The Question of God

The Question of God
Author: Armand Nicholi
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 295
Release: 2003-08-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 074324785X

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Compares and contrasts the beliefs of two famous thinkers, Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, on topics ranging from the existence of God and morality to pain and suffering.

The Question of God

The Question of God
Author: Armand Nicholi
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2002-04-03
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780743242233

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"This elegantly written and compelling comparison of the worldviews of Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis provides a riveting opportunity to consider the most important questions mankind has ever asked: Is there a God? Does he care about me? This profound book is for anyone who is earnestly seeking answers about truth, the meaning of life, and God's existence." -- Francis Collins, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute Many of history's greatest thinkers have wrestled with the ultimate question of belief and nonbelief in God. Though it might seem unlikely that any new arguments could possibly be raised on either side, the twentieth century managed to produce two men who each made brilliant, new, and lasting arguments, one in favor of belief and one opposed. Few spokesmen have ever championed their respective positions better than Sigmund Freud and C. S. Lewis. Sadly, as far as we know, they never met or debated each other directly. In The Question of God their arguments are placed side by side, as if they were standing at podiums in a shared room. Both thought carefully about the flaws and alternatives to their positions; each considered the other's views. Both men considered the problem of pain and suffering, the nature of love and sex, and the ultimate meaning of life and death. Here, with their debate made explicit, we can take ringside seats at one of history's most profound encounters. For more than twenty-five years Armand Nicholi has studied the philosophical writings of both men, and has taught a popular course at Harvard that compares the two worldviews. In The Question of God he presents the fruits of years of labor among the published and unpublished writings of Lewis and Freud, including an extensive exploration of their private letters. He allows them to speak for themselves on every major question of belief and nonbelief, but also skillfully draws conclusions from their own lives. Why did Freud have such difficulty maintaining lifelong friendships? How did Lewis's friendships change after his transition from atheism to belief? Why was Freud unable to willfully ignore his own internal moral sense, even though he believed it to be purely a product of socialization and not in any way eternally "true"? The Question of God may be the best book about belief and nonbelief ever written, since it does not presuppose which answer is correct. Instead, it uses two of history's most articulate spokesmen to present arguments on both sides. In the end, readers must join Nicholi's hundreds of former students in deciding for themselves which path to follow.

The Problem of God

The Problem of God
Author: Mark Clark
Publsiher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2017-08-22
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780310535232

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The Problem of God explores answers to the most difficult questions raised against Christianity. A skeptic who became a Christian and then a pastor, author Mark Clark grew up in an atheistic home. After his father's death, he began a skeptical search for truth through the fields of science, philosophy, and history, eventually finding answers in the last place he expected: Christianity. In a winsome, persuasive, and humble voice, The Problem of God responds to the top ten interrogations people bring against God, and Christianity, including: Does God even exist in the first place? What do we do with Christianity's violent history? Is Jesus just another myth? Can the Bible be trusted? Why should we believe in Hell anymore today? Each chapter answers the specific challenge using a mix of theology, philosophy, and science. Filled with compelling stories and anecdotes, The Problem of God presents an organized and easy-to-understand range of apologetics, focused on both convincing the skeptic and informing the Christian. The book concluding with Christianity's most audacious assertion: how should we respond to Jesus' claim that he is God and the only way to salvation.

The Problem of God Yesterday and Today

The Problem of God  Yesterday and Today
Author: John Courtney Murray
Publsiher: Yale University Press
Total Pages: 121
Release: 1964-01-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0300001711

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In an urbane and persuasive tract for our time, the distinguished Catholic theologian combines a comprehensive metaphysics with a sensitivity to contemporary existentialist thought. Father Murray traces the “problem of God” from its origins in the Old Testament, through its development in the Christian Fathers and the definitive statement by Aquinas, to its denial by modern materialism. Students and nonspecialist intellectuals may both benefit by the book, which illuminates the problem of development of doctrine that is now, even more than in the days of Newman, a fundamental issue between Roman Catholic and Protestant, theologians and nonspecialst intellectuals alike will find the subject of vital interest. As a challenge to the ecumenical dialogue, the question is raised whether, in the course of its development through different phases, the problem of God has come back to its original position. Father Murray is Ordinary professor of theology at Woodstock College, Woodstock, Maryland. St. Thomas More Lectures, 1. "A gem of a book—lucid, illuminating, brilliantly written. A fine contribution to the current Catholic theological renaissance."—Paul Weiss.

The Resurrection of the Son of God

The Resurrection of the Son of God
Author: Nicholas Thomas Wright
Publsiher: Fortress Press
Total Pages: 864
Release: 2003
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0800636155

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Why did Christianity begin, and why did it take the shape it did? To answer this question -- which any historian must face -- renowned New Testament scholar N. T. Wright focuses on the key points: what precisely happened at Easter? What did the early Christians mean when they said that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised from the dead? What can be said today about this belief? This book, third in Wright's series Christian Origins and the Question of God, sketches a map of ancient beliefs about life after death, in both the Greco-Roman and Jewish worlds. It then highlights the fact that the early Christians' belief about the afterlife belonged firmly on the Jewish spectrum, while introducing several new mutations and sharper definitions. This, together with other features of early Christianity, forces the historian to read the Easter narratives in the gospels, not simply as late rationalizations of early Christian spirituality, but as accounts of two actual events: the empty tomb of Jesus and his "appearances." How do we explain these phenomena? The early Christians' answer was that Jesus had indeed been bodily raised from the dead; that was why they hailed him as the messianic "son of God." No modern historian has come up with a more convincing explanation. Facing this question, we are confronted to this day with the most central issues of the Christian worldview and theology.

The Question of God

The Question of God
Author: Michael F. Palmer
Publsiher: Psychology Press
Total Pages: 357
Release: 2001
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780415223874

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This important textbook introduces the six great arguments for the existence of God, as found in a wealth of primary sources from classic and contemporary texts. It requires no specialist knowledge of philosophy, and is ideally suited to students and teachers at school or university level. Sections include: * The Ontological Argument (Anselm, Haight, Descartes, Kant, Findlay, Malcolm, Hick) * The Cosmological Argument (Aquinas, Taylor, Hume, Kant) * The Argument from Design (Paley, Hume, Darwin, Dawkins, Ward) * The Argument from Miracles (Hume, Hambourger, Coleman, Flew, Swinburne, Diamond) * The Moral Argument (Plato, Lewis, Kant, Rachels, Martin, Nielsen) * The Pragmatic Argument (Pascal, Gracely, Stich, Penelhum, James, Moore). Additional features include: * revision questions * key reading for each chapter and an extensive bibliography * illustrated biographies of key thinkers and their works * marginal notes and summaries of arguments.

Dear God I Have a Question

Dear God  I Have a Question
Author: Kathryn Slattery
Publsiher: Thomas Nelson
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2020-06-16
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781400223244

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Through short and kid-friendly entries, trusted children's author Kathryn Slattery answers questions about God, Christianity, and living out your faith in a straightforward way that points children to God's amazing plan for their lives in Dear God, I Have a Question. Your kids have great questions about God, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to answer them. Author Kathryn Slattery helps you and your kids ask and answer questions such as these: How can God be three persons at the same time? What is the Kingdom of God? Is it okay if I have friends who aren't Christians? Can God really talk to me? Why does God allow evil to exist? Was there really a worldwide flood? How can I know for sure that God loves me? Is it okay to have doubts about God? With respectful but kid-friendly language, geared towards ages 6 to 10, Slattery also addresses topics such as Christian traditions, the historic growth of Christianity, how to become a Christian, and what it means to be a Christ-follower in today's world. You'll appreciate the thorough research and accuracy in this wide range of theological, historical, and faith topics. Supplementary sidebars, Scriptures, and takeaways will assist young readers as they investigate the questions and answers. Whether you are celebrating a child coming to faith, a birthday, holiday, baptism, or simply want to honor your young reader's beautiful curiosity about God, Dear God, I Have a Question will engage your child's mind and heart as they grow in knowledge and faith.

I Have a Question About God

I Have a Question About God
Author: Cheryl Fawcett,Robert C. Newman
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 262
Release: 1994
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0872271803

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"Who is God?" "Why is night dark?" "How can I be perfect?" "What happens to people when they die?" If you've heard these questions, you know that answering them isn't always easy. I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT GOD...: DOCTRINE FOR CHILDREN... & THEIR PARENTS! answers those questions & 53 more in a delightful format. Three children- 10-year-old Megan, 8-year-old Toph, & 4-year-old Bobbie-get into all kinds of situations & ask all kinds of questions. You'll start preschool with Bobbie, who can't wait to go to kindergarten & who never stops asking questions. You'll fly to Grandpa & Grandma's with Toph, who has never traveled by himself before. And you'll sympathize with Megan as she deals with a neighbor's injustice & with problems at school. As the kids discover the answers to their questions, usually with the help of their mom or dad, your kids will learn too. The questions fall into eight areas of Biblical teaching, or doctrine: God, creation, the Bible, Jesus Christ, sin, salvation, church & the future. Each story includes a beautiful illustration by Ron Mazellan & a few questions to stimulate further thought & discussion. To order: 1-800-727-4440.