The Human Web

The Human Web
Author: John Robert McNeill,William Hardy McNeill,William McNeil
Publsiher: W. W. Norton & Company
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2003
Genre: History
ISBN: 039305179X

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A study on human patterns, interactions, and conflict from the earliest periods in history considers such topics as the evolution of religion, the western world's dominance in the world market, and the creation of ancient agriculture. 20,000 first printing.

The Human Web

The Human Web
Author: John Robert McNeill,William Hardy McNeill
Publsiher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2003
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0393925684

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A study on human patterns, interactions, and conflict from the earliest periods in history considers such topics as the evolution of religion, the western world's dominance in the world market, and the creation of ancient agriculture.

Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design Second Edition

Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design  Second Edition
Author: Kim-Phuong L. Vu,Robert W. Proctor
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 794
Release: 2011-04-25
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781439825952

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The Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design covers basic human factors issues relating to screen design, input devices, and information organization and processing, as well as addresses newer features which will become prominent in the next generation of Web technologies. These include multimodal interfaces, wireless capabilities, and agents that can improve convenience and usability. Written by leading researchers and/or practitioners in the field, this volume reflects the varied backgrounds and interests of individuals involved in all aspects of human factors and Web design and includes chapters on a full range of topics. Divided into 12 sections, this book covers: historical backgrounds and overviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) specific subfields of HFE issues involved in content preparation for the Web information search and interactive information agents designing for universal access and specific user populations the importance of incorporating usability evaluations in the design process task analysis, meaning analysis, and performance modeling specific Web applications in academic and industrial settings Web psychology and information security emerging technological developments and applications for the Web the costs and benefits of incorporating human factors for the Web and the state of current guidelines The Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design is intended for researchers and practitioners concerned with all aspects of Web design. It could also be used as a text for advanced courses in computer science, industrial engineering, and psychology.

Islam in International Relations

Islam in International Relations
Author: Nassef Manabilang Adiong,Raffaele Mauriello,Deina Abdelkader
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 236
Release: 2018-11-02
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781315513553

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Islam in International Relations: Politics and Paradigms analyses the interaction between Islam and IR. It shows how Islam is a conceptualization of ideas that affect people’s thinking and behaviour in their capacity to relate with IR as both discipline and practice. This approach challenges Western-based and defined epistemological and ontological foundations of the discipline, and by doing so contributes to worlding IR as a field of study and practice by presenting and discussing a broad range of standpoints from within Islamic civilization. The volume opens with the presentation and discussion of the international thought of a major Muslim leader, followed by a chapter that addresses the ethical practice of IR, from traditional pacifism to modern Arab political philosophy. It then switches to applying constructivism as a tool to understand Islam in world affairs and proceeds to address the issue of how the ethnocentric approach of Western academia has hindered our understanding of world affairs. The volume moves on to address the ISIS phenomenon, a current urgent issue in world affairs, and closes with a look at Islamic geopolitics. This comprehensive collection will be of great interest to students, scholars and policy-makers with a focus on the Muslim world.

RESTful Web Services

RESTful Web Services
Author: Leonard Richardson,Sam Ruby
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 454
Release: 2008-12-17
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780596554606

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"Every developer working with the Web needs to read this book." -- David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Rails framework "RESTful Web Services finally provides a practical roadmap for constructing services that embrace the Web, instead of trying to route around it." -- Adam Trachtenberg, PHP author and EBay Web Services Evangelist You've built web sites that can be used by humans. But can you also build web sites that are usable by machines? That's where the future lies, and that's what RESTful Web Services shows you how to do. The World Wide Web is the most popular distributed application in history, and Web services and mashups have turned it into a powerful distributed computing platform. But today's web service technologies have lost sight of the simplicity that made the Web successful. They don't work like the Web, and they're missing out on its advantages. This book puts the "Web" back into web services. It shows how you can connect to the programmable web with the technologies you already use every day. The key is REST, the architectural style that drives the Web. This book: Emphasizes the power of basic Web technologies -- the HTTP application protocol, the URI naming standard, and the XML markup language Introduces the Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA), a common-sense set of rules for designing RESTful web services Shows how a RESTful design is simpler, more versatile, and more scalable than a design based on Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) Includes real-world examples of RESTful web services, like Amazon's Simple Storage Service and the Atom Publishing Protocol Discusses web service clients for popular programming languages Shows how to implement RESTful services in three popular frameworks -- Ruby on Rails, Restlet (for Java), and Django (for Python) Focuses on practical issues: how to design and implement RESTful web services and clients This is the first book that applies the REST design philosophy to real web services. It sets down the best practices you need to make your design a success, and the techniques you need to turn your design into working code. You can harness the power of the Web for programmable applications: you just have to work with the Web instead of against it. This book shows you how.


Author: Kate Bazilevsky
Publsiher: HPA Press
Total Pages: 126
Release: 2014-08-22
Genre: True Crime
ISBN: 9781310766732


In essence, this story is about how a certain person was searching his bookshelf for something to read and in the end found a book, which turned out to be the source, from which it is possible to obtain absolutely any kind of information about absolutely any person. Meaning, information to the smallest particulars and details about what his or her qualities of personality are, how he or she lives, what he or she really wants to achieve, what he or she hides, and much more. And, it does not matter, if the subject is some person, who lived in the distant past or lives in the present or someone, who will live in the future. Since, as it turned out later on, this literary monument is nothing other than the Catalog of human population. In other words, the encyclopedia of Homo sapiens; in essence, the same as encyclopedias, reference books for specialists, which contain complete information about representatives of a particular subspecies of animals, plants, etc. Although at some point, the course of this story turned banal: "bad guys" from security services, intelligence services, politics decided to not only use this source of knowledge for their dirty deeds, but also to appropriate it solely for their personal use. And, the way they tried to do this is also banal: by physically destroying the author of discovery of the Catalog of human population and all of his colleagues. However, the ending of this story makes it stand out from the category of ordinary spy stories. At least because the main characters of this story managed to survive not due to favorable concatenation of circumstances or someone’s help, but thanks to that knowledge, which they discovered in the ancient text, which turned out to be the Catalog of human population. Of course, such an outcome upset and continues to upset not only the Russian special services, but also all those people in whose way developers of the Catalog of human population got. And, in this civilization, there are countless numbers of such people: from psychologists (who become no longer needed by anyone) to organizers of this civilization themselves. Since from the standpoint of the Catalog of human population—technogenic civilization without a human, which they lovingly built for many centuries, is simply trash, to put it mildly, and beneath all criticism. And, they themselves are also trash. However, regular people, who (thanks to the scientific discovery made by Andrey Davydov) got the source with answers to all of their questions and individual recipes, now no longer need to pay "experts on the human soul" for being shamelessly fooled. Therefore, whoever tries to kill developers of the Catalog of human population in the future must know that it is no longer possible, as they already became part of history of humanity. After all, at the current stage of development, a Homo sapiens has only one possibility to continue to live after death, to live through the ages: in the product that he/she created. And, those, who tried and continue to try to kill them, were nobodies and will remain nobodies, who one day will cease to exist without leaving a trace. As for organizers of this "civilization"—maybe instead of trying to find new recipes to destroy "excess billions" and trying to examine human potential using Neanderthal methods, it would be more reasonable not only to find out the recipe of how to make Homo sapiens a 100% controllable producer and consumer from the source (which, by the way, seems to have been left to humanity by creators of nature and a human on this planet), but also how to build a civilization without quotes? After all, it only seems to them that they are the main deceivers, while in reality they were fooled, and fooled majorly.

After Tamerlane

After Tamerlane
Author: John Darwin
Publsiher: Penguin UK
Total Pages: 592
Release: 2007-04-26
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780141904689

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Tamerlane was the last of the 'world conquerors': his armies looted and killed from the shores of the Mediterranean to the frontier of China. Nomad horsemen from the Steppes had been the terror of Europe and Asia for centuries, but with Tamerlane's death in 1405, an epoch of history came to an end. The future belonged to the great dynastic empires - Chinese, Mughal, Iranian and Ottoman - where most of Eurasia's culture and wealth was to be found, and to the oceanic voyagers from Eurasia's 'Far West', just beginning to venture across the dark seas. After Tamerlane is an immensely important and stimulating work. It takes a fresh look at our global past. Our idea of world history is still dominated by the view from the West: it is Europe's expansion that takes centre-stage. But for much of the six-hundred year span of this book. Asia's great empires seemed much more than a match for the intruders from Europe. It took a revolution in Eurasia to change this balance of power, although never completely. The Chinese empire, against all the odds, has survived to this day. The British empire came and went. The Nazi empire was crushed almost at one. The rise, fall and endurance of empires - and the causes behind them - remain one of the most fascinating puzzles in world history.

The Human Web

The Human Web
Author: Gerard O'Donnell
Publsiher: John Murray
Total Pages: 249
Release: 1975
Genre: Great Britain
ISBN: NWU:35556030068571

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Human Anatomy Coloring Book

Human Anatomy Coloring Book
Author: Michael D. Clark
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 62
Release: 2016-09-19
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1537715720

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An Easier and Better Way to Learn Anatomy. The human body is wondrously complex, with 700 muscles, 206 bones, and countless cells and tissues ... but studying and remembering all of them can be overwhelming! Instead of rote memorization, the Anatomy Coloring book helps you take an interactive approach to learning anatomy through coloring. Not only can this take less time than memorizing from textbooks and flashcards, but the process thoroughly fixes anatomical concepts in your mind for easier visual recall later.

The Human Past

The Human Past
Author: Christopher Scarre
Publsiher: Thames & Hudson
Total Pages: 784
Release: 2013-01-01
Genre: Agriculture, Prehistoric
ISBN: 0500290644

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The Human Past has established itself as the most thorough and authoritative introductory survey of human prehistory and the development of civilizations around the globe, adopted by colleges and universities worldwide. With a clear and logical framework, and written by an international team of 24 acknowledged experts, this unique textbook provides a comprehensive overview of world prehistory through a series of chapters focusing on individual regions and time periods that presents the vast panorama of human social, cultural and economic development over the past three million years. This new edition has been completely revised and updated, with more colour illustrations, to take account of new discoveries and developments, including what the analysis of ancient DNA tells us about our evolution; the latest theories about the domestication of key plants and animals, including rice and maize; and new thinking on the earliest Paleoindian hunting strategies.

The Dawn of Humans

The Dawn of Humans
Author: Michael Lampman
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2016-05-06
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1533084130

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With the Dawn of Humans, the battle for the world begins... When the world began, the human race lived as nothing more than cattle. A great group of creatures known as the Blood Walkers ruled the world. They protected the balance between the species until something happened that no one ever saw coming. Humans have just learned of the Walker's deadliest secret, and with it, it will be only a matter of time before they learn how to use it to change the world.

The World Book Encyclopedia

The World Book Encyclopedia
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 542
Release: 2006
Genre: Encyclopedias and dictionaries
ISBN: 0716601060

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An encyclopedia designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology
Author: J. Gordon Betts,Peter DeSaix,Jody E. Johnson,Oksana Korol,Dean H. Kruse,Brandon Poe,James A. Wise,Mark Womble,Kelly A. Young
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2013-04-25
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1947172808

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The Seeds of New Earth the Silent Earth Book 2

The Seeds of New Earth  the Silent Earth  Book 2
Author: Mark R. Healy
Publsiher: CreateSpace
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2014-12-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1505314186

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The Earth is in ruins. Cities and nations destroyed. Mankind is extinct. Brant and Arsha are synthetics, machines made in the image of people. They dream of bringing humans back into the world and have the technology to succeed, but the obstacles in their way are mounting. Not only are their own conflicting ideals creating a rift between them, but now the sinister Marauders are closing in as they seek revenge on Brant. Out in the wasteland, strange lights and mysterious objects in the sky herald the arrival of new factions that seek to control the region. Even in the once quiet streets of their own city, malevolent forces are beginning to unfurl that threaten the sanctity of everything they hold dear, jeopardising the future that is within their grasp. The Silent Earth Series Book 1 - After the Winter:

The Human Sciences Volume III

The Human Sciences Volume III
Author: Bernard G. Berenson Ph. D.
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 94
Release: 2015-10-21
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1610144007

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Carkhuff and the Possibilities Science is the third title in the groundbreaking Human Sciences series. In Volume I, we learned how Possibilities Science addresses the limitations of Probabilities Science and led to Generativity that defines the best processes for generating the best ideas. In Volume II, we discovered how the power of Probabilities, Possibilities and Generativity Sciences is employed by the Science of Change.