Unplugging the Classroom

Unplugging the Classroom
Author: Hilary Anne Wilder,Sharmila Pixy Ferris
Publsiher: Chandos Publishing
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2017-05-17
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780081020364

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Unplugging the Classroom: Teaching with Technologies to Promote Students' Lifelong Learning provides techniques to help teaching and learning in an age where technology untethers instruction from the classroom, from semester seat-time, and from a single source of expertise. The book brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse academic fields, including library perspectives, and presents interdisciplinary discussions from both theoretical and applied areas. It is unique in its goal of bringing educators and librarians together to explore the challenges that are faced by students and faculty in any time, any place, any path, and any pace learning. In spite of the fact that the mobile revolution has definitively arrived, students and faculty alike aren’t ready to make the leap to mobile learning. The pressures of technological advances, along with the changing nature of learning, will demand increasingly profound changes in education. Researchers have begun to address this issue, but the revolution in mobile communication has not been accompanied by a concomitant growth in pedagogical resources for educators and students. More importantly, such growth needs to be under-girded by sound learning theories and examples of best practice. Provides a hands-on resource useful to both novices and experts for technology-enabled teaching and learning Gives both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary perspectives Discusses discipline-specific mobile applications Offers an opportunity to meet the needs of contemporary learners and foster their competencies as lifelong learners Addresses emerging issues in technology and pedagogy


Author: Steve Antony
Publsiher: Scholastic Inc.
Total Pages: 36
Release: 2018-02-27
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781338257359

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From the creator of the bestselling Mr. Panda series comes an amusing picture book about the fun you can have when you unplug. Meet Blip. Blip loves being plugged into her computer. When a blackout occurs, Blip trips over her wire and tumbles outside. Suddenly, Blip's gray world is filled with color and excitement. She plays with her new friends and has adventures all day long. When Blip finally returns home, she realizes that the world can be even brighter once you unplug.

Teaching Unplugged

Teaching Unplugged
Author: Luke Meddings,Scott Thornbury
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 104
Release: 2009-01-01
Genre: English language
ISBN: 1905085192

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Coding in the Classroom

Coding in the Classroom
Author: Ryan Somma
Publsiher: No Starch Press
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2020-10-20
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781718500358

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A book for anyone teaching computer science, from elementary school teachers and coding club coaches to parents looking for some guidance. Computer science opens more doors for today's youth than any other discipline - which is why Coding in the Classroom is your key to unlocking students' future potential. Author Ryan Somma untangles the current state of CS education standards; describes the cognitive, academic, and professional benefits of learning CS; and provides numerous strategies to promote computational thinking and get kids coding! Whether you're a teacher, an after-school coach, or a parent seeking accessible ways to boost your kid's computer savvy, Coding in the Classroom is here to help. With quick-start programming strategies, scaffolded exercises for every grade level, and ideas for designing CS events that promote student achievement, this book is a rock-solid roadmap to CS integration from a wide variety of on-ramps. You'll learn: • tips and resources for teaching programming concepts via in-class activities and games, without a computer • development environments that make coding and sharing web apps a breeze • lesson plans for the software lifecycle process and techniques for facilitating long-term projects • ways to craft interdisciplinary units that bridge CS and computational thinking with other content areas Coding in the Classroom does more than make CS less formidable - it makes it more fun! From learning computational thinking via board games to building their own websites, students are offered a variety of entry points for acquiring the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workforce. Moreover, Somma understands how schools operate - and he's got your back. You'll be empowered to advocate for the value of implementing CS across the curriculum, get stakeholder buy-in, and build the supportive, equitable coding community that your school deserves.

Research Anthology on Computational Thinking Programming and Robotics in the Classroom

Research Anthology on Computational Thinking  Programming  and Robotics in the Classroom
Author: Management Association, Information Resources
Publsiher: IGI Global
Total Pages: 969
Release: 2021-07-16
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781668424124

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The education system is constantly growing and developing as more ways to teach and learn are implemented into the classroom. Recently, there has been a growing interest in teaching computational thinking with schools all over the world introducing it to the curriculum due to its ability to allow students to become proficient at problem solving using logic, an essential life skill. In order to provide the best education possible, it is imperative that computational thinking strategies, along with programming skills and the use of robotics in the classroom, be implemented in order for students to achieve maximum thought processing skills and computer competencies. The Research Anthology on Computational Thinking, Programming, and Robotics in the Classroom is an all-encompassing reference book that discusses how computational thinking, programming, and robotics can be used in education as well as the benefits and difficulties of implementing these elements into the classroom. The book includes strategies for preparing educators to teach computational thinking in the classroom as well as design techniques for incorporating these practices into various levels of school curriculum and within a variety of subjects. Covering topics ranging from decomposition to robot learning, this book is ideal for educators, computer scientists, administrators, academicians, students, and anyone interested in learning more about how computational thinking, programming, and robotics can change the current education system.

Asia Unplugged

Asia Unplugged
Author: Madanmohan Rao,Lunita Mendoza
Publsiher: SAGE
Total Pages: 464
Release: 2005-02-17
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0761932720

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"A compact and comprehensive introduction to the epicentre of the world's wireless revolution, this volume will be required reading for scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs involved in the foundations and frontiers of the wireless ecosystem in Asia and around the world."--BOOK JACKET.

Policy Unplugged

Policy Unplugged
Author: Jennifer Jenson,Chloe Brushwood Rose,Brian Lewis
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 193
Release: 2007
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780773560420

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The authors conducted a two-year study on the implementation of computer technologies, including in-depth interviews and classroom observation at thirty-two elementary and secondary schools across Canada. Based on this research, Policy Unplugged explores the intersections and disconnections between provincial technology policy, school board policy, and school-based practices. The authors consider the ways in which technology policy has become "unplugged" from daily experience, showing that teachers, students, and administrators are part of complex pedagogical and social systems that have been badly served by the enforced and hasty introduction of technology. They also show how small, often unquestioned practices and power relations in schools can create seemingly insurmountable impediments to technological implementation.

Teaching Computing Unplugged in Primary Schools

Teaching Computing Unplugged in Primary Schools
Author: Helen Caldwell,Neil Smith
Publsiher: Learning Matters
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2016-10-18
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781473988224

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Teaching primary computing without computers? The Computing curriculum is a challenge for primary school teachers. The realities of primary school resources mean limited access to computer hardware. But computing is about more than computers. Important aspects of the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science can be taught without any hardware. Children can learn to analyse problems and computational terms and apply computational thinking to solve problems without turning on a computer. This book shows you how you can teach computing through ‘unplugged’ activities. It provides lesson examples and everyday activities to help teachers and pupils explore computing concepts in a concrete way, accelerating their understanding and grasp of key ideas such as abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. The unplugged approach is physical and collaborative, using kinaesthetic learning to help make computing concepts more meaningful and memorable. This book will help you to elevate your teaching, and your children's learning of computing beyond the available hardware. It focuses on the building blocks of understanding required for computation thinking.