Stick and Rudder

Stick and Rudder
Author: Wolfgang Langewiesche
Publsiher: McGraw-Hill
Total Pages: 408
Release: 1994
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: STANFORD:36105010749286

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The classic first analysis of the art of flying is back, now in a special 50th anniversary limited edition with a foreword by Cliff Robertson. leatherette binding, and gold foil stamp. Langewiesche shows precisely what the pilot does when he or she flies, just how it's done, and why.

Stick and Rudder An Explanation of the Art of Flying

Stick and Rudder  An Explanation of the Art of Flying
Author: Wolfgang Langewiesche,Wolfgang Ernst Langewiesche-Brandt,Leighton Holden Collins
Publsiher: McGraw-Hill Professional Pub
Total Pages: 389
Release: 1944
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: UIUC:30112008578004

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In the early 1940's, Wolfgang Langewiesche wrote a series of articles in Air Facts analyzing the various aspects of piloting techniques. Based on these articles, Langewiesche's classic work on the art of flying was published in 1944. This book explains precisely what pilots do when they fly, just how they do it, and why. These basics are largely unchanging. The book applies to large airplanes and small, old airplanes and new, and is of interest not only to the learner but also to the accomplished pilot and instructor. Today, several excellent manuals offer the pilot accurate and valuable technical information. But Stick and Rudder remains the leading think-book on the art of flying.

Property Of

Property Of
Author: Alice Hoffman
Publsiher: Open Road Media
Total Pages: 279
Release: 2014-09-23
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781453225769

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A “hypnotic” novel of love, loss, and teenage girls finding their way on tough streets, by the New York Times–bestselling author of Faithful (The New York Times). On the Night of the Wolf, the Orphans drive south on the Avenue, hunting their rival gang, the Pack. In the lead is McKay, their brooding, courageous President. Left waiting at the clubhouse is the Property of the Orphans, tough girls in mascara and leather who have declared their allegiance to the crew. Tonight, a new girl has joined their ranks. She waits only for McKay. Drag races, dope, knife fights in the street. To the seventeen-year-old heroine of Alice Hoffman’s stunning first novel, the gritty world of the Avenue is beautiful and enthralling. But her love for McKay is an addiction—one that is never satisfied and is impossible to kick. Deeper and deeper she falls, until the winter’s day when she decides to break the spell once and for all. A strikingly original story about the razor-thin line between love and loss, Property Of showcases the vivid imagery, lyricism, and emotional complexity that are the hallmarks of Alice Hoffman’s extraordinary career.

Weather Flying Fifth Edition

Weather Flying  Fifth Edition
Author: Robert Buck
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2013-07-06
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 9780071799737

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THE BEST RESOURCE A PILOT CAN HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO FLY IN ALL TYPES OF WEATHER How do you improve on the best guide for pilots to learn how to fly in all kinds of weather? The answer is the Fifth Edition of Weather Flying. Regarded as the bible of weather flying, this aviation classic not only continues to make complex weather concepts understandable for even the least experienced of flyers, but has now been updated to cover new advances in technology. At the same time, this respected text still retains many of its original insights from over four decades of publication, provided by renowned weather flying veteran Robert N. Buck. In a straightforward style, new author Robert O. Buck (son of the book's original author) delves into how computers, personal electronic devices, electronic flight instrument systems, and other technologies are changing the way general aviation pilots fly weather. He addresses the philosophy and discipline required to use these systems, what they are really telling us, and their task as supplement to good flying sense. The updated Fifth Edition also discusses how to handle changes in FSS weather briefing, including a look at new weather information products and airborne datalink weather information as they affect weather flying. This new edition features: Discussions of weather information--what it is, how to get it, and how to use it Explanations of various weather phenomena and how they affect a flight Updates on the new GPS and smart technology used in weather flying Changes in weather information and briefi ngs Descriptions of improved anti- and deicing systems Serious discussion of the pilot-electronics interface Now more than ever, having the Bucks' Weather Flying at the controls is the next best thing to having the authors with you in the cockpit.

Performance Pilot

Performance Pilot
Author: Ross Bentley
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 174
Release: 2017-07-06
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1507861583

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Do you want to be a better pilot? Do you want to improve your judgment and skills in training, tests, and throughout your career? Why do the best pilots consistently perform to a higher standard? It is the mental game and preparation that separate the good pilots from the high-performance pilots. Professional athletes have relied on sports psychology and coaching for years to help improve performance. Pilots too can benefit from mental strategies, but until now there has been scant aviation-specific content on how to prepare to fly. In Performance Pilot, noted performance coach, Ross Bentley, and professional aviator, Phil Wilkes, reveal aviation-specific procedures, techniques, and strategies to help you methodically, deliberately, and more effectively prepare for, conduct, and evaluate your flying and consistently perform at the highest level. For pilots just starting out, Performance Pilot can help you create a foundation to build upon and use throughout your flying career. The lessons and techniques are equally relevant to pilots at any experience level, whether recreational or professional, civil or military. In short, this book will make you a better pilot. REVIEWS FROM PILOTS "I''ve had the opportunity to fly large four-engine transport aircraft on all seven continents, from combat in Afghanistan to remote ice runways in Antarctica. Every flight demands the highest level of performance from the crew to ensure safe operations. As a military flight instructor, I have flown with pilots of all experience levels. It is amazing to see the difference between pilots that prepare and those that don''t. This book has techniques for all experience levels designed to help any pilot develop their skills and performance. For those just starting out, the techniques in this book can help create a foundation they can build upon and use throughout their flying career. In short, the strategies in this book can help build better pilots." Lt Col Brent Keenan, USAF, C-17A Instructor Pilot & Squadron Commander "This book is relevant to any recreational, professional or military pilot looking to enhance their own performance and skills. As a current instructor of F18 fighter pilots, this is certainly a book I will recommend to all my students." Squadron Leader M A Saunders, RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor "Plenty of books describe the technical aspects of flying airplanes, but the human performance psychology has largely been ignored. There is very little information for pilots on how to improve on high performance skills needed for high-stress and high-workload types of piloting. This book addresses that gap and gives pilots an understanding of the best and most efficient techniques on improving their aircraft handling in a way that will garner real results without needing to turn a propeller. I only wish I had this book years ago." Anthony Crichton-Browne, Airbus A320 Captain, competition aerobatic pilot & aviation podcaster "During my training as a military pilot, I utilized some of the strategies described in this book. However, my personal implementation was haphazard and lacked the methodical and deliberate implementation required to apply them in an effective manner. This book describes the structure needed to effectively apply these learning techniques as well as introducing many new and complementary ones I had not considered. I am sure that my aviation training and subsequent career would have benefitted greatly had this text been available at the time." Jaimie Tilbrook, Former RAAF C130 Hercules Captain "Reading and practicing the advice in ''Performance Pilot'' will help enhance your airmanship. I know that after any of my flying students or colleagues have read ''Performance Pilot'', I''ll sleep better in knowing that their flying careers will take them much more safely throughout their local skies and beyond." Andrew Musca-Unger, Grade 1 Flight Instructor & glider pilot

Fate is the Hunter

Fate is the Hunter
Author: Ernest K. Gann
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 390
Release: 1986-07-02
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780671636036

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Ernest K. Gann’s classic memoir is an up-close and thrilling account of the treacherous early days of commercial aviation. In his inimitable style, Gann brings you right into the cockpit, recounting both the triumphs and terrors of pilots who flew when flying was anything but routine.

So You Want to Be a Pilot Eh

So  You Want to Be a Pilot  Eh
Author: James Ball
Publsiher: Writing on Stone Press Incorporated
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2007-08
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 097813091X

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Ball, a licensed commercial pilot, outlines essential information about becoming a pilot in Canada. (Transportation)

The Killing Zone How Why Pilots Die

The Killing Zone  How   Why Pilots Die
Author: Paul Craig
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2001-01-02
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 9780071504157

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This literal survival guide for new pilots identifies "the killing zone," the 40-250 flight hours during which unseasoned aviators are likely to commit lethal mistakes. Presents the statistics of how many pilots will die in the zone within a year; calls attention to the eight top pilot killers (such as "VFR into IFR," "Takeoff and Climb"); and maps strategies for avoiding, diverting, correcting, and managing the dangers. Includes a Pilot Personality Self-Assessment Exercise that identifies pilot "types" and how each type can best react to survive the killing zone.

Fly the Wing

Fly the Wing
Author: Jim Webb,Billy Walker
Publsiher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2015-02
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 1619541882

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This special printing of the Third Edition comes with a download code for the software (previously in CD format), which gives the reader further tools for study and research. This material can be downloaded from the ASA website (using the code printed in the book). Updated to include coverage of modern cockpit automation, "Fly the Wing" (Third Edition) provides pilots with valuable tools and proven techniques for all flight operations. Also new to this edition is a companion CD-ROM with a complete glossary of flight terms, printable quick reference handbooks, and numerous supporting graphics. Pilots planning a career in aviation will find that this book provides important insights that other books miss. Written in an easy, conversational style, this useful reference progresses from ground school equipment and procedures, to simulators, to real flight. Along the way, the authors cover the physical, psychological and technical preparation needed by pilots to acquire an ATP certificate while maintaining the highest standards of performance. Although not intended to replace training manuals, "Fly the Wing" is by itself a course in advanced aviation. With clear explanations and in-depth coverage, it has been described as a full step beyond the normal training handbook. Pilots desiring additional knowledge in the fields of modern flight deck automation, high-speed aerodynamics, high-altitude flying, speed control, take-offs, and landings in heavy, high performance aircraft will do well to read and retain this material.

The Compleat Taildragger Pilot

The Compleat Taildragger Pilot
Author: Harvey S. Plourde
Publsiher: Muguette B Plourde
Total Pages: 263
Release: 1991
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 0963913700

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Takeoffs and Landings

Takeoffs and Landings
Author: Leighton Collins
Publsiher: Aviation Supplies & Academics
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2005-01-01
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 1560275553

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Back in print with a new design, this guide includes instruction on the basics of takeoffs and landings, the realities of flying into and out of an airport, and the functions of the throttle, stick, rudder, and trim. A pilot's pilot, Collins provides a complete and coherent account, from takeoff roll to full stop, of a perfect flight and landing; identifying many common errors pilots make along the way. In addition to extracting from his own lengthy career and personal experience, Collins shares tips and secrets he learned by observing airline pilots, reading military manuals, attending manufacturer's flight training programs, and interviewing some of aviation's most famous thinkers and figures.

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators
Author: U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command,Hugh Harrison Hunt
Publsiher: Ravenio Books
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2016-09-13
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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A Beginner s Guide to Aviation

A Beginner s Guide to Aviation
Author: David F. Leuchter
Publsiher: The Leuchter Co. LLC
Total Pages: 68
Release: 2016-12-08
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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*Updated version: December 2018. Includes updated information and pictures.* If you have ever had the urge to look up to the sky when you hear an airplane flying over, this book if for you. Some people have the unquenchable desire to kiss the sky, but often the roadmap of getting there is vague to say the very least. This short guide is intended to help clear this up, as well as enlighten those interested in flying to many of the nuances of the craft. Whether you intend to fly for a career or fly for pleasure, the guide will help walk you through all the various options of licensing, the stepping stones that must be followed to be a viable candidate in the workforce, and what to look for in a flight school and instructor. Furthermore, it goes into what exactly a student pilot can and should expect throughout their journey of flight, all through the eyes of someone who has been there. This book goes behind the scenes into less traveled territories and explains in plain language the benefits of different routes into the left-seat of an airliner, a marquee job. These include all the different branches of military service, with strengths and weaknesses of each; more traditional routes like flight instructing into a regional airline seat, and even aerial applicating! Wherever you want your future in aviation to take you, this is a great place to start. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Book Review:

Rod Machado s Private Pilot Handbook

Rod Machado s Private Pilot Handbook
Author: Rod Machado
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 572
Release: 1996
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 0963122991

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Learn everything you need for the FAA private pilot exam, biennial flight reviews, and updating and refreshing your knowledge.

Flying the Alaska Wild

Flying the Alaska Wild
Author: Mort D. Mason
Publsiher: Voyageur Press (MN)
Total Pages: 335
Release: 2002-01
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 0896585891

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Flying the Alaska Wild is true grit stuff: a collection of fascinating stories about the rough-and-tumble life of an Alaskan bush pilot— straight from the pilot's seat.