Writing the Family Narrative

Writing the Family Narrative
Author: Lawrence P. Gouldrup
Publsiher: Ancestry Publishing
Total Pages: 157
Release: 1987
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 0916489272

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At last! Here is a clear, concise, and highly readable explanation of how to write your family history. This book was written for the genealogist who has compiled scores of pedigree charts and family group sheets, has spent years poring over forgotten manuscripts and staring into dimly-lit microfilm readers, and who now wants to bring it all together into a final narrative form. In a timely and interesting manner, the author shows how you can compose a controlled and focused rendition of your family's story.

Writing the Family Narrative Workbook

Writing the Family Narrative Workbook
Author: Lawrence P. Gouldrup
Publsiher: Ancestry Publishing
Total Pages: 168
Release: 1983-08
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 0916489418

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This is a companion to the best-selling book, Writing the Family Narrative. This fun workbook takes you step-by-step through the family history writing process, providing plenty of room for collecting data, brainstorming, trying out new writing techniques, and more! Examples from skilled writers like James Herriott, A.L. Rowse, Willa Cather, and John Egerton will assist you in the learning process. Explore how to organize your records before you even begin writing! Now you can produce a quality written family history that will be treasured forever! This workbook's companion, Writing the Family Narrative (ISBN #0916489272) offers a clear and concise explanation of how to write your history in a way that entertains as well as informs. This companion to the workbook teaches a process that is tailored not for the serious novel writer, biographer, or essayist, but for the serious genealogist who wants to record his or her family story. He uses solid examples from both amateur and professional writers, making it easy for you to learn the process. This workbook to Writing the Family Narrative is not complete without its companion book Writing the Family Narrative (ISBN #0916489272).

Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations

Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations
Author: NINA TEJS JØRRING,June Alexander,David Epston
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2022-04-01
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781000556681

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Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations is about helping families with complex psychiatric problems by seeing and meeting the families and the family members, as the best versions of themselves, before we see and address the diagnoses. This book draws on ten years of clinical research and contains stories about helping people, who are heavily burdened with psychiatric illnesses, to find ways to live a life as close as possible to their dreams. The chapters are organized according to ideas, values, and techniques. The book describes family-oriented practices, narrative collaborative practices, narrative psychiatric practices, and narrative agency practices. It also talks about wonderfulness interviewing, mattering practices, public note taking on paper charts, therapeutic letter writing, diagnoses as externalized problems, narrative medicine, and family community meetings. Each chapter includes case studies that illustrate the theory, ethics, and practice, told by Nina Jørring in collaboration with the families and colleagues. The book will be of interest to child and adolescent psychiatrists and all other mental health professionals working with children and families.

Power in the Blood

Power in the Blood
Author: Linda Tate
Publsiher: Ohio University Press
Total Pages: 229
Release: 2009-03-24
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780821418727

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Power in the Blood: A Family Narrative traces Linda Tate’s journey to rediscover the Cherokee-Appalachian branch of her family and provides an unflinching examination of the poverty, discrimination, and family violence that marked their lives. Power in the Blood is a dramatic family history that reads like a novel, as Tate’s compelling narrative reveals one mystery after another. Innovative and groundbreaking in its approach to research and storytelling, Tate shows that exploring a family story can enhance understanding of history, life, and culture and that honest examination of the past can lead to healing and liberation in the present.

Family Frames

Family Frames
Author: Marianne Hirsch
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 304
Release: 1997
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 0674292650

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"Published 1997 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. Reissued by the author, 2012."-- T.p. verso.

Picturing the Family

Picturing the Family
Author: Silke Arnold-de Simine,Joanne Leal
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2020-08-04
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781000211528

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Whether pasted into an album, framed or shared on social media, the family photograph simultaneously offers a private and public insight into the identity and past of its subject. Long considered a model for understanding individual identity, the idea of the family has increasingly formed the basis for exploring collective pasts and cultural memory. Picturing the Family investigates how visual representations of the family reveal both personal and shared histories, evaluating the testimonial and social value of photography and film.Combining academic and creative, practice-based approaches, this collection of essays introduces a dialogue between scholars and artists working at the intersection between family, memory and visual media. Many of the authors are both researchers and practitioners, whose chapters engage with their own work and that of others, informed by critical frameworks. From the act of revisiting old, personal photographs to the sale of family albums through internet auction, the twelve chapters each present a different collection of photographs or artwork as case studies for understanding how these visual representations of the family perform memory and identity. Building on extensive research into family photographs and memory, the book considers the implications of new cultural forms for how the family is perceived and how we relate to the past. While focusing on the forms of visual representation, above all photographs, the authors also reflect on the contextualization and ‘remediation’ of photography in albums, films, museums and online.

Writing Your Family History

Writing Your Family History
Author: Gill Blanchard
Publsiher: Pen and Sword
Total Pages: 244
Release: 2014-09-30
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 9781473841185

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Gill Blanchard's practical step-by-step guide to writing a family history is designed for anyone who wants to bring their ancestors' stories to life. She looks at ways of overcoming the particular problems family historians face when writing a family history -- how to deal with gaps in knowledge, how to describe generations of people who did the same jobs or lived in the same area, how to cover the numerous births, marriages and deaths that occur, and when to stop researching and start writing.Her book provides examples to help readers find their own writing style, deal with family stories, missing pieces of information and anomalies. It also offers advice on key aspects of composition, such as adding local and social history context and using secondary material. The focus throughout is on how to develop a story from beginning to end.Exercises are a key feature of the text. There is guidance on the various formats a family history can take and how to choose the appropriate one, with examples of format and layout. Production and publishing are also covered -- books, booklets, newsletters, websites, blogs and ebooks.

The Proudest Blue

The Proudest Blue
Author: Ibtihaj Muhammad
Publsiher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2019-09-10
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780316518987

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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! A powerful, vibrantly illustrated story about the first day of school--and two sisters on one's first day of hijab--by Olympic medalist and social justice activist Ibtihaj Muhammad. With her new backpack and light-up shoes, Faizah knows the first day of school is going to be special. It's the start of a brand new year and, best of all, it's her older sister Asiya's first day of hijab--a hijab of beautiful blue fabric, like the ocean waving to the sky. But not everyone sees hijab as beautiful, and in the face of hurtful, confusing words, Faizah will find new ways to be strong. Paired with Hatem Aly's beautiful, whimsical art, Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and Morris Award finalist S.K. Ali bring readers an uplifting, universal story of new experiences, the unbreakable bond between siblings, and of being proud of who you are.

Writing Family History Made Very Easy

Writing Family History Made Very Easy
Author: Noeline Kyle
Publsiher: Allen & Unwin
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2007-03-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781741750621

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A practical guide to writing family history, designed especially for family historians and inexperienced writers.

Narrative Writing Grades 6 8 Meeting Writing Standards Series

Narrative Writing  Grades 6 8  Meeting Writing Standards Series
Author: Andrea Trischitta
Publsiher: Teacher Created Resources
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2000-04-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781576909942

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Activities include lessons on the elements of narrative writing, figurative language, grammar, proofreading/editing skills, and includes ways to encourage the readers to feel that they are involved in the stories.

Learning Stories

Learning Stories
Author: Margaret Carr,Wendy Lee
Publsiher: SAGE
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2012-03-19
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781446258194

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Shortlisted for the 2013 Nursery World Awards! Margaret Carr's seminal work on Learning Stories was first published by SAGE in 2001, and this widely acclaimed approach to assessment has since gained a huge international following. In this new full-colour book, the authors outline the philosophy behind Learning Stories and refer to the latest findings from the research projects they have led with teachers on learning dispositions and learning power, to argue that Learning Stories can construct learner identities in early childhood settings and schools. By making the connection between sociocultural approaches to pedagogy and assessment, and narrative inquiry, this book contextualizes Learning Stories as a philosophical approach to education, learning and pedagogy. Chapters explore how Learning Stories: - help make connections with families - support the inclusion of children and family voices - tell us stories about babies - allow children to dictate their own stories - can be used to revisit children's learning journeys - can contribute to teaching and learning wisdom This ground-breaking book expands on the concept of Learning Stories and includes examples from practice in both New Zealand and the UK. It outlines the philosophy behind this pedagogical tool for documenting how learning identities are constructed and shows, through research evidence, why the early years is such a critical time in the formation of learning dispositions. Margaret Carr is a Professor of Education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Wendy Lee is Director of the Educational Leadership Project, New Zealand.

Shine Variance

Shine Variance
Author: Stephen Walsh
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2021-07-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781473586628

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"Great, beautiful little studies of unspoken fear and longing and love, told with a sure-footed delicacy rare in a debut" Sarah Moss, Irish Times "An exciting, original, and very welcome new voice" Donal Ryan "These are startling, adventurous and often wonderful stories. I loved this collection" Roddy Doyle A sharp and insightful debut short story collection about the pitfalls of ordinary life A wife yearns to escape the tight-fisted confines of a package holiday. A boy dreams of footballing greatness as his mother mourns a loss. A man tries to assemble an absent child's playhouse, with impossible instructions and too much beer. A woman seeks clarity from automated voices. A father is distracted from Christmas tree shopping with his son by the looming pressure of quarterly sales targets. Shine/Variance captures the tiny crises and wonders of daily life with warmth, wit and decisive clarity. Ordinary people - commuters, call centre workers, children and parents - struggle for stability while craving more, and the schism between expectation and reality is only rarely bridged. Yet, amidst the faltering, recognition and bright moments of hope still illuminate their days. Fresh, tender and darkly funny, these stories are a window into the longings, frustrations and painfully human connections of ordinary life from a remarkable new voice in fiction. "The most powerful new collection I've read in some years" John Boyne "Brilliantly bats, staggeringly compelling, and ferociously funny. Stephen Walsh rips the concreteness of reality straight from us and reflects back a more wobbly version of our turbulent lives... Completely unique" June Caldwell "Full of assured originality and freshness - a new writer much to be welcomed" Bernard MacLaverty

Invisible Child

Invisible Child
Author: Andrea Elliott
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 640
Release: 2021-10-05
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9780812986969

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PULITZER PRIZE WINNER • A “vivid and devastating” (The New York Times) portrait of an indomitable girl—from acclaimed journalist Andrea Elliott “From its first indelible pages to its rich and startling conclusion, Invisible Child had me, by turns, stricken, inspired, outraged, illuminated, in tears, and hungering for reimmersion in its Dickensian depths.”—Ayad Akhtar, author of Homeland Elegies ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New York Times • ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Atlantic, The New York Times Book Review, Time, NPR, Library Journal In Invisible Child, Pulitzer Prize winner Andrea Elliott follows eight dramatic years in the life of Dasani, a girl whose imagination is as soaring as the skyscrapers near her Brooklyn shelter. In this sweeping narrative, Elliott weaves the story of Dasani’s childhood with the history of her ancestors, tracing their passage from slavery to the Great Migration north. As Dasani comes of age, New York City’s homeless crisis has exploded, deepening the chasm between rich and poor. She must guide her siblings through a world riddled by hunger, violence, racism, drug addiction, and the threat of foster care. Out on the street, Dasani becomes a fierce fighter “to protect those who I love.” When she finally escapes city life to enroll in a boarding school, she faces an impossible question: What if leaving poverty means abandoning your family, and yourself? A work of luminous and riveting prose, Elliott’s Invisible Child reads like a page-turning novel. It is an astonishing story about the power of resilience, the importance of family and the cost of inequality—told through the crucible of one remarkable girl. Winner of the J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize • Finalist for the Bernstein Award and the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award

The Family Roe An American Story

The Family Roe  An American Story
Author: Joshua Prager
Publsiher: W. W. Norton & Company
Total Pages: 672
Release: 2021-09-14
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780393247725

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A masterpiece of reporting on the Supreme Court’s most divisive case, Roe v. Wade, and the unknown lives at its heart. Despite her famous pseudonym, no one knows the truth about “Jane Roe,” Norma McCorvey (1947–2017), whose unwanted pregnancy in 1970 opened a great fracture in American life. Journalist Joshua Prager spent years with Norma, discovered her personal papers, a previously unseen trove, and witnessed her final moments. With an explosive revelation at the core of the case, he tells her full story for the first time. Prager also traces Roe’s fifty-year trajectory through three compelling figures: feminist lawyer Linda Coffee, who filed the original Texas lawsuit yet now lives in obscurity; Curtis Boyd, a former fundamentalist Christian, today a leading provider of third-trimester abortions; and Mildred Jefferson, the first Black female Harvard Medical School graduate, who became a pro-life leader with great secrets. Essential to our understanding of this key debate, the right to choose or the right to life, The Family Roe will change the way you think about our enduring American divide.

Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy

Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy
Author: Carmel Flaskas,Imelda McCarthy,Jim Sheehan
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2007-03-12
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781135448585

Download Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

How do experiences of hope and despair impact upon our capacity to meet life's challenges in narrative and family therapy? Clients' experiences of hope and despair can be complex, reflecting individual and family histories, current patterns and dynamics, the stresses of everyday life, and the social contexts of families' lives. This book analyses how therapists meet and engage with these dichotomous aspects of human experience. The editors place the themes of hope and despair at the centre of a series of reflections on practice and theory. Contributors from all over the world are brought together, incorporating a range of perspectives from narrative, systemic and social constructionist frameworks. The book is divided into three sections, covering: reflections on hope and despair facing adversity: practices of hope reflections on reconciliation and forgiveness. Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy looks at the importance of hope in bringing about positive therapeutic change. This book will be of great use to family therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, and students on therapeutic training courses.