You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons

You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons
Author: Yuko Nagayama
Publsiher: Harper Design
Total Pages: 104
Release: 2014-09-23
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0062336320

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Create Beautiful Watercolor Paintings in Twelve Easy Lessons You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by leading Japanese watercolorist Yuko Nagayama reveals the artist's unique and highly successful process for creating beautiful paintings. Complete with step-by-step illustrations and detailed instructions, Nagayama's approach makes learning the medium simple and fun for beginning painters—and serves as an invaluable resource for more experienced painters as well as those who are looking to refresh their skills. From learning how to mix colors on a palette to adding highlights and shadows to produce depth, Nagayama offers all the essential techniques, along with numerous helpful tips and tricks, that make this guide an ideal reference for painters of all levels.

Colorways Watercolor Animals

Colorways  Watercolor Animals
Author: Shaunna Russell
Publsiher: Walter Foster Publishing
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2019-12-03
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781633228092

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Discover how to create vibrant, colorful watercolor paintings of a range of animals. With Colorways: Watercolor Animals, learn to paint all your favorite animals, from an elephant and a whale to a dog, cat, fish, and more. Each step-by-step demonstration shows not only how to capture the animal’s likeness, but also how to use color to create magical, otherworldly, and whimsical paintings. In these tutorials, you will also learn how to use watercolor paint to suggest texture and fur on your animal subjects. Along the way, you will find technique instruction and tips for using different types of strokes, working with various brush shapes and sizes and using washes and underpaintings. Geared toward intermediate and advanced artists looking to play with color, this book offers fun subject matter and eye candy for all art lovers. The Colorways series teaches artists how to employ color across a variety of media in unique and imaginary ways to create innovative and inspired artwork. Focusing less on realistic artistic representations and more on creating expressive art, this series invites you to break the standard rules of color and let your imagination and artwork soar to new heights in order to create unconventional, whimsical, and fanciful works of art. Learn the customary rules of color, and then bypass them, with the help of Colorways: Watercolor Animals, a book that encourages you to use color for interpretive means and personal expression while painting your favorite animals.

Painting Vibrant Watercolors

Painting Vibrant Watercolors
Author: Soon Y. Warren
Publsiher: North Light Books
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2011-10-21
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1440314721

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Paint Watercolors that Shine! Make the most of watercolor's fresh, vibrant nature through light, color and contrast. In the first few chapters, artist Soon Y. Warren helps you lay the groundwork—everything from choosing and lighting subjects to color theory and perspective. Then, follow along with a thrilling series of step-by-step demonstrations to put your ideas into action for paintings that shine! Learn how color, value, contrast and composition affect the impact of your paintings Discover the plans and techniques you'll need for successful, realistic watercolors Follow 16 demonstrations to create brilliant paintings Paint a variety of subjects, including still life, landscapes, water scenes, flowers, architecture and animals This book is the perfect balance of classic theory and hands-on technique. Engaging and easy-to-follow instruction gives you a solid foundation so you can take your work to the next level as you create dynamic paintings.

The Watercolor Book

The Watercolor Book
Author: David Dewey,Lee Boynton
Publsiher: Watson-Guptill Publications
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2000
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0823056392

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This thorough watercoloring guide starts with an up-to-date review of the tools and techniques used by today's watercolor artists and then offers detailed lessons in basic drawing skills. 420 color, 35 b&w illustrations.

Everyday Watercolor

Everyday Watercolor
Author: Jenna Rainey
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2017
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780399579721

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A contemporary paint-every-day watercolor guide that explores foundational strokes and patterns and then builds new skills upon the foundations over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces. This beautifully illustrated and inspiring guided watercolor-a-day book is perfect for beginning watercolor artists, artists who want to improve their watercolor skills, and visual creatives. From strokes to shapes, this book covers the basics and helps painters gain confidence in themselves along with inspiration to develop their own style over the course of 30 days. Featuring colorful contemporary art from Mon Voir design agency founder and Instagram trendsetter Jenna Rainey, this book's fresh perspective paints watercolor in a whole new light.

The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent
Author: Jean Van't Hul
Publsiher: Shambhala Publications
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2019-06-11
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781611807202

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Bring out your child’s creativity and imagination with more than 60 artful activities in this completely revised and updated edition Art making is a wonderful way for young children to tap into their imagination, deepen their creativity, and explore new materials, all while strengthening their fine motor skills and developing self-confidence. The Artful Parent has all the tools and information you need to encourage creative activities for ages one to eight. From setting up a studio space in your home to finding the best art materials for children, this book gives you all the information you need to get started. You’ll learn how to: * Pick the best materials for your child’s age and learn to make your very own * Prepare art activities to ease children through transitions, engage the most energetic of kids, entertain small groups, and more * Encourage artful living through everyday activities * Foster a love of creativity in your family

Watercolor the Easy Way

Watercolor the Easy Way
Author: Sara Berrenson
Publsiher: Better Day Books
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2020-01-14
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0764359827

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With Watercolor the Easy Way, your watercoloring creativity is about to be released! Quickly learn the fundamentals of color mixing, brushstrokes, and more. Then move right ahead to success, thanks to a selection of 50 stunning pictures to paint. Best of all, the projects can be completed in 30 minutes! From beautiful botanicals and fabulous florals to animals and trendy designs, the projects are approachable and fun, and there's something for every style. Each of the 50 simple tutorials is broken down into key steps so you can clearly see how to begin your painting, layer color, and add detail. Also included are hand-drawn patterns you can trace onto your watercolor pad, brush recommendations, helpful tips, and color palettes to try. The lessons here introduce you to the magic of watercolor, spark your creativity, and provide you with a place to explore and discover your inner artist.

Parallel Perspectives

Parallel Perspectives
Author: Holly Gordon,Ward Hooper
Publsiher: City Point Press
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2020-10-06
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781947951242

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The eye-arresting images in this original contemporary art book feature two popular mediums, painting and photography. Although the art is inspired by the Long Island landscape, its visual appeal in artists’ interpretations of locations is universal. Paired with the dialog of the artists, the narrative becomes an intimate conversation with the reader. Combining life, loss, serendipity and art, it portrays two artists, whose conceptually similar work evolved independently until social media brought them together. Their collaboration continues to produce treasures of stunning, memorable beauty. The improbable pairing of Holly Gordon, photographer from Bay Shore, Long Island, and Ward Hooper, painter from Northport, Long Island, is a symbiotic match. Their artistic relationship is an affirmation of the human spirit in an age where most can’t seem to detach from objects. These two contemporary artists discovered a serendipitous connection to the earlier American artistic and personal alliance of Arthur Dove and Helen Torr, whose work was inspired by the same Long Island locations. The past thus joined the present, deepening Gordon and Hooper’s bond, both personally and geographically. In Gordon and Hooper’s intimate relationship there is a sense of empathy, connection, and mutual discovery that is invincible. Ward Hooper and Holly Gordon understand that the meaning of their journey extends beyond themselves. Their camaraderie and brilliant exposition beckons others to do the same and thereby reach their own heights in art and life. The transformative journey that unfolds centers on art as a positive force that ultimately unites two creative spirits. I found the imagery captivating and the text inspirational. Learning about how these two people from different art disciplines came together to help heal and enrich each others’ lives (and create wonderful imagery throughout the process) made me appreciate my life and relationships even more. The book may even encourage you to create something new, or collaborate with someone you already know...or someone who is out there waiting to be a part of your “Light's Journey.” -- Andrew Darlow, Photographer, Educator and Author ......A love story of friendship and renewal. Holly and Ward were meant to meet to discover their connection through art and nature. Two wonderful artists exploring life together through the warmth of colors, brush and lens strokes and subjects they created separately at different times and then together revealing their deep passion for life, friendship and art. --Charlee M. Miller, Executive Director, Art League of Long Island, Dix Hills, N.Y. Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Project gives us seamlessly created images that work on many levels: They pay attention to tiny details yet pulse with large swaths of vibrant color. They look like paintings — but they could be photographs, and vice versa. These are eye-arresting scenes, a visual harvest of the natural beauty that surrounds us, creating lasting sights that celebrate what talented artists have always quested for: the light. Holly Gordon finds images and builds digital layers that blend an unflinching assessment by a documentary photographer and environmentalist with a painterly sensitivity; Ward Hooper’s loose brushstrokes capture the ever-shifting light and shadow through watercolors that are as elusive as the light. Their collaboration continues to produce treasures of stunning, memorable beauty.—Annie Wilkinson Blachley’s features and cover stories have been published by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and national and regional newspapers and magazines. She is a copy editor and columnist for the Long Island Press and writes several monthly columns for Long Island Woman Magazine

Mastering Watercolors

Mastering Watercolors
Author: Joe Cartwright
Publsiher: Ashton Publishing Group
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2022
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Watercolor is a magical and often challenging medium. Once mastered, it will reward you with the pleasure of creating striking works of art of infinite variety. This book is a culmination of many years of teaching. Through it, I set out to clear up widespread misconceptions about painting with watercolors. These common confusions hold watercolor artists back from achieving their full potential. Full of practical advice and techniques, my aim is to simplify watercolor painting to assist you in your personal watercolor adventure. Enjoy the journey!

Watercolor Color

Watercolor Color
Author: Ray Smith
Publsiher: Dk Pub
Total Pages: 72
Release: 1998-03-15
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0789432927

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Covers color mixing, complementary colors, composition, high- and low-key colors, seasonal light, and abstract color

Mastering Atmosphere Mood in Watercolor

Mastering Atmosphere   Mood in Watercolor
Author: Joseph Zbukvic
Publsiher: International Artist Pub Incorporated
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2002
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1929834179

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The watercolor clock shows artists how to manipulate watercolor materials for dazzling, atmospheric effects.

Historical Painting Techniques Materials and Studio Practice

Historical Painting Techniques  Materials  and Studio Practice
Author: Arie Wallert
Publsiher: Getty Publications
Total Pages: 240
Release: 1995-08-24
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780892363223

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Bridging the fields of conservation, art history, and museum curating, this volume contains the principal papers from an international symposium titled "Historical Painting Techniques, Materials, and Studio Practice" at the University of Leiden in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from June 26 to 29, 1995. The symposium—designed for art historians, conservators, conservation scientists, and museum curators worldwide—was organized by the Department of Art History at the University of Leiden and the Art History Department of the Central Research Laboratory for Objects of Art and Science in Amsterdam. Twenty-five contributors representing museums and conservation institutions throughout the world provide recent research on historical painting techniques, including wall painting and polychrome sculpture. Topics cover the latest art historical research and scientific analyses of original techniques and materials, as well as historical sources, such as medieval treatises and descriptions of painting techniques in historical literature. Chapters include the painting methods of Rembrandt and Vermeer, Dutch 17th-century landscape painting, wall paintings in English churches, Chinese paintings on paper and canvas, and Tibetan thangkas. Color plates and black-and-white photographs illustrate works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Mastering the Art of Watercolor

Mastering the Art of Watercolor
Author: Wendy Jelbert,Ian Sidaway
Publsiher: JG Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2008-01-01
Genre: Watercolor painting
ISBN: 1572154888

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Everyday Watercolor Flowers

Everyday Watercolor Flowers
Author: Jenna Rainey
Publsiher: Watson-Guptill
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2019-06-11
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780399582226

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Author of Everyday Watercolor and Instagram darling Jenna Rainey presents a beautiful step-by-step guide to painting botanicals from lilies to daffodils in a wide variety of styles. Artist Jenna Rainey shares easy-to-follow ways to paint a wide range of botanicals, all in her fresh, modern style that appeals to the next generation of watercolor artists and creatives, from beginners to hobbyists. With gorgeously illustrated instructions for both loose and realistic watercolor depictions of more than 25 flowers, leaves, and plants, organized by form and shape, Everyday Watercolor Flowers is every nature-lover's answer to capturing that beauty on paper.

Jean Haines World of Watercolour

Jean Haines  World of Watercolour
Author: Jean Haines
Publsiher: Search PressLtd
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2015-05
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1782210393

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Teaches watercolor painting techniques and features exercises and step-by-step projects that put learned skills to the test.