The A Z Guide to Food as Medicine Second Edition

The A Z Guide to Food as Medicine  Second Edition
Author: Diane Kraft
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 414
Release: 2019-01-22
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780429942501

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Reprising The 2017 American Library Association Outstanding Academic Title award-winning A-Z Guide to Food As Medicine, this new edition explores the physiological effects of more than 250 foods, food groups, nutrients, and phytochemicals in entries that include: Definition and background information such as traditional medicinal use, culinary facts, and dietary intake and deficiency information Scientific findings on the physiological effects of foods, food groups, and food constituents Bioactive dose when known, such as nutrient Dietary Reference Intakes focusing on 19-to-50-year-old individuals Safety highlights, such as nutrient Tolerable Upper Intake Levels A health professional’s comprehensive nutrition handbook that includes all nutrients, nutrient functions, "good" and "excellent" sources of nutrients, nutrient assessment, and deficiency symptoms, as well as summaries of foods, food groups, and phytochemicals. New to the Second Edition: Disease- and condition-focused Index that leads readers to foods used to manage specific conditions and diseases Focus on practical recommendations for health maintenance and disease prevention, including tables, insets, and updated scientific findings on more than a dozen new foods Accompanying teaching aids and lesson plans available online at Features: Dictionary-style summaries of the physiological effects of foods, food groups, nutrients, and phytochemicals alphabetically listed for quick access Approximately 60 B & W images of foods; informational tables and insets that define or illustrate concepts such as drug terminologies, classes of phytochemicals, and medicinal aspects of foods and of a plant-based diet Over 1,000 scientific references from peer-reviewed sources, including The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library, and position statements of major health organizations


Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017
Genre: Medicine, Preventive
ISBN: 0429186428

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Prescription for Dietary Wellness

Prescription for Dietary Wellness
Author: Phyllis A. Balch CNC
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2003-05-26
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781101098721

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Like its companion books--the number-one bestselling Prescription for Nutritional Healing and the newer Prescription for Herbal Healing--Prescription for Dietary Wellness offers authoritative information that is research-based and clearly written, making it easy for the reader to quickly find the subjects in which he or she is interested and to incorporate the dietary recommendations into his or her daily life. Updates in this second edition include: phytochemicals and antioxidants foods that boost immunity how to choose the most nutritious foods "standout" healing foods how to design a diet for your individual optimal health, taking into account special dietary needs such as those of women, children, vegetarians, and others food combining diet-based healing techniques such as juicing, fasting, and detoxifying how to avoid potential dietary dangers, including threats to water safety, foodborne diseases, food additives, food irradiation, antibiotics, genetically engineered foods, and undesirable substances such as caffeine, cholesterol, and sugar. While not a cookbook, Prescription for Dietary Wellness also includes a number of easy, wholesome recipes and advice on cooking methods. It is a complete, practical guide to eating for good health.

Vegetables Fruits and Herbs in Health Promotion

Vegetables  Fruits  and Herbs in Health Promotion
Author: Ronald Ross Watson
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 360
Release: 2000-09-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781420042542

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The use of dietary vegetables and medicinal herbs to improve health is a phenomenon that is taking society by storm. Herbal products are now a multi-billion dollar business. Even more important, this business is built upon extremely little research data. The FDA is pushing the industry-with Congress' help- to base their claims and products on scientific phenomena. Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Health Promotion discusses the most effective ways of conducting research geared toward deriving maximum nutritional benefit from vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The book addresses such questions as: o How much vegetables and herbs should be consumed? o Can extracts or components be useful replacements for vegetable consumption? o Does red wine reduce the risk of heart disease, and if so, what are the active agents and mechanisms? Increased consumption of vegetables and herbs promotes health, increases longevity, and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Health Promotion is an invaluable reference for providing you with the knowledge necessary for fostering positive changes in dietary habits.

Nutritional Supplements in Sport Exercise and Health

Nutritional Supplements in Sport  Exercise and Health
Author: Linda M. Castell,Samantha J. Stear,Louise M. Burke
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 454
Release: 2015-04-17
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781317678618

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Nutritional Supplements in Sport, Exercise and Health is the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to dietary supplements, ergogenic aids and sports nutrition foods currently available. Consisting of over 140 evidence-based review articles written by world-leading research scientists and practitioners, the book aims to dispel the misinformation that surrounds supplements and supplementation, offering a useful, balanced and unbiased resource. The reviews are set out in an A-Z format and include: definitions alongside related products; applicable food sources; where appropriate, practical recommendations such as dosage and timing, possible nutrient interactions requiring the avoidance of other nutrients, and any known potential side effects; and full research citations. The volume as a whole addresses the key issues of efficacy, safety, legality and ethics, and includes additional reviews on the WADA code, inadvertent doping, and stacking. Combining the most up-to-date scientific evidence with consideration of practical issues, this book is an essential reference for any healthcare professional working in sport and exercise, any student or researcher working in sport and exercise science, sports medicine, health science or nutrition, and for all coaches and support teams working with athletes.

An A Z Guide to Food Additives

An A Z Guide to Food Additives
Author: Deanna M. Minich
Total Pages: 156
Release: 2010-06-29
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781458779434

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An A-Z Guide to Food Additives will help consumers avoid undesirable food additives and show them which additives do no harm and may even be nutritious. Designed to fit in a purse or pocket, this little book will serve as an ""additive translator"" when navigating through the landmine field of additives or ingredients that may cause allergic reactions like headaches, fatigue, and breathing difficulties or those that cause bloating or make one hyperactive. Included are safety ratings to 300 ingredients and reference charts of such additives as those that may potentially cause cancer or allergic reactions or that should be limited for sodium-sensitive individuals. There is also essential nutrition advice, hints on what to look for when reading those unreadable ingredient labels, and even tips on buying fresh produce in order to avoid pesticides.

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods
Author: Michael T. Murray,Joseph Pizzorno
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 912
Release: 2010-05-11
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 1439103445

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From the bestselling authors of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, the most comprehensive and practical guide available to the nutritional benefits and medicinal properties of virtually everything edible As countless studies have affirmed, diet plays a major role in both provoking and preventing a wide range of diseases. But just what is a healthy diet? What does the body need to stay strong and get well? In The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Michael T. Murray, N.D., and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., two of the world¹s foremost authorities on nutrition and wellness, draw on an abundant harvest of research to present the best guide available to healthy eating. Make healthy eating a lifetime habit. Let The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods teach you how to: design a safe diet use foods to stimulate the body¹s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal discover the role that fiber, enzymes, fatty acids, and other dietary components have in helping us live healthfully understand which food prescriptions will help you safely treat more than 70 specific ailments, including acne, Alzheimer¹s disease, immune system depression, insomnia, migraine headaches, PMS, and rheumatoid arthritis prepare foods safely in order to prevent illness and maximize health benefits select, store, and prepare all kinds of healthful foods Providing the best natural remedies for everyday aches and pains, as well as potent protection against serious diseases, The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods is a required daily health reference.

Handbook of Functional Lipids

Handbook of Functional Lipids
Author: Casimir C. Akoh
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2005-07-18
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781420039184

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Consumer demand is creating rapid growth in the functional foods market - a market soon to reach $20 billion worldwide. As a result, the food industry has stepped up the development of functional lipids. These lipids impart health benefits when consumed and also impact food product functionalities. While many books have touched on the correlation b

The Big Book of Symptoms

The Big Book of Symptoms
Author: Steven P. Shelov,Shelly Vaziri Flais
Publsiher: Amer Academy of Pediatrics
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2014-07-15
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 1581108400

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Identifies the most common childhood symptoms and suggests possible causes and treatment options for each, and provides a brief discussion of first aid and safety.

Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements

Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements
Author: Robert A. DiSilvestro
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2004-09-29
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0203489675

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Mineral supplements are receiving a great deal of attention and experiencing a tremendous period of growth. Despite their popularity, questions continue to arise regarding the research behind their claims, the efficacy of different forms, and their overall safety. It is critical for the health care community and the general public to have an unbiased source of authoritative information. Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements provides a comprehensive presentation and interpretation of the current state of research on various mineral supplements. It discusses the science behind the major minerals, the latest research on the mineral's ability to correct deficiencies that may compromise health, and some of the popular health claims. Each chapter focuses on a particular mineral and features the same headings, ensuring that the retrieval of information is quick and easy. As the first book on supplements written by a university mineral researcher specifically for the biomedical research and professional health care community, the information is technical enough to satisfy a biomedical audience, yet avoids jargon used mainly by mineral specialists. The author presents various perspectives on controversial issues, and then offers his knowledgeable opinion on the best course of action, all in an effort to provide guidance on the wise use of mineral supplements.

Don t Eat This If You re Taking That

Don t Eat This If You re Taking That
Author: Madelyn Fernstrom,John Fernstrom
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2017-05-02
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781510721517

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NBC Today show nutrition and diet guru Madelyn Fernstrom and award-winning neuroscientist and pharmacologist John Fernstrom —partnering with AARP— present the ultimate guide to food and medicine interaction. Millions of Americans take prescription drugs to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or other conditions. But beware: The foods you eat and the medications you take could be working against each other. Don’t Eat This If You’re Taking That takes the mystery out of food and medication interactions. This easy-to-use guide details foods that can interfere with the action of the medication—whether taken for the short or long term. In this book, readers can easily find a medication, see what foods to avoid, and make smart swaps. We all believe a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products is part of healthy eating—right? Not always. Dr. Fernstrom explains exactly what foods to avoid when and why. For instance, If you’re taking cholesterol medicine, you should cut out—or cut down on—grapefruit. On a blood thinner? Avoid dark green veggies. If you’re on thyroid medication, nix the soy. And more small diet changes with big health payoffs! As an added bonus, each chapter offers a “Dietary Supplements Alert” box, providing the most up-to-date information on interactions with vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements. With this concise, scientifically based guide, consumers can easily personalize their eating plan to work with, not against, their medications.

The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines

The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines
Author: Michael Murray
Publsiher: Bantam
Total Pages: 1088
Release: 2008-11-19
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9780307489531

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IF YOU TAKE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, HERBS, VITAMINS, AND OTHER NATURAL PRODUCTS, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Compiled by one of America’s leading authorities on natural medicine, The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines answers vital questions about the effectiveness and safety of more than 250 of today’s most popular natural remedies. Dr. Murray's unique A-to-F rating system tells you at a glance whether the product has been scientifically proven to work and if there are risks in taking it. Written in clear, accessible language, here is important information on: • What the product is for, and how it works • Safety and effectiveness rating • Possible side effects • Drug and food interactions • Usual dosage • Cautions and warnings • Special concerns for seniors, children, and pregnant women Up-to-date and authoritative, The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines also contains Dr. Murray's recommendations for the prevention and treatment of over 70 common conditions, from acne and atherosclerosis to ulcers and varicose veins. Remember, just because a product is “natural” does not mean it is safe. This important reference can help you make wise choices–or even save your health.

A Z Guide to Drug herb vitamin Interactions

A Z Guide to Drug herb vitamin Interactions
Author: Alan Gaby
Publsiher: Harmony
Total Pages: 338
Release: 2006
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9780307336644

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An up-to-date guide to using vitamins and other nutritional supplements effectively uncovers the positive and negative effects of adding natural and traditional remedies, with more than two hundred new entries, information on eighteen thousand drug-herb-vitamin interactions, and other important tips. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine
Author: Iris F. F. Benzie,Sissi Wachtel-Galor
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 500
Release: 2011-03-28
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781439807163

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The global popularity of herbal supplements and the promise they hold in treating various disease states has caused an unprecedented interest in understanding the molecular basis of the biological activity of traditional remedies. Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects focuses on presenting current scientific evidence of biomolecular ef

Natural Health Bible

Natural Health Bible
Author: Steven Bratman,David Kroll
Publsiher: Prima Lifestyles
Total Pages: 495
Release: 1999
Genre: Dietary supplements
ISBN: 0761520821

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The Natural Pharmacist: Natural Health Bible is the culmination of extensive research into the science behind the therapeutic wonders of natural medicine. Rigorously reviewed for accuracy by a medical doctor and a professor of pharmacology, readers will learn what works -- and what doesn't-in the natural treatment of life's most common ailments.