of the questions addressed in God, Freud and Religion, a book that will be of interest to psychoanalysts, psychologists and psychotherapists, students of psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy and theology and all those with an interest in religion and human behaviour. Dianna Kenny is Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney, Australia. She is the author of over 200 publications, including six books.

Pride Faith and Fear

Pride  Faith  and Fear
Author: Charlotte A. Quinn,Frederick Quinn
Publsiher: Oxford University Press on Demand
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2003
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780195063868

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While nearly one in every five people in the world today is Muslim, Islam is spreading most rapidly in Sub-Saharan Africa which is today home to over 150 million Muslims. Although immensely varied, African Islam, the authors demonstrate, is defined by three overarching beliefs.

Fear and Faith in Paradise

Fear and Faith in Paradise
Author: Phil Karber
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2012-06-18
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 9781442214798

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From life along the Tigris River in the 1970s to the ongoing Arab Spring uprisings, Phil Karber has witnessed decades of change throughout the Middle East. Fear and Faith in Paradise draws on his wealth of experience to sketch a timely and compelling portrait of the region throughout history. Seamlessly moving between past and present, Karber skillfully develops two overarching themes: How America's footprint can be shifted from a military to a humanitarian emphasis and how fear is used as a cudgel by today’s monotheistic leaders to sacrifice the faithful. Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, they all invoke their own vision of paradise, often as incentive, in hopeless conflicts that seem doomed to be repeated. Karber’s down-to-earth writing vividly conveys the region’s charm and beauty against a backdrop of power struggles among competing faiths, nationalisms, and outside forces.

The Fear of Islam Second Edition

The Fear of Islam  Second Edition
Author: Todd H. Green
Publsiher: Fortress Press
Total Pages: 363
Release: 2019-09-03
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781506450452

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The Fear of Islam investigates the context of Western views of Islam and offers an introduction to the historical roots and contemporary anxiety regarding Islam within the Western world. Tracing the medieval legacy of religious polemics and violence, Green orients readers to the complex history and issues of Western relations to Islam, from early and late modern colonial enterprises and theories of "Orientalism," to the production of religious discourses of otherness and the clash of civilizations that proliferated in the era of 9/11 and the war on terror. In this second edition, Green brings the reader up to date, examining the Islamophobic rhetoric of the 2016 US presidential election and the ongoing success of populist and far right parties in Europe. Green provides updated data on the rise of anti-Muslim legislation--for example, the Muslim ban in the United States and a wave of full-face veil bans in Europe--as well as the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes on both sides of the Atlantic since 2015. This important book is essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand current views of Islam and to work toward meaningful peace and understanding between religious communities.

The New Religious Intolerance

The New Religious Intolerance
Author: Martha C. Nussbaum
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2012-04-24
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780674065918

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The author identifies the fear behind intolerant reactions and drawing inspiration from philosophy, history, and literature, she suggests a route toward a more equitable, imaginative and free society.

The Witness of Religion in an Age of Fear

The Witness of Religion in an Age of Fear
Author: Michael Kinnamon
Publsiher: Westminster John Knox Press
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2017-03-10
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781611648027

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We live in a world driven by fear. But should we allow fear to play such a large role in our lives? According to the religions of the world, the answer is no. In this helpful and illuminating book, Michael Kinnamon challenges readers to consider why we find ourselves in this age of fear and what we can do about it. Drawing on support from a diversity of religious traditions and teachers, Kinnamon argues that religious faith is the best way to combat a culture of fear. He explores fear in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the American political scene, and he shares courageous examples of individuals from different religions working for peace. Perfect for individuals or group study, this book helps readers understand the manipulative power of fear and how religious beliefs call us to reject fear at all costs. A study guide is included.

Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens

Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens
Author: Alexander Rubel,Michael Vickers
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 316
Release: 2014-09-11
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781317544807

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Athens at the time of the Peloponnesian war was the arena for a dramatic battle between politics and religion in the hearts and minds of the people. Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens, originally published in German but now available for the first time in an expanded and revised English edition, sheds new light on this dramatic period of history and offers a new approach to the study of Greek religion. The book explores an extraordinary range of events and topics, and will be an indispensable study for students and scholars studying Athenian religion and politics.

Fear and Faith

Fear and Faith
Author: Trillia J. Newbell
Publsiher: Moody Publishers
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2015-03-17
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780802487636

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We will never be short on fears. Failure, rejection, sickness, losing a loved one, being alone—the fears we carry are many and heavy. Fear can be a tyrant, a bully we can’t hide from. It can paralyze our spirit, damage our relationships, and hinder our faith. Trillia is no stranger to fear. She has known its harsh grip on her life, but she has also known the gentle hand of God, a peace and a faith from the One who conquers fears. In Fear and Faith, Trillia will encourage you as she reflects on Scripture and her own story. She will show you Jesus, who was tempted like you in every way. She will show you the character of God and how it inspires faith. And she will show you real women who have walked the road of fear—or are still walking it—and how they have found security in the Lord to be their strength. Whatever your fear, you are not alone, nor are you without hope. You have the One who can replace your fear with faith.

Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear
Author: Charity A. Lane
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2018-07-19
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1973627450

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Faith is capable of completely overcoming fear, and the apostle Peter learned this simple truth while struggling through the darkness of overwhelming fear in the early days of Christianity. When he had grown in faith and had become the rock of the early church, Peter shared the lessons he had learned in scripture, just as Jesus had instructed him to do. In Faith over Fear, author Charity A. Lane shares her own spiritual journey from the darkest moments of her life, where she was able to learn the same simple truth when she turned to scripture in desperation and stumbled upon the faith-filled words of the apostle Peter in 1 Peter 5:810. These words inspired a battle against fear, which taught Charity the truth about the weakness of fear and the strength of faith. Let Peters words and Charitys own journey become the inspired foundation of your renewed strength in the face of fear. Faith over Fear can offer you a simple, easy-to-follow path toward growing a strong faith that is completely capable of overcoming every fear in this life.

What Women Fear

What Women Fear
Author: Angie Smith
Publsiher: B&H Publishing Group
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2011-08-31
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781433673917

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A woman's faith in God is challenged by the first question Satan asks Eve in the Bible: "Did God really say you can’t eat from any tree in the garden?" That seed of doubt and the story it begins to unfold breed a concept of fear still haunting each of us on some level every day-the idea that our actions could ruin something beautiful, and God might not have control of things. In What Women Fear, acclaimed writer and speaker Angie Smith admits, "fear is a major part of my testimony" and talks openly about her treatment for anxiety as a child. Giving a voice to the problem, she says, "I truly believe every single one of us struggles with some type of fear, whether it's fear of flying or fear of being 'found out.' Maybe you don’t worry about dying, but you get sick thinking about the fact that you might fail." Rather than suggesting that those who truly love the Lord would never fear, Angie blends her own experiences with those of men and women from throughout Scripture to help us start dealing more effectively with these true, human emotions. Whether it’s a constant "What if?," a nagging fear of abandonment or betrayal, fear of your own or someone else’s death, fear of trusting God's plan, or even the fear that God's existence is a lie, Angie will walk you through stories of others who have simultaneously loved God and struggled with fear. Join Angie and discover how to let Jesus redeem this struggle as only He can, that He will be glorified, and you will be transformed! Endorsements Angie Smith has the rare gift to write a non-fiction page-turner as good as any fiction book I've read. As her words tumbled out in raw honesty, fresh hope spread before me. Her teachings on fear are comforting, practical, and gut honest. I can't wait for you to read this life-changing book. What Women Fear is one of my favorites this year. Honestly, I think it will stay next to my bed for a very long time. Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times best-selling author of Made to Crave You don't have to be around Angie Smith very long to fall in love with her. She is funny and transparent with a passionate love for Christ. In What Women Fear Angie holds up a mirror so that we can see ourselves from every angle, the thoughts we display on the front shelves of our lives and those we hide. The greatest gift tucked into this book is the overwhelming picture of the mercy of our God who understands our fears and invites us to stand beside Him in the rain and let His love wash us clean. Sheila Walsh, author of The Shelter of God's Promises Whatever high wire you’re walking right now, there really is nobody you want at the other end of the line like Angie Smith. And this rare gem of a book is like a steadying, sure hand taking you right into His presence in ways you never imagined. Vivid, profoundly biblical, yet girlfriend real with just-the-medicine-you-need-funny, every page is reviving hope for every woman. Simply, Angie Smith is a Bible teacher for such a time as this. Ann Voskamp, New York Times best-selling author of One Thousand Gifts

The Religion of Love Contrasted with the Religions of Fear Four Sermons

The Religion of Love Contrasted with the Religions of Fear  Four Sermons
Author: William MACKEAN (of Sunderland.)
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 95
Release: 1836
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: BL:A0021879049

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Author: Benjamin L. Corey
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2017-11-07
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780062471598

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The creator of the popular Formerly Fundie blog on Patheos explains how the "American Christianity" we are currently taught is actually a fear-saturated distortion of biblical faith. Benjamin L. Corey thought he was suffering a crisis of faith, but it turned out to be a spiritual awakening. Corey became aware that the constant fear of hell and judgment that defined his Christian faith was out of sync with the idea that God acts from love, and promises to deliver us from fear. In the wake of this realization came newfound insights—from reading the Bible to re-examining American life and the church's role in the wider world. Corey learned that what he had been taught was a distorted version of Christianity that was not only untrue but caused real spiritual harm. He also discovered that he wasn’t alone. Many Christians are yearning to distinguish between the Christianity that has become a rigid American civil religion and the authentic Christian faith embodied in Jesus. As he recounts his own spiritual journey, Corey offers a powerful and inspiring message of hope for every Christian increasingly frustrated with the church today. Do not be discouraged, he assures them. You do not need to give up your faith; you can rediscover the reality of a vibrant Christianity that delivers us from fear and inspires and guides us all today.