Women and Health

Women and Health
Author: Marlene B. Goldman,Rebecca Troisi,Kathryn M. Rexrode
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 1632
Release: 2012-12-31
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780123849793

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Women and Health is a comprehensive reference that addresses health issues affecting women of all ages — from adolescence through maturity. It goes far beyond other books on this topic, which concentrate only on reproductive health, and has a truly international perspective. It covers key issues ranging from osteoporosis to breast cancer and other cancers, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, occupational hazards, eating disorders, heart disease and other chronic illnesses, substance abuse, and societal and behavioral influences on health. In this second edition of Women and Health, chapters thoughtfully explore the current state of women’s health and health care, including the influences of sex and gender on the occurrence of a wide variety of diseases and conditions. All chapters have been extensively updated and emphasize the epidemiology of the condition — the etiology, occurrence, primary and secondary prevention (screening), risk factors, surveillance, changing trends over time, and critical analysis of the diagnostic and treatment options and controversies. Treatment sections in each chapter have been expanded to create a stronger dialogue between epidemiologists and women's health practitioners. Saves researchers and clinicians time in quickly accessing the very latest details on a broad range of women’s health issues, as opposed to searching through thousands of journal articles Provides a common language for epidemiologists, public health practitioners, and women’s health specialists to discuss the behavioral, cultural, and biological determinants of women’s health Researchers and medical specialists will learn how the gender-specific risks and features of one organ system’s diseases affect the health of other organ systems For example: Hormone replacement therapy used to treat imbalance within the endocrine system is also being used to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease; Drugs developed for type 2 diabetes are now being used in chemoprevention Orients the non-gerontologist about the importance of considering the entire life cycle of women within research designs and treatment plans Professors teaching courses in women’s health will use slides and additional materials to structure lectures/courses; students will use slides as a unique resource to study for exams

Women s Health in Canada

Women s Health in Canada
Author: Marina Morrow,Olena Hankivsky,Colleen Varcoe
Publsiher: University of Toronto Press
Total Pages: 432
Release: 2008-05-03
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781442690547

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In recent years, healthcare professionals have recognized the distinctly different healthcare needs and concerns of men and women. Women's health, in particular, has come into its own in the last two decades. In Canada, however, there has been little available in the way of a general text on women's health. This volume works toward filling that gap by providing a resource for teaching and understanding women's health in this country. To lay out the methodological and theoretical foundations for their study, editors Olena Hankivisky, Marina Morrow, and Colleen Varcoe bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners from economics, anthropology, sociology, nursing, political studies, women's studies, and psychology. Contributors draw on the rich history of the Canadian women's health movement, providing analysis of that history and of the emergent theory, policy, and practice. Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students as well as practitioners, the collection adopts an intersectional approach, looking closely at social factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and gender identity, and analysing how they relate both to each other and to women's health. Connections between the social, economic, and cultural contexts of women's lives and their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being are a primary focus. Providing a much needed resource for teachers, students, and practitioners of women's health in Canada, this comprehensive volume makes an important contribution to the literature.

Unwell Women

Unwell Women
Author: Elinor Cleghorn
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2021-06-08
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780593182963

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A trailblazing, conversation-starting history of women’s health—from the earliest medical ideas about women’s illnesses to hormones and autoimmune diseases—brought together in a fascinating sweeping narrative. Elinor Cleghorn became an unwell woman ten years ago. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease after a long period of being told her symptoms were anything from psychosomatic to a possible pregnancy. As Elinor learned to live with her unpredictable disease she turned to history for answers, and found an enraging legacy of suffering, mystification, and misdiagnosis. In Unwell Women, Elinor Cleghorn traces the almost unbelievable history of how medicine has failed women by treating their bodies as alien and other, often to perilous effect. The result is an authoritative and groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between women and medical practice, from the "wandering womb" of Ancient Greece to the rise of witch trials across Europe, and from the dawn of hysteria as a catchall for difficult-to-diagnose disorders to the first forays into autoimmunity and the shifting understanding of hormones, menstruation, menopause, and conditions like endometriosis. Packed with character studies and case histories of women who have suffered, challenged, and rewritten medical orthodoxy—and the men who controlled their fate—this is a revolutionary examination of the relationship between women, illness, and medicine. With these case histories, Elinor pays homage to the women who suffered so strides could be made, and shows how being unwell has become normalized in society and culture, where women have long been distrusted as reliable narrators of their own bodies and pain. But the time for real change is long overdue: answers reside in the body, in the testimonies of unwell women—and their lives depend on medicine learning to listen.

Women and Health

Women and Health
Author: Marlene B. Goldman,Maureen C. Hatch
Publsiher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Total Pages: 1314
Release: 2000
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0122881451

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Sect. 1. Why women's health? -- Sect. 2. The role of women in health care and research -- Sect. 3. Reproductive health -- Sect. 4. Sexually transmitted diseases -- Sect. 5. International women's health -- Sect. 6. Women at work -- Sect. 7. Social determinants of health -- Sect. 8. Environmental exposures -- Sect. 9. Autoimmune disorders -- Sect. 10. Cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk in women -- Sect. 11. Cancer -- Sect. 12. Mental Disorders -- Sect. 13. Poorly understood conditions -- Sect. 14. AgingContributors. -- Preface. -- Women, Health, and Medicine: -- Why Women's Health? -- An Overview of Women and Health, M.B. Goldman & M.C. Hatch. -- Gender, Race and Class: From Epidemiologic Association to Etiologic Hypotheses, C.J. Rowland Hogue. -- The Role of Women in Health Care and Research: -- Section Editor: S.G. Haynes. -- Role of Advocacy Groups in Research on Women's Health, B. Seaman & S.F. Wood. -- State-of-the-Art Methods for Women's Health Research, S.G. Haynes & M ...

Women s Health

Women s Health
Author: Ellis Quinn Youngkin
Publsiher: Prentice Hall
Total Pages: 964
Release: 2004
Genre: Medical
ISBN: UOM:39015056895256

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This second edition of this popular resource provides comprehensive information on health maintenance and promotion in the care of women in a primary care setting. Revised and updated content to reflect the latest research and trends including the latest on hormone replacement therapy, the current Bethesda Guidelines for reporting and managing cervical cytology, and new information and guidelines on sexually transmitted diseases. A new chapter is also included on complementary therapies in women's health. Additional topics covered include adolescent women's health, women & sexuality, infertility, breast health, common gynecologic disorders, health during pregnancy and psychosocial health problems. Primary care physicians, family practice physicians, physician assistants, residents, nurse practitioners.

Improving Women s Health Across the Lifespan

Improving Women   s Health Across the Lifespan
Author: Michelle Tollefson,Nancy Eriksen,Neha Pathak
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 520
Release: 2021-10-24
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781000472493

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There is renewed interest in lifestyle medicine – the focus on food, physical activity, stress management, high-quality connections, restorative sleep, and avoidance of toxic substances – in the prevention, treatment, and sometimes reversal of chronic disease, but very little information exists on its application for improving specific women’s health issues across the lifespan. Consequently, there is a growing need among health professionals who care for women for a textbook that addresses evidence-based lifestyle solutions to manage the health challenges they face every day in their offices. This book begins with a review of the fundamentals of Lifestyle Medicine through the lens of a woman’s lifespan. It provides information about lifestyle interventions to improve gynecologic and sexual health and to manage and sometimes reverse gynecologic diseases. It clarifies the importance of lifestyle and behaviors before and during pregnancy to address infertility, reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes, and to lower non-communicable diseases in children along with emerging epigenetic evidence. The use of Lifestyle Medicine to prevent and manage breast and gynecologic cancers, enhance health as part of cancer survivorship, and decrease the risk or reduce many of the symptoms and diseases experienced during menopause including vasomotor symptoms and osteoporosis are also discussed. Additionally, the text covers cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, dementia and mental health from the perspective of gender specific differences. This book provides practical resources on implementing the components of lifestyle medicine. Some of the topics covered include models of care for women and families, reimbursement, health coaching and behavioral change, community engagement and health equity for under-resourced settings. The electronic version of the book presents supplemental material featuring in-depth reading, as well as online and digital resources for implementing Lifestyle Medicine. The book is an evidence-based source of information on women’s health issues for health professionals already practicing lifestyle medicine, as well as an entry level textbook for those new to the field of lifestyle medicine. The collective expertise of each of the editors along with content provided by leaders within the American College of Lifestyle Medicine fills a much-needed void within the specialty of Lifestyle Medicine and is for providers of women’s health globally. Features: ● Provides a basic overview of Lifestyle Medicine (nutrient-rich diet, exercise, stress resilience, sleep, and high-quality connections) in the care of women across the lifespan. ● Provides lifestyle-focused treatment recommendations for specific women health issues. ● Includes strategies for implementing Lifestyle Medicine with vulnerable populations and in communities. ● Summarizes key points at the close of each chapter and includes supplemental material with in-depth reading. ● Features additional resources for implementing lifestyle medicine into practice. "This women's health book is evidence based and comprehensive. There is nothing like it. Women need up to date information about physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress resilience, social connection and substance use. In addition, there is a desire to better understand the power of these pillars throughout a woman's life including pregnancy, menopause and the golden years. This book fills that need." Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD, DipABLM, FACLM, President Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine "Healthy aging begins at pre-conception. Evidence overwhelmingly shows that it’s we women who—through our lifestyle behavior choices—can take far greater control of our own health destinies, as well as the health destinies of our children and generations to come. We cannot underestimate the power of what we eat, how we move, and what we think in regard to our optimal health or lack thereof. This book is a must-read for all medical professionals!" Susan Benigas, Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle Medicine is the science of taking core principles and customizing how they're applied to each individual and each situation to achieve positive health behavior change. This book sets the evidence based foundation for how that process happens, and why it needs to happen, with the most important segment of health consumers - women. It is the next for all who are passionate about changing how health care is delivered." Wayne S. Dysinger, MD, MPH, Physician, Founder and Chair, Lifestyle Medical “Lifestyle factors have a powerful role in chronic disease prevention, underscoring the profound control we have over our health. Improving Women’s Health Across the Lifespan applies lifestyle medicine to women’s health, empowering women and their clinicians with the tools to transform their lives, and fostering a legacy of health for future generations.” JoAnn E. Manson, MD, MPH, DrPH, Professor of Medicine and the Michael and Lee Bell Professor of Women's Health, Harvard Medical School Chief, Division of Preventive Medicine Brigham and Women's Hospital, Professor, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Women s Empowerment and Global Health

Women s Empowerment and Global Health
Author: Shari Dworkin,Monica Gandhi,Paige Passano
Publsiher: Univ of California Press
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2016-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780520272880

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"What is women's empowerment, and how and why does it matter for women's health? Despite the rise of a human rights-based approach to women's health and increasing awareness of the synergies between women's health and empowerment, a lack of consensus remains as to how to measure empowerment and successfully intervene in ways that improve health. Women's Empowerment and Global Health provides thirteen detailed, multidisciplinary case studies from across the globe and through the course of a woman's life to show how science and advocacy can be creatively merged to enhance the agency and status of women. Accompanying short videos provide background about programs on the ground in India, the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Women's Empowerment and Global Health explores the promises and limits of programmatic, scientific, and rights-based work in real-world settings and provides the next generation of researchers and practitioners, as well as students in global and public health, sociology, anthropology, women's studies, law, business, and medicine, with cutting edge and inspirational examples of programs that point the way toward achieving women's equality and fulfilling the right to health."--Provided by publisher.

Healthy Lives for Vulnerable Women and Children

Healthy Lives for Vulnerable Women and Children
Author: Sue Godt,Irene Agyepong,Walter Flores
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 138
Release: 2017-10-26
Genre: Poor children
ISBN: 1552506010

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This book draws on 15 years of IDRC-funded health systems research undertaken by researchers working closely with communities and decision-makers. They have generated contextually relevant evidence at local, national, regional, and global levels to tackle the entrenched health systems challenges.