The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Author: Sonja Schenk,Ben Long
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 614
Release: 2017
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0692782117

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Filmmaking involves much more than just buying a camera and a computer and The Digital Filmmaking Handbook covers everything you need to know, whether you're making a feature-length movie, a series of webisodes, a VR project, or even your first short film. This one-stop digital filmmaking resource will guide you from your initial idea to getting your finished project "in the can." It will show you how to create shots and effects that are rarely associated with low-budget productions. What's New? Web-based distribution has finally cracked open the field and there are really no limits to the type of films you can make--from long-arc television to webisodic content to traditional feature films, it's easier than ever to find an audience for your movie. Virtual Realty is making serious headway into the entertainment industry, so we've added special sections about VR productions throughout the book. The rate of technological innovation in digital filmmaking is astounding: more and better digital cinema cameras, accessible 4K production and post, lots of new lenses, and computer-controlled camera rigging from sliders to robotic jib arms to drones. It's a brave new world out there and we're here to help you navigate it. Digital video has come to mean all things to all people and the types of projects that are being made by indie filmmakers are more varied than ever. So why stop at a single film? Go ahead, you know, Make Your Movies. The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is a top-rated bestseller. It's been in print for 17 years. It offers 600 pages of regularly-updated information on all aspects of filmmaking. (Some people buy this book for the glossary alone.)

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Author: Ben Long,Sonja Schenk
Publsiher: Charles River Media
Total Pages: 624
Release: 2006
Genre: Computers
ISBN: UOM:39015063654472

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Looks at the digital filmmaking process, covering such topics as choosing a camera, lighting, sound, editing, color correction, and compositing.

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Author: Mark Brindle
Publsiher: Quercus
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2014-01-07
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9781623650773

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Part of the perennially best-selling Quercus Digital Photography series, this comprehensive guide features everything you need to know to make a digital film, from conception to finished product. Using clear, step-by-step instruction, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook concisely illustrates the technical and creative challenges of digital filmmaking for novices and professionals alike, spanning topics from conception to execution: - Planning a shoot: how to make a storyboard - Set preparation: dressing and lighting a set - Principal photography: filming with HD and DSLR cameras--including the latest advice on equipment, accessories, and software - Advanced editing: software and practices - Post-production: digital effects and Packed with tips and tricks to develop both your creative vision and your technical know-how, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is the ultimate resource for all your filmmaking needs. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Filmmaker s Handbook

The Filmmaker s Handbook
Author: Steven Ascher,Edward Pincus
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 832
Release: 2012-11-27
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781101613801

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FIFTH EDITION, UPDATED FOR 2020. The authoritative guide to producing, directing, shooting, editing, and distributing your video or film. Whether you aspire to be a great filmmaker yourself or are looking for movie gifts, this comprehensive guide to filmmaking is the first step in turning a hobby into a career. Widely acknowledged as the “bible” of video and film production, and used in courses around the world, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is now updated with the latest advances in HD and digital formats. For students and teachers, professionals and novices, this indispensable handbook covers all aspects of movie making. • Techniques for making dramatic features, documentaries, corporate, broadcast, and experimental videos and films • Shooting with DSLRs, video, film, and digital cinema cameras • In-depth coverage of lenses, lighting, sound recording, editing, and mixing • Understanding HDR, RAW, Log, 4K, UHD, and other formats • The business aspects of funding and producing your project • Getting your movie shown in theaters, on television, streaming services, and online

Digital Film Making

Digital Film Making
Author: Mike Figgis
Publsiher: Faber & Faber
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2012-08-16
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780571261352

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'Now there is no reason to prevent anybody from making a film. The technology exists, the equipment is much cheaper than it was, the post-production facilities are on a laptop computer, the entire equipment to make a film can go in a couple of cases and be carried as hand luggage on a plane.' Mike Figgis In this indispensable guide, leading director Mike Figgis offers the reader a step-by-step tutorial in how to use digital filmmaking technology so as to get the very best from it. He outlines the equipment and its uses, and provides an authoritative guide to the shooting process - from working with actors to lighting, framing, and camera movement. He further dispenses wisdom on the editing process and the use of sound and music, all the while establishing a sound aesthetic basis for the digital format. Offering everything that you could wish to know on the subject, this is a handbook that will become an essential back-pocket reference for the digital film enthusiast - whether your goal is to make no-budget movies, or simply to put your video camera to more use than just holidays and weddings.

Digital Filmmaking for Beginners A Practical Guide to Video Production

Digital Filmmaking for Beginners A Practical Guide to Video Production
Author: Michael Hughes
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2012-06-22
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780071791373

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Discover how to create professional-quality digital videos--faster than you can say "lights, camera, action" Digital video cameras are everywhere--even on our phones! But cameras don't make great movies; filmmakers do. Written by a seasoned pro with 40 years of teaching experience, Digital Filmmaking for Beginners is your fully illustrated introduction to all technical aspects of digital filmmaking. Featuring clear, concise instruction--accompanied by online video demonstrations--this comprehensive guide covers the best methods and techniques to plan and script projects; set up lighting, microphones, and cameras; and shoot, edit, and apply postproduction effects and other finishing touches. Whether you're an amateur film buff or an aspiring professional videographer, this is the source for everything you need to bring your ideas from the page to the screen. Coverage includes: Best practices to ensure smooth operations in all project phases, from planning to post production Recommendations on selecting and purchasing cameras, filming gear, and the best editing and effects software to fit your budget and needs Advice on planning, shooting, editing, and other technical elements Fully illustrated tutorials on composition, framing, and other visual storytelling techniques Exclusive bonus online content, including finished video demonstrations of key filmmaking techniques and informative articles

The IFILM Digital Video Filmmaker s Handbook

The IFILM Digital Video Filmmaker s Handbook
Author: Maxie D. Collier
Publsiher: Lone Eagle Publishing Company, LLC
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2001
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 1580650317

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On digital video

The DSLR Filmmaker s Handbook

The DSLR Filmmaker s Handbook
Author: Barry Andersson
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2015-03-13
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9781118983508

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Learn to shoot professional-quality HD footage with your DSLRCamera The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook, 2nd Edition is the expertguide to getting professional movie-making results with an HDvideo-enabled DSLR camera. Fully updated to reflect the latesttechnology, this updated edition provides guidance toward bestpractices and techniques that maximize results. Shooting HD videowith a DSLR has many benefits — and also a few trickydrawbacks — but this guide gives you the insight and trainingyou need to overcome these challenges as you learn what toanticipate, how to work around it, and how to fix imperfections inpost-production. Award winning independent filmmaker BarryAndersson walks you through the shooting process and shows you whatto do before, during, and after filming to ensure high qualityresults. Most of today's DSLRs have the capacity to shoot HD video. This,combined with incredible low-light capabilities, shallow depth offield, and relatively low price point make these cameras anextremely attractive entry point for would-be independentfilmmakers. This book shows you how to exploit your DSLR'scapabilities to produce beautiful film, with step-by-step expertinstruction. Understand the limitations of DSLR video Learn what to plan for before filming begins Exploit HD capabilities to maximize the film's visuals Produce professional-level, film-quality footage With thorough explanations and expert instruction, The DSLRFilmmaker's Handbook, 2nd Edition is the training you need tostart shooting beautiful HD footage.